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Missing QBO DD Payroll ‘check’ in QBO Register

Missing QBO DD Payroll 'check' in QBO Register

What do you mean by “missing checks” in QuickBooks-

  1. Banking > Missing Checks >> Reports menu.
  2. Despite the name, this report might list checks in a bank account, invoices in a receivables account, and payments in a current asset account.
  3. The report highlights account transaction numbers that are missing QBO DD Payroll checks or duplicated.

Note- “If You face any problem of proceeding DD Payroll check to any of your client but however, only one of the DD checks made it to the Register. While paying before and afterwards so it turns out that this is a simple fix. This is known as a ‘sync error’. The Payroll>Overview screen shows Sync Errors. If you have any sync errors, then easily connect with your support team and they will fix it!”

There are a few reasons why those Missing QBO DD Payroll ‘checks’ aren’t showing up in your bank account. It also includes several scenarios and techniques for viewing and correcting the problem- 

Reason-1: One possible reason is that your client’s check register has been filtered to only show specific transactions-

In the account history, you’ll have to modify the filter options. Here’s how to do it:)

  1. To access the Chart of Accounts, go to Accounting and then to the Chart of Accounts tab.
  2. By clicking the View register link, you may locate and select the check register.
  3. Change or evaluate the filters by clicking the Funnel button.
  4. To order the transactions from newest to oldest or oldest to newest, look at the DATE or Ref No. Type column.

Reason -2: It’s also possible that Direct Deposit transactions were recorded under a Different Account-

In this situation, you can peruse the Paycheck list and then open a paycheck. To find out where the money came from, check the Paid section:)

  1. Select Employees from the Payroll or Workers option.
  2. Select Paycheck List from the drop-down menu.
  3. To view the specifics of a paycheck, choose it.

Recreate a Missing DD paycheck in QuickBooks Payroll

Learn how to manage a direct deposit paycheck that has gone missing or has been canceled 🙂

Note- “If you haven’t received a paycheck from Assisted Payroll, try submitting a zero payroll.”

Follow the instructions below if the paycheck isn’t there:)

Step-1: Create a payroll offset item for DD paycheck

When you recreate missing or canceled direct deposit paychecks sent to employees’ accounts, you’ll need the offset item. It’s to deduct the net pay amount from your employee’s paycheck so that they don’t get paid again.

  • Select Payroll Item List from the Lists menu.
  • Select New from the Payroll Item drop-down menu in the lower-left corner.
  • Choose Custom Setup and then Next.
  • Choose Deduction and then Next.
  • Select Next after entering the payroll item name, such as “Direct Deposit Offset.”
  • Leave the first two fields blank for Agency for employee-paid liabilities.
  • Select Direct Deposit Liabilities in the Liability Account area, then Next.
  • Select Next after changing the Tax tracking type to None.
  • Select Next after making sure there are no taxes selected.
  • Select Next after setting Calculate based on quantity to Neither.
  • Select Next after setting Gross vs. Net to net pay.
  • Select Finish after leaving the Default Rate and Limit fields blank.

Step 2: Recreate a DD paycheck that has been lost or canceled

Because the total amount should be displayed in the direct deposit responsibility check, missing direct deposit paychecks must be rebuilt with zero net pay. It will assist you in balancing your check register and ensuring that your employees are not paid twice.

  • Select Pay Employees from the Employees menu.
  • Select Unscheduled Payroll from the drop-down menu.
  • To match the voided paycheck, enter the check date and pay period.
  • Select Open Paycheck Detail after marking the impacted employee(s) with a check mark.
  • Clear the Use Direct Deposit checkbox in the Preview Paycheck window.
  • As before, enter the payroll item, rate, and hours.
  • In the Other Payroll Items section, enter the DD Offset payroll item.
  • For the DD Offset item, provide a negative amount equal to the net amount of the paycheck.
  • To change the net pay to 0, press Tab on your keyboard.
  • Continue after selecting Save & Close.
  • Choose Create Paychecks from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Make necessary changes to the payroll liability balances

The direct deposit offset is a deduction item that will show as a due liability in QuickBooks Desktop. To remove the deduction item amount from your liability balances, you must make a company modification.

  • Select Payroll Taxes and Liabilities from the Employees menu.
  • Change Payroll Liabilities from the drop-down menu.
  • The Date and Effective Date of the paycheck you just created should match the check date.
  • Company Adjustment should be selected.
  • Select the direct deposit offset item in the Item Name column.
  • Enter a negative number equal to the DD Offset amount on the paycheck in the Amount field.
  • Select Accounts Affected from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Do Not Affect Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • OK should be selected twice.

Step 4: Data from payroll should be sent to QuickBooks

You’ll email us your payroll data so that we can sync it.

  • Select Employees, then Payroll Data to Send.
  • Make sure the direct deposit amount is zero in the Items to Send column.
  • Choose Send.
  • Enter the PIN for your direct deposit.
  • Wait for the confirmation notice indicating your payroll session went well. The Items Received portion of the Send Payroll Data window displays a confirmation report.


  1. In QuickBooks, how can I enter a missing paycheck?

    Follow the steps below to enter a missing paycheck are- 

    1. Click Banking > Use Register from the QuickBooks Desktop choices at the top.
    2. Select the payroll bank account, then click OK.
    3. Select the dummy check you just generated in the register.
    4. Select Void Check from the Edit menu.
    5. Select Record from the drop-down menu.

  2. How can I make DD active in QuickBooks?

    Open QuickBooks and sign in as the QuickBooks Admin once you’ve seen the amount. Select Employees, My Payroll Service, and Activate Direct Deposit from the drop-down menu. Access your account by logging in.

  3. When you void a payroll check in QuickBooks, what happens?

    Void a paycheck: This modifies your payroll records and sets the dollar amount of the payout to zero. To balance your books, you may need to make some adjustments. This does not prevent a direct deposit from being processed or return funds to you.

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