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Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration | Learn the Process

Pipedrive QuickBooks Integration

Pipedrive Integration with QuickBooks: How would you Connect?, It is an essential knowledge one needs to equip with when one needs to create new client relationships and offer services to suppliers. You must be aware of the fact that the Pipedrive CRM is one of the best CRM systems that offer support for the effective and cautious management of client relationships. Likewise, small sales teams also use Pipedrive as a reliable management tool to deal with complex and lengthy sales processes.

The application of the Pipedrive is related to being able to allow the team members to focus on the task which results in deal closure. The feature comprises various potent aspects such as goal monitoring, forecasting, reporting, and email integration. Some leading organizations utilize the trustworthy applications of PipeDrive. It includes three main processes: Track development, set up PipeDrive, and Grow automatically.

As for PipeDrive, it is a top-tier leading pipeline CRM solution provider that focuses on increasing and improving the efficiency of operations, which further enhances sales and relationships. It is also associated with being able to generate and import new leads, allot them to the team members and move them across the Sales cycle. It further helps by incorporating a Sales panel, that creates records, and other important sales intelligence and marketing data present.

The best part about PipeDrive is that all its features are customizable according to your needs and requirements. This allows the users to be able to develop their own distinctive sales strategies without having to compromise on any established norms. Likewise, the users also receive reminders and report the PipeDrive when in the pipeline stages. The PipeDrive is used by most sales professionals to transform the sales and unprocessed data clusters and spreadsheets into useful information. However, the main goal of Pipedrive is to be able to clean and process data for the sales representatives. Finally, the PipeDrive easily handles the sales from the start to the end, while for teamwork and various projects one can use any other CRM.

Why do we need Pipedrive quickbooks integration?

Foremost, what is the requirement of the PipeDrive application for QB integration? Well, here are some of the major advantages of the same:

  • Invoices can be easily created without the need to copy and paste various data between applications. The invoice can be produced from the deal detail view and can be sent directly to the QB account with the help of the PipeDrive QB integration software.
  • Thus, one can also receive update status allowing you to know when they are accepted, paid, or past due for the Invoice that is generated via Pipedrive. This can be accomplished without having to leave the Pipedrive app.
  • The Pipedrive can easily manage, create and label the user’s personalized pipelines.
  • The previous sales transactions are also kept track of
  • Email forms and Chatbots can be used to create leads
  • The sales communication thread is visible in pure sight
  • Both personal and professional data are managed well with the help of PipeDrive.
  • Also, relationship development and automated lead sourcing are well facilitated by PipeDrive.
  • The feature is user-friendly
  • With more than 350 platforms, services, and applications, Pipeline is well integrated
  • There are plenty of App options available for various platforms like iOS, Android, and also the Web.
  • Customer care is available round the clock and is also accessible via mail, phone, and live chat.
  • The feature has been designed keeping in mind Marketing and Sales. One can expect great sales progress and expansion.

The Applications Of Integration With Pipedrive

Now, let us take a look at some of the areas where PipeDrive is easily applicable and is recommended as well:

  • Visual Sales Pipeline: with the help of this tool, one can easily view their entire pipeline in a single go. Also, the deals are refreshed on the go by using the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Customizable Pipeline: With the help of this feature one can easily customize and configure the pipeline meant to reach the current requirements. Likewise, the Custom fields and Stages can also be added accordingly.
  • Notification: All the sales deals are well-scheduled according to the sales activity, thus, ensuring you remain ahead of all your processes.
  • Contact Past: This enables you to view all the deals and contacts available in your emails, calls, and notes.
  • Segmenting Leads: The feature can help you create a list for individualized follow-up through the process of categorizing, sorting, filtering, and segmenting the leads.
  • Team Management: Helps in establishing better coordination of the tasks and dealings with the team members along with the sharing of the sales accomplishments.
  • Revenue Forecasting: Helps recalculate the deals for anticipation and updates for the sale and revenue according to your pipeline.
  • Web Forms: helps in the designing of adaptable web forms for the user’s website to generate leads for the lead pipeline.
  • Reporting and Dashboard: allow access to in-depth information on the sales and important activities that help analyze the various processes to achieve your goals on dashboards.
  • Email Integration: allows you to send, receive, and track, emails by syncing with various platforms like Gmail, Outlook, and others. 
  • Automation Enabled: Helps the AI engine create leads and offer the target list of various prospects.
    280+ Integrations: Offers excellent integration solutions with various systems like HubSpot, Trello, Asana, G Suit, Zoom, Outlook, and more. 
  • Security: one of the most important benefits of PipeDrive is that it is completely secure and private by enabling alerts and permissions. This is done with the help of a Central Security dashboard with GDPR along with GDPR complaints as well.

How To Integrate Pipedrive With Quickbooks

Now, let us see, how can we integrate the Pipedrive with QuickBooks:

  • Go to Tools and Applications> Select QuickBooks> Invoicing to include your QuickBooks account in Pipedrive.
  • Thus, your Pipedrive marketplace will be launched for you to be able to finish the process of installation
  • Next, You will need to verify the legitimate QuickBooks Login credentials, you will receive the required SETTINGS, where you will need to specify the options required for integration. 
  • It is here that you need to select the PipeDrive fields and the due date. This information once fed into the system will be pre-filled after the Invoice has been made and has been configured to the QuickBooks integration system.
  • Go to the TO field, it is here that you need to state to whom you need to address the Invoice. For this, it is advised to use Pipedrive’s Organization-Name option, as the bills are generally paid by the company’s account. The other contact details of the person, organization, and deals field can also be selected in the division.
  • It is also here that the details of the receiver of the invoice and the related details are to be filled in. To do so, it is recommended that the user utilizes Pipedrive’s Person-Email field. This is because this feature is a Person-type field. Likewise, other aspects like the individual’s contact details, organizations, and deal fields are also available for the same selection purpose.
  • It is also advised to store the customer’s tax ID number, in the Custom field in the PipeDrive set up to store the same.
  • Likewise, the payment details will also be stored here. For example, the invoice created on March 13th will be set for the due date of March 20th in case the due date has been set for a week after the issuance date.
  • Now, you are finally done. Click on SAVE, to save the integration done so far for your business preferences for the PipeDrive account.

How To Use The  Integration With Quickbooks

Now, let us take a look at some of the main uses of the process of integration with QuickBooks:

  • After the process of integration is completed you can set about to create your very first invoice in the following steps
  • Go over to the detail page of any Contract. Here you need to select the INVOICE TAB > + INVOICE BEGIN 
  • Here you will need to provide and fill in the required details for the invoice. After the Invoice has been saved, the entered data will be automatically transferred to the QB account.
  • The CUSTOMER INFORMATION- this is the information that will be automatically filled in based on the fields selected by the user during the process of configuration of the INVOICE option.
  • As for the details, these must be filled out by the requirement of the company. For example, in case you need to make the changes in the TAX SETTING within the invoice, you will need to decide upon the choice of the Currency used. Moreover, one can easily utilize the QB invoice template. As for the QB, the currency field is mandatory.
  • It is in this field that the chargeable aspects like goods or services will be reflected. Also, the products associated with your offer will appear here automatically.
  • For the same, you must be able to establish the NEW CLIENT information on the provider’s end before the linking of the said contact. Once this has been enabled, the information entered within the address, Tax ID, and Email will be used by QB. Also, it will check if the details are the same as those saved previously.
  • Once all the information has been fed in and SAVED click on CREATE INVOICE, and you are done.

The Viewing Of The Bills

To view your invoice you will need to navigate to the CHANGELOG. It is here that the details of the bills can be viewed. The following flags will be visible in the Invoice: OPEN/PAID, A PAYMENT IS PENDING, VOIDED/ OVERDUE/ DELETED, AND PAID PARTIALLY.

Once you go on to choose more, you will receive the following options:

  • The paid or unpaid invoices should be void. Likewise, the unavailable bills will be similarly declared void.
  • If You need to eliminate or remove the invoice
  • You can send all the required information to the relevant customer via email. This can be either they are paid or overdue. Also, the QB will send the Invoice via mail once you have emailed them over.
  • The PDF version of the invoice will be sent directly to the required customer
  • By clicking on the ‘OPEN IN QUICKBOOKS’ option you will be directed to the QB accounts where you can easily send, receive or update the payments for the invoice in question.
  • Lastly, the invoice history will also be displayed on the sidebar of the detailed view. Once you refresh the page you will receive any updates from the QB. Likewise, you can also click on the VIEW ALL INVOICES option to be able to gain access to the SETTINGS or to UNLINK A CONTACT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we Bill using PipeDrive?

Ans: yes, this can be easily done via the INVOICING FEATURE available in the software. To further simplify the process, one can easily use Pipedrive’s invoicing feature to be able to VIEW, CREATE, and SUBMIT  the invoices to the invoicing APP directly from the interface of Pipedrive.

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