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How to Restore Quickbooks Backup on Desktop without any Error

Restore Quickbooks Backup on Desktop

You may want to restore QuickBooks due to various reasons. But generally, you may want to restore QuickBooks:

  • In case your current company file is corrupted, you can restore a backup that was made before the files got corrupted.
  • If you would like to recover the data that you lost, you can restore all the files that you saved before the data was lost.
  • If you have a backup file, you can use the restore feature to convert the backup to a usable file. However, before doing this, it is important to note that this will overwrite all the modifications you made after creating a backup file.
  • If you want to transfer QuickBooks to a new machine, you can restore the QuickBooks file to the new location.

Whatever the reason, when it comes to restoring QuickBooks mainly the .QBB file extension is used to restore files to a specific location, which is also the extension of QuickBooks backup. To successfully restore QuickBooks, it is very important to know the exact location or path of the file where it is saved. Once you are sure and know where you are going to save the file.

Causes of Restoring Quickbooks Backup on Desktop

  • If you are using a special character in a company file.
  • The company file was damaged or corrupted.
  • And if you are storing a backup in an external drive.
  • The backup file is restored in the older version and the backup in the newer version.
  • If the backup is restored in the flash or a network drive.
  • The file being stored is not a real backup file.

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Steps to Restore Quickbooks Backup on Desktop Successfully

There are twelve steps, that you need to follow to restore quickbooks successfully. All the steps are listed below:

  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Go to the File menu.
  • Click on Open or Restore Company.
  • Now click on Restore a backup copy.
  • Now click on Next.
  • Click on Local Backup.
  • Select the backup file (.QBB) you wish to restore from the “Open Backup Copy” window. Or else, you can also use the “Look in” feature to find your file.
  • Now click on Open.
  • Click on Next.

Note: It is important to note that if you are restoring a backup file from any sort of removable media, you will have to guide QuickBooks to the location where you would like to restore the file to. This you can do by going to the Save in arrow and choosing the right folder where you would like to restore your QuickBooks data on your hard drive.

  • If required, select the Save in drop-down arrow and go to the location where you would like to restore the backup file.
  • Choose the backup file and click on Save.
  • Now adequately reply to any message prompted by QuickBooks.

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  1. How can I restore the QuickBooks on the Desktop without any error?

    To restore an earlier version of QuickBooks, you have to convert the QuickBooks file into the previous version. Then, you have to locate the file that you require to be restored.  Now, you have to start your QuickBooks again and then open the File menu. The next thing you must do is choose the “Restore a backup copy” option. Hit the click on the “Next” button and then choose the “Local Backup” file and you are all done with this program.

  2. How can I move old data after restoring the QuickBooks on the Desktop without any error?

    The initial step is to log in to the new account and click on the Gear icon. The next step is to open the Tools section and select the Import data option. After this, you have to choose the Data that you want to move. Moving forward and hit click on the browse to choose a file. Follow the displayed prompts until the program is not completed.

  3. How can I restore the QuickBooks on a new system without any error?

    Go to your new system and then install QuickBooks. When the installation is completed then go back to the previous to create a backup copy of the company file. To do this, copy the backup file to your new vis using a flash drive or any other external device but make sure they are connected. After this, restore the backup on the new system. Open your QuickBooks to check and verify.

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