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Integrate Clover with QuickBooks

Integrate Clover with QuickBooks

How to Integrate Clover with QuickBooks? First, let us understand what ‘CLOVER’ is all about. This is a spice-sounding software that has been designed to help you integrate recipient printers and handheld scanners.

One can easily call it a digital alternative to the CASH REGISTER. Sounds good? Well, it is good; as it allows the user to be able to conduct smooth and seamless transactions with both the business management and your customers. Not, just that, but CLOVE has been designed in a manner to be able to accept the various modes of monetary and financial platforms like Credit cards, EMV, and APPLE PAY.

Most consider, CLOVER to be one of the best replacements for the physical registers that helps in the maintenance of the book of accounts.

Moreover, this software also allows you to get rid of the receipt printers and the other barcode scanner that are normally used. One of the most important advantages of CLOVER is that it offers a clearer picture of the entire business.

The Need for The Integration of Clover with QuickBooks

The integration of Clover with QuickBooks is a stellar combination that offers the user an unmatched benefit of access to transparent business transactions and movements. To be precise, it is the Clover Flex that is portable and also helps in the smooth running of the business close to the customers.

Also, the software helps make the payment systems easier and on the go, wherever you are. The fun does not stop here; as the Clover also helps in the better and flawless running of the merchant accounts. However, one needs to bear in mind that it is not possible to integrate the Clover POS with QuickBooks online on a direct basis.

The Different Types of Clover Software

Let us take a look at the different types of Clover software you need to know about:

    This is the portable version, quite handy and powerful.
    This is the one we need to easily sweep the credit cards, EMV swipes, and NFC payments like Apple Pay.
    This helps smartphones to allow secure credit card swipes, payments, and dips.

Before you embark on syncing the Clover with your QuickBook, you need to use a third-party app and install them.

Here, let us take an example of the app COMMERCE SYNC, and check out how to install this:

  • Log on to ‘’ on your browser.
  • Go to the Clover Home page and launch the App Market.
  • Now, enter ‘Commerce Sync’ into the search bar
  • Check out the results you get; you will get the website in the first few clicks.
  • Now, you need to get ahold of a reliable website and install the app as required.

Steps to Integrate QuickBooks With Clover for Data Import and Verification

After the process of installation, now you will need to import the required necessary data onto the QuickBook from Clover.

Here are the precise steps on how to do that:

Step1: To import the data from Clover

  • Click on the ‘Connect to QuickBooks’ icon on your PC, Desktop.
  • There can be an instance when you are not an account holder at QuickBooks. For this, you will need to ‘Sign-up’ up for the new account at QB.
  • Next, log on to your QB account.
  • There can be a case where you have various QB Company files. For this, you will need to select the right Company file you need to work on.
  • Once you have successfully logged onto the QB account, the user will be asked for authorization for the Commerce sync integration.
  • After this vital step is done, the data is ready to be imported.
  • The commerce sync integration will allow the user the regularly transfer all the sales information onto the QB account. This will be done automatically.

Step 2: The Verification and the Testing Once the data has been imported.

To minimize the chances of error, you must opt to ‘RE-VERIFY’ all the information that you have imported. Keep in mind that this is one of the most essential steps if you need to integrate the CLOVER with QB.

For this the Data will be run through a test; you need to follow the steps below to be able to do so on your own:

  • After the authorization is done, you will need to verify your action through Commerce Sync.
  • Click continue by clicking on the Green Checkmark button that will emerge on your screen.
  • A test sale will be transferred onto your QB online account, as this is a vital step for verification.
  • It is here that you will be able to check out the preview of the sales information within the QB account, to locate the test sale.
  • In case you wish to, you can easily delete this information at any time you need to.

There are chances that you will face a few issues with the Dashboard of the Commerce Sync dashboard. This might be anything minor and small, however, this is expected and can be resolved easily.

The Advantages of The QuickBooks POS Systems

What are the benefits of the QB POS systems? Well here is a couple of them to keep in mind:

  • Quick and easy processing of payments with the help of POS
  • Smooth acceptance of debit and credit cards.
  • The rates are pretty pocket friendly
  • Shorter contracts in comparisons.

Some of the striking features of clover

Let us take a look at some of the most striking features of the much-famed Clover software we have been talking about:

  • Categorization of Sales
    This implies the fact that a certain sales activity is easily transferred onto the pay account based on the categories or the marks made by the user.
  • Sales Tax
    Be it the single, consolidated, or a different effective rate, all the sales taxes are recorded by Commerce Sync.
  • Daily Transfers Automatically
    The sales activity is easily transferred daily with the help of Commerce Sync.
  • The Reconciliation of Deposits
    Clover effectively sorts out and categorizes the Credit, Debit, and card details that also tallies with the bank explanation seamlessly.
  • The Set Up is Simple
    The setup of the entire process is a simple procedure, that is accomplished with the help of a few clicks. This way you will be able to dispose of the manual information section and start moving at the same time.
  • The Customer Details
    This is one of the best features of Clove, as it helps to follow the deals for each Customer premise instead of the daily sales summary.
  • The Unlimited Assistance
    The bits of help and assistance to the users are boundless, at Clove. Hence, any step that you are stuck at, or need assistance, it can be done in no time.


These are some of the basic, facts, features, and aspects of how to integrate Clover with QuickBooks. This is an essential step when it comes to being able to derive the best and the maximum benefits out of the finance software. To further add to the overall productivity, the users are required to follow the above steps and go as required.


  1. How does CLover perform with a QB desktop?

    The process of integration of Clover with QB desktop is simple and smooth. One can easily make use of Commerce Sync which helps save time and is also a user-friendly app to use for the purpose.

  2. How to Sync the Clover?

    This can be easily done by clicking on the gear icon at the right corner of the screen and then clicking on the SETTINGS under the SYNC SETTINGS. This can also be done manually by selecting each transaction manually or selecting all before clicking the SYNC button. 

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