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How to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

For your business benefits, QuickBooks experts advise you to create journal entries to save the record of all transactions and sales. However, you find many ways to possess this program but journal entries are the best way to double-check them and make notes manually as per requirement. In QuickBooks Journal entries, you should always attempt equal amounts of the credit and debit columns. If you are unable to find that, then you have to get complete information from your business accountancy records. If you recorded any wrong entry and want to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks then read this article and learn.

What do you mean by journal entry?

The most common journal entry is an accounting transaction that you can enter or post straightforwardly into the general ledger. A company’s general ledger is considered as the main account of your company which you can generally utilize to save the record of income state transactions and balance sheets. In the world of bookkeeping, a journal is a financial record of your business to keep your eyes on all business transactions and sales records. You can easily record the journal entry manually in a company’s ledger book. Generally, the company’s journal ledger includes the correct date, amount, and accounts that will be debited as well as credited, a little bit of description, or a memo related to the journal.

QuickBooks Online in-built features automatically save all business transactions in the general ledger account. This is applicable for sales, invoices, expenses, payments to invoices, deposits, inventory purchases, payments to bills, and many more.

The tasks become uncomplicated with helpful software like QuickBooks. In fact, it makes tasks faster. They will resolve any questions related to the software anytime. Let’s discuss one such topic to get an idea about it.

How to create journal entries in QuickBooks Desktop

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can create journal entries by implementing the below 10 steps:

  • Open the Company menu
  • Choose the “Make General Journal Entries” option
  • You can change the data field, it is required. QuickBooks will default to set the current date. So, if you need to post/update any entry for an earlier month or year, they must be sure to make new changes. It will help you to record your entries with accurate date and time.
  • Go to the Entry Field and enter the number of your journal entry. QuickBooks features have access to track the record of your entries sequentially.
  • Open the Account column and fill in the required general ledger account number. From the available preferences, you can select your initial account. Now, enter your credit/debit account But make sure both are equal to create the entry balanced and permits QuickBooks to post the entry
  • The next thing you have to write a descriptive memo in the memo column. It will be shown on your reports in which your journal entries are updated. This is an optional step but checking your entries later will help a lot. With a few clicks, you can view previous entries.
  • Repeat the above steps until you complete the offset each other and the transaction extends up to zero balance.
  • Must be sure that the total in your debit column is equal to the total in your credit column. So, journal entries properly balanced
  • Click on the Save and Close button to finish the process.
  • To open a new window, hit the Save & New button and you are all done with this process

How to Add and Edit Journal Entries in QuickBooks Desktop?

To make new changes or edit the Journal entries, you need to perform the below steps:

  1. Open the company menu, choose the “Make General Journal Entries
  2. Locate and choose the journal entry that you required to EDIT

For QuickBooks Window users, click on the “Find” option

  1. After this, enter all necessary data such as name, amount, date, and entry number
  2. Hit the next click on the Find option

For QuickBooks Mac sets, discover and choose the journal entry from the menu

  1. Click the Journal entry (in the Mac) or you can hit the double-click to updates all the latest release
  2. Once you have done with this process, click on Save & close button
  3. To save all new changes, click on the YES button

How to Delete Journal entries in QuickBooks Desktop?

To delete a journal entry in QuickBooks Desktop, go with the below 7 instructions

  • Open the company menu, choose the “Make General Journal Entries
  • Locate and choose the journal entry that you need to delete
  • For QuickBooks window users, click on the “Find” button
  • Enter all required details such as Name, Entry Number, Date, or Amount
  • For QuickBooks users; choose and locate the journal entry that you need to reverse from the left side list
  • For Mac users, open the Edit menu and choose the “Delete General Journal
  • Hit the Save & Close button to finish the program

Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Pro aids in automatizing the billing and invoicing process. Besides, the work order management can do from a particular reconciliation window. The QuickBooks user can link, sync, and import data from different integrated applications like American Express, PayPal, Square, etc. To keep a track of the monthly earnings and expenses, the transactions are categorized automatically.

The user may find that you make errors while creating lists and general journal entries. In generally all situations, the entry can be hidden or reversed. This is the best way forward as you leave a symbolic trail of doubts about the entry while the account is reviewed. Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Pro is the best method for clearing up your account. This is valid in case of duplicate entries,

Follow this method for deleting the journal entry:

For Listing Entries

  • Lists’ have to be clicked at the top. The list that has to be deleted has to be chosen first. The list opens, thus giving access to all of the list’s entries.
  • The entry has to be clicked that you want to Delete a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Pro. This is done to highlight it. Know more from experts.
  • ‘Edit’ has to be clicked at the top. Then choose to delete with the name of the list in place of x. Contact a QuickBooks expert to know more.

For Journal Entries

  • Company’ has to be clicked and choose ‘Make Journal Entries’.
  • Select the ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ button till you come to the journal entry that has to be deleted comes up on the screen.
  • Choose the ‘Edit’ option in the menu. Then choose ‘Delete General Journal’.
  • Hide the list entries that cannot be deleted. For hiding an entry, open the list and double-click the entry. The window that appears, click the check box near the ‘X is Inactive’. The name of the list will be in X. Click OK to save changes.

How to delete Journal entries in QuickBooks Online

If you created a journal entry by mistake, then you need to delete it. To delete unnecessary entries, the user needs to perform the below 8 steps:

  • Open the “Settings” and click on the “Chart of Accounts
  • Locate the account for which you were created the journal entry
  • Then, choose the “View Register” option
  • Locate the Journal entry in the account register section
  • After this, the word “Journal” you should find the “Type” column
  • Now, you have to choose the “Journal Entry” to enlarge the view
  • Hit the next click on the “Delete” button
  • Choose YES to enter the confirmation window

How to reverse a journal entry in QuickBooks Online?

In any case, if the user needs to assign a transaction in-between the two accounting periods or fix a credit error or debit error.

The 6 given steps to reverse the credits and debits but it doesn’t delete the initial journal entry:

  • First of all, open the Settings menu
  • Click on the “Chart of Accounts
  • Go to the account register section and find the “Journal Entry” You might find this journal under the Type column
  • Now, you have to choose the Journal Entry to build up the view
  • Choose the Edit option
  • Hit the next click on the “Reverse” and “Save” button

4 Things you need to consider

  • While reversing a journal entry, QuickBooks automatically makes a new journal entry to balance it. So, you can easily record your changes.
  • The new journal entry keeps your earlier journal number and it is necessary to add any alphabetical letter. This shows that it’s reconciled
  • The new journal entry is dated according to the first day of the month following the earlier journal entry date
  • But the new journal keeps your data the same as the original journal entry such as Name, description, and account.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, the above-mentioned information summarizes all necessary data that users know how to delete a journal entry in QuickBooks. For more queries or any kind of help, connect with an online service via QuickBooks live chat (Link given at the right corner of the website). They resolve your all queries in a minimum time frame and assist you to fix your all error issues.


  1. How would I be able to delete the multiple entries in QuickBooks?

    1. Open the Accounting menu
    2. Choose the “Chart of Accounts”
    3. Hit your click on the “View Register” where you find all entries
    4. Choose the entry that you need to delete
    5. Click on the “Delete” button
    6. After this, a message will appear on your screen
    7. Hit the YES button to give them a confirmation
    8. And all entries will be deleted

  2. How can I adjust the journal entries in QuickBooks online?

    With a QuickBooks accountant subscription, you can adjust the journal entries. You can also make more adjustments to the account balance along with regular journal entries.

  3. Why is journal entry necessary?

    It is necessary to open a balance in a new life, depreciation, interest on loan accounts, asset purchases, adjusting entries, easy financial year adjustments, and sales amount from the different organizations.

  4. How many journal entries are available in QuickBooks?

    There are seven types of journal entries you find in QuickBooks such as simple entry, opening entry, transfer entries, compound entry, rectifying entries, closing entries, and adjustment entries.

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