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Missing Payroll Item List in QuickBooks 2022

Missing Payroll Item List in QuickBooks

If you have started to create your Payrolls in QuickBooks Online, then you must be wondering where the Payroll item list went away. The answer is short, your payroll item list is there in QuickBooks Online but is just unavailable at the locations you are looking at. QuickBooks users contact us at the QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service help team is going to help you out in finding your Missing Payroll Item List in QuickBooks 2022

To ensure that you have saved the payroll items correctly and in the right manner, we will go forward and describe the whole process. You may skip it if you are only looking for the method to detect the Payroll Item List location.

In some cases user unable to find the Payroll Option in QuickBooks 2022 they have to check with the Intuit official team for the same.

Setting Up Payroll Items in QuickBooks Online:

Follow the instructions given below:

  • Open your QuickBooks Online company and go to the Edit
  • Click Preferences and then select Payroll & Employees | Company Preferences.
  • Now go to QuickBooks Payroll Features and ensure that you have clicked in front of Full Control to turn it on.

Going through the above-mentioned steps ensures that the Payroll settings have been activated on your QuickBooks Online.

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The payroll section of QuickBooks is pretty complex and that is why QuickBooks has separate tools to help you out through any process in this section. To find the tool, you need to go to Employees and click on Payroll Setup.

It is a multi-screen tool that works like a wizard and helps you out in getting the information regarding your employee, benefits, compensations, taxes, and any additional deduction or addition. You will be asked several questions on each page, all you need to do is provide the data and other details. You select the options by browsing through the drop-down list. By going through this process, you will create the Payroll Items.

This work requires a lot of effort and technical tweaking. It is a hard and tedious process. But once you are done with the process, things will become smoother and better.

You can also manage the listing by adding, deleting, hiding, and editing the items in the list. So for each action, there is a particular process of doing so that needs to be followed step by step to get it done properly.

How to Show “Missing Payroll Item List in QuickBooks 2022”?

  • Ensure that your QuickBooks 2022 payroll services are turned on and are lively. To activate, just follow the under-mentioned steps.
    • Tap on the worker tab and choose the payroll service.
    • Now select on Manage service key.
    • Once you do that, you should see your payroll services active.
  • Currently, Ensure you are getting all payroll updates.
    • Click the Employee tab again and select “Get Payroll Updates.”
    • Now tap on the Update tab and then tap on OK.
    • Quit QuickBooks Company Files and close the program.
    • Now open again the program and go to the company file.
  • Presently before you can do anything more, you should make a backup for your data. To make a backup go to the files tab and snap “Make backup”.
  • Resort your list, then, after that, verify your data.
  • Reconstruct your data in your company file and all your payroll things ought to be visual.

Manage Missing Payroll Item List in QuickBooks 2022

So you might want to modify or delete any of the items from the list for the updated requirement of your work. Now, to find the Payroll Item List, you need to open the Lists menu and select the Payroll Item List. The next window that opens up on your screen has all the payroll items that you have created so far.

You shall be able to check and see multiple information, i.e. Imposed Limits, Type, Tax Tracking Designations, and Payable to Names. From the bottom of the list, you can access the drop-down menus, namely, Reports, Activities, and Payroll Items.

So if you want to Edit or Delete any payroll item from the list, you need to highlight the option given in the list and select the desired option. You can make the items Inactive too. You should be able to even customize the list by accessing the Customize Columns.

Get Help for Payroll & Support Item Not Found in QuickBooks.


  1. How to reach the item list of payroll in QuickBooks 2022 and what is it?

    Follow the steps to reach the Payroll item list in your QuickBooks 2022 account:-

    💠 In the QuickBooks software, click on the Lists menu
    💠 Then click on the Payroll Item List
    💠 Now the item list opens up in front of you.

    The Payroll item list is the type of list in which you get all items on the payroll of your account. You can add, delete, edit, or hide the items according to your requirements.

  2. Is it important to take a backup before doing some changes?

    No. the backup is not required for minor changes but if you are doing any major change in your account then you have to take the backup for security reasons of company data.

  3. How can I change the Item type in the payroll list of QuickBooks 2022?

    💠 Open the QuickBooks, then click on the Lists menu
    💠 Now from further options click on the Item list 
    💠 Select and double-click on the item to change the item type
    💠 In the drop-down menu of Type, choose the new type
    💠 Then click on the OK button
    💠 Now the item type is changed successfully.

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