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How to Migrate from NetSuite to QuickBooks?

One of the primary challenges is that the vast amount of different data needs to be migrated from NetSuite to QuickBooks. The information, such as Custom Vendor list, Average costs, Accounts Receivable, which is included in QuickBooks, requires conversion.

This article is rounded up with NetSuite’s guidance to QuickBooks Data conversion; factors need to consider while migrating data.

Significance of NetSuite to QuickBooks Data Migration

When operating accounting software, users might face various issues or other reasons; they decide to switch to other accounting programs. However, it is not too easy to do. It involves vast data migration, which is a complicated task.

Whenever you get to proceed with this process, it is recommended to need expert surveillance. There are many resources available across the internet that offers data migration, so it is your responsibility to consider the trustworthy one after evaluating important factors. Data migration is considered the toughest task in the accounting system as it involves important information.

Searching for a secure platform, covering both the Intuit and NetSuite guidance and protocols, is the primary step needed before data transferring. This process needs some time to complete; you have to patiently wait as it involves re-formatting the data and its conversion into QuickBooks.

Things to do in NetSuite to QuickBooks data migration:

Requirement Gathering:

In this step, you need to identify the right version of QuickBooks like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Expertise variants, etc. As per your specification and needs, determine the resource.

Importing NetSuite Data:

In this step, collect the compatible NetSuite Records from NetSuite Accounting like NetSuite Transactions, and NetSuite Transactions and Activities are converted into QuickBooks Compatible format for ease of operating with historical data.

Since you have a QuickBooks license, you can efficiently work with new data. So depending upon the requirements of data and migration process complexity, write the entries on the system.

Data Migration Review

Once completed the data migration, verify if all the reports associated with the required data transferred is available on QuickBooks.

What records of NetSuite do you convert into QuickBooks?

NetSuite Activities to QuickBooks

NetSuite Entities to QuickBooks

  • Phone Call
  • Event
  • Task
  • Project Task
  • Contact
  • Group
  • Vendor
  • Customer
  • Partner
  • Employee
  • Group
  • Job

NetSuite Accounting to QuickBooks

NetSuite Transactions to QuickBooks

  • Budget
  • Account
  • Accounting Periods
  • Class
  • Department
  • Currency
  • Department
  • Revenue Recognition Schedule
  • Location
  • Revenue Recognition Template
  • Units of Measure
  • Subsidiary
  • Bin Put away Worksheet
  • Cash Refund
  • Cash Sale
  • Check
  • Bin Transfer
  • Build/Un-build Assembly
  • Customer Deposit
  • Credit Memo
  • Customer Payment
  • Estimate
  • Customer Refund
  • Customer Deposit Application
  • Invoice
  • Item Fulfillment
  • Intercompany JournalEntry
  • Inventory Adjustment
  • Item Fulfillment
  • Item Demand plan
  • Opportunity
  • Sales Order
  • Transfer Order
  • Vendor Returns
  • Vendor Payments
  • Return Authorization
  • Vendor Credits
  • Work Order
  • Vendor Returns

NetSuite Communications to QuickBooks

NetSuite Items to QuickBooks

  • Message
  • Note
  • Discounts
  • Assembly items with a lot and serial numbered
  • Discount
  • Description
  • Gift Certificate Item
  • Inventory Number
  • Inventory Item with serial and lot number
  • Package Item
  • Markup
  • payment
  • Non-Inventory Item for Purchase/Sale/Re-sale
  • Service for Purchase/Sale/Re-sale
  • Other Charge for Purchase/Sale/Re-sale
  • Subtotal
  • Download

NetSuite Miscellaneous to QuickBooks

NetSuite Customization to QuickBooks

  • Time Tracking
  • Other lists
  • Expense Report
  • Custom Lists, Record
  • Custom Record type

NetSuite Web Site to QuickBooks

NetSuite Tax Records to QuickBooks

  • Categories
  • Tax Groups
  • Sales Tax Item
  • Tax Type

NetSuite File Cabinet to QuickBooks

NetSuite Marketing to QuickBooks

  • File
  • Folder
  • NetSuite Campaign
  • NetSuite Promotion Code
  • NetSuite Campaign Response

What are the things in NetSuite which are not permitted to convert in QuickBooks?

The below-given items can’t be converted into QuickBooks:

  • Bank reconciliation: When you complete the data migration process, there requires single bank reconciliation and prompts to perform.
  • Paychecks are being converted as journal entries because QuickBooks is not compatible with the importing of
  • Individual employee wage or deduction information & Transactions don’t have jobs connected to it.
  • Custom templates
  • Budgets
  • Work Tickets

That’s all about NetSuite to QuickBooks data migration guide. Hopefully, the above information becomes a helping hand to begin data migration. You can smoothly perform mapping of the NetSuite fields to the corresponding QuickBooks fields. However, when the conversion is not successfully done, you can do it manually after the data migration. It is highly recommended to perform data migration under the surveillance of experts.

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