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How to Delete QuickBooks Unmatched Transactions

The process of matching QuickBooks transactions with already entered transactions is the usual process that can be done whenever downloads any new bank and credit card transaction. When it can’t find a match then it creates a new record for you and you need to review and approve the work.

Sometimes, you may match the wrong transactions or categorize them into the wrong account. Don’t fret! However, it is pretty possible that you make modifications after reviewing the transactions. This guide helps you out how to easily delete QuickBooks unmatched transaction in QuickBooks or undo/delete downloaded transactions.

What are Unmatched Transactions in QuickBooks?

Each downloaded transaction from a bank or credit card account is assigned a matched or unmatched status by QuickBooks. Matched status states that the transaction is either present or entered already. Unmatched transactions are accumulated in QuickBooks and you have to perform unmatching transactions due to innumerable reasons like incorrect matching methods, corrupted bank transactions, etc.

How to Unmatch a Transaction in QuickBooks?

There are 2 different ways through which you can easily unmatch a transaction in QuickBooks. You can do either from the bank register or banking page. Check out the different steps for each ways:

From the banking page

The below 8 steps helps you to unmatch a single transaction:

  • Go to the Banking from the left menu on the same page
  • Next, pick banking from the panel
  • Make sure, you select the correct bank or credit card account
  • Now, go to the QuickBooks tab
  • Choose the items that you desire to unmatch
  • You can also select the common header in order to sort up or down by date, amount, description, and more
  • It might help you to easily find the desired transaction
  • Finally, click Undo within the action column.

Follow the below 2 steps to unmatch the multiple transactions:

  • Verify each and every transaction which you desire to unmatch
  • Pick the Undo option within the date column.

From bank register

  • Go to the Gear icon that you find at the top of your page
  • Next, go to the setting and pick the Chart of Accounts (COA)
  • Now, look for the account and then pick the View Register within the action column
  • After that, click on the Edit option after choosing the transactions
  • At the top of the transaction, you need select the online transaction
  • On the next screen, you have to click Unmatch.

Once the unmatching transactions are done then it will take you to the review tab. Here, you can categorize and match the, once again.

Steps to Delete QuickBooks unmatched transactions

In case, QuickBooks can’t find a match transaction and that may be because you have not already entered the transactions. In that case, QuickBooks itself creates a new one for you and you don’t want to keep the QuickBooks added one transaction. You can get rid of it entirely by undo or delete and start from the scratch:

Here are the steps that you should follow to delete QuickBooks unmatched transactions. Please follow the instructions in the right order as mentioned:

  • First, go to the Banking section or Transactions menu
  • Next, move to the Banking tab
  • Now, choose the file for the bank or credit card account that you downloaded the transaction from
  • And the go to the Categorized tab
  • Look for the transaction that you wish to delete
  • Select and click Undo from the Action column.

With this reset process of transaction QuickBooks tried to create a new one for you. Once done with that then go back to the Review tab and categorize the transaction the way you want to.

Things to know before jumping into the troubleshooting methods:

If you wish to delete the downloaded transactions from online banking, it depends on which of the two modes you are currently using. The troubleshooting methods in this article are suggested based on these two modes. They are:

  • Register Mode.
  • Side by Side Mode.

Troubleshooting method for the Register Mode:

Please follow these steps:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Click on the ‘Banking’ option.
  • Then from the drop-down menu choose the ‘Online Banking’ option.
  • Then you need to click on ‘Online Banking Center.’
  • In the ‘Items received’ option, please select the statement of your desired bank/ customer/ company, etc.
  • Right-click on it and select ‘View.’
  • Now you can match the appropriate transactions.
  • Once satisfied click on ‘Done.’
  • On the ‘Not Finished Matching Screen’ click on ‘Yes.’
  • Come back to the ‘Online Banking Center.’
  • Now in the ‘Items received’ option, please select the exact same statement of your desired bank/ customer/ company, etc.
  • Now click on the ‘Delete’ button.

Please Note:

  1. By deleting the statement you are preventing unwanted transactions from appearing in the download list of transactions.
  2. If you don’t delete the statement, then every time you will download the transactions you will see the window which will prompt you about the transactions that do not match.

Troubleshooting method for the Side-by-Side Mode:

Please follow the steps given below:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Now click on the ‘Banking’ option.
  • Under the ‘Banking’ category, please go to ‘Online Banking.’
  • Then go to the ‘Online Banking Center.’
  • In the ‘Items received’ option, please select the statement of your desired bank/ customer/ company, etc.
  • Choose the select items to delete the button.
  • Select the transaction.
  • Click on the delete selected option.
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to confirm the changes.

In Conclusion!

The guide discussed all the relevant steps related to delete QuickBooks unmatched a transaction in QuickBooks including deleting downloaded transactions. Hopefully, after going through this guide you are easily able to delete or unmatched your transactions that are incorrectly done. Sometimes, QuickBooks users might face difficulty or unable to perform the process then need not have to worry anymore. You can directly chat with the QuickBooks Professionals via Live Chat that is available all round the clock to assist you.


  1. How can I delete/undo the downloaded transactions from the Register in QuickBooks?

    You can delete the downloaded transactions either from the Transaction window or from the Register. The below-provided steps help you to delete the downloaded transaction from the Register:

    1. Go to the Gear icon >> Settings
    2. Select the Chart of Accounts under the same
    3. Look for the account and then pick the “View Register” option
    4. Select all unwanted transactions
    5. In the transaction line, you have to click the Delete button
    6. You can select the Delete option for both delete the transaction and the downloaded transactions.

  2. How can I move the downloaded transaction to another account in QuickBooks?

    If you want to move the downloaded transaction to another account then you simply change the account directly on the transaction:

    1. Go to the Banking menu or the Transactions menu
    2. Next, move to the Banking tab
    3. Choose the tile for the credit card or bank account that you downloaded the transaction from
    4. Go to the Categorized tab and look for the transaction that you want to move
    5. Pick the blue transaction link with the column “Added or Matched
    6. It will open the transaction
    7. Select a new account for each item on the transaction in the Category dropdown
    8. Once done then click the Save and Close option.

  3. What is the process to handle the downloaded transactions by QuickBooks?

    There are three steps through which QuickBooks handles the downloaded transactions:

    1. Initially categorization
    2. Making a match
    3. Understanding the status symbols (in the check register)

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