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How to Merge Customers in QuickBooks

Merge Customers in QuickBooks

When it comes to manage the accounts of customers of your business organization, QuickBooks is one of the most advanced and useful accounting tools. By using this accounting tool, it is very easy to add the complete details of any customer in your accounts. This business tool gives you option to manage the business accounts of all customers at one time.

But there can be some similar customers and you may want to make the management easy by merging them in your QuickBooks. If you are also looking to get this option of merging customers in your QuickBooks, it will be very helpful to manage the accounts of similar customers in your accounting tool.

If you are choosing the process of merging similar customers in your QuickBooks, it will delete the account of one customer and will assign all the data and information of that customer to another customer’s account. Before deleting the customer’s account for merging, it is also important that you delete the statements of that customer first. If you are merging the accounts of similar customers, you need to keep in mind that you will not be able to reverse this process and the process of merging is always permanent in QuickBooks.

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In QuickBooks, combining customer records necessitates careful preparation. Once you’ve determined which records you want to combine, mark one as the “final” record and the rest as records that will be combined. Prior to consolidating customer records if you track jobs together with customers, you must merge customers in QuickBooks and their work records. You must keep distinct records when a single person or business fills multiple roles in QuickBooks, such as vendor and customer. Make a backup of your QuickBooks database before doing any record consolidation because there is no “undo” tool available once you’ve merged customer records.

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    Basic steps to combine similar accounts in QuickBooks

    Remember that account mergers are irreversible. This cannot be undone later. For several functions, QuickBooks uses a set of default accounts. These cannot be combined or removed, just like accounts linked to internet banking.

    Save those reports first if you’re merging accounts that include reconciliation reports. The transactions continue to be reconciled and remain on the consolidated account.

    1. Choose the Chart of Accounts by going to Settings.
    2. The account you want to keep can be found. Then choose Edit from the dropdown menu in the Action column.
    3. Take note of the account’s Account Type, Name, and Detail Type.
    4. Verify whether the Is sub-account checkbox is selected. Note the parent account to which it is connected if it is.

    For the account you choose to keep, you have all the information you require. Let’s deal with the duplication now:

    1. Visit the Chart of Accounts once more.
    2. Locate the duplicate account that you won’t be maintaining. Then choose Edit from the dropdown menu in the Action column.
    3. The information on the duplicate account should exactly match that of the account you want to preserve, so change the Name and Detail Type. If you must mark Is sub-account, bear the following in mind:
      Note: Make sure there are no sub-accounts in the two parent accounts you are merging.
      • Make sure the two sub-accounts you’re combining have the same parent account.
      • Uncheck the Is sub-account box to make the account a parent account if only one is a sub-account.
      • When prepared, click Save and confirm 

    Ways to track the transactions in QuickBooks

    Add a new customer.

    You may track your clients’ future transactions in QuickBooks Online by adding them to the customer list.

    1. When connecting for the first time:

    1. Click on Customers.
    2. Select manual customer addition
    3. Enter the details about your client.
    4. Choose Save.

    2. To add more clients:

    Maintaining organization and keeping track of your clients is crucial as your company expands. Customers can be added to transactions or invoices in QuickBooks Online by adding their profiles.

    Here’s how to add clients and maintain the accuracy of your client list.

    1. Click on Customers.
    2. Choose a New client.
    3. Enter the details of your client.
    4. Choose Save.

    How to merge customers in QuickBooks?

    The first thing you need to know is that, as we just covered, merging customers who have payments or deposits recorded against them in QuickBooks is not possible. Therefore, before merging them, you must first erase the payment associated with them. The invoice against which you made the payment will reopen when you delete it, which is something we’ll deal with later. 

    1. Merge duplicate customers:

    You can merge the profiles of duplicate customers. The data from the deleted profile is transferred to the profile you want to maintain.

    1. Click on Customers.
    2. The customer profile you want to delete is selected and opened.
    3. Choose Edit.
    4. Enter the name of the customer profile you want to preserve in the Display name as section. The names must completely match.
    5. Choose Save.
    6. Select Yes when prompted if you wish to combine the two profiles.

    Note: Make sure that neither client has any sub-clients. If they do, you must first convert their sub-customers to regular clients.

    How to Remove a Payment or Deposit Against a Customer Prior to Merging

    1. First, open QuickBooks and select List from the top menu bar, followed by Chart of Accounts.
    2. In order to delete a specific payment, you must first double-click the account and then the deposit.
    3. At this point, you first click on edit and then line deletion.
    4. After erasing the deposits and payments made to the customer, you can merge the customers by following the steps below.

    Hope so, that you can successfully merge customers in QuickBooks. But if you do run into problems, connect to the expert team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You must first click on the Reports menu from the QuickBooks main menu. Click on the combined reports from various firms link to bring up the sub-menu list, then select Add files. You must repeat the process for more files. Next, you must search for another company file and click on open. Now navigate to the part where you can pick the reports for combining, specify a date range, and select a reported basis. Then look for the option to consolidate reports in Excel and click it. Once you do this, an Excel sheet displaying the merged data will open.

    You can import all of your client data from a spreadsheet into QuickBooks Online at once. Follow the procedures listed below to import your completed Excel sheet into QuickBooks Online.

    1. Click on Customers.
    2. Choose Import customers from the dropdown menu next to New customers.
    3. Choose Browse.
    4. Select Next after completing the steps to upload your Excel file.
    5. Select Next after mapping the fields in your file to the fields in QuickBooks Online.
    6. Choose Import after selecting the clients to be imported.

    Under your top-level customers, you can build sub-customers (also known as parent customers). If you want to track specific clients who are also a part of a group or a sizable organization, this is helpful.

    While parent accounts can only have sub-customers up to four layers deep, you are allowed an infinite number of sub-customers. Add the parent customer first, if you haven’t already, as a new client. This is how to add each sub-customer:

    1. Click on Customers.
    2. Choose a New client.
    3. Then select the option add sub-customer.
    4. Enter the details for the sub-client.
    5. Choose the parent account from the Enter Parent Customer option.
    6. Choose Save.

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