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QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) When Printing Invoices

QuickBooks Crashes When Printing Invoices

QuickBooks is an outstanding accounting program. It is used by small and medium-sized organizations to keep track of their financial health and manage their revenue and expenses. It can be used to keep track of finances, manage invoices, pay bills, generate reports, and file taxes. This application will help you keep track of your customers, vendors, clients, inventory, and finances. 

The ability to create invoices and then print them is an essential function of QuickBooks software. Business activities become negatively hampered owing to QuickBooks printing problems with invoices like QuickBooks printing blank invoices, QuickBooks Crashes while printing invoices, Quickbooks Stopped working while printing, QuickBooks not finding a printer or Unable to use QuickBooks while printing, problems may not always be due to an application problem; in certain cases, a malfunctioning printer may be to blame. We’ve covered everything from printer issues to width configuration. We have created this blog to provide potential answers to resolve issues when printing invoices in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Crashes

Quick Overview of QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) when printing invoices

Error Code:QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes)Developer:Intuit Inc.
Error Description:QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.Software:QuickBooks
Symptoms:QuickBooks Desktop won’t respond or work, the Windows operating system is frozen.Applies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:Missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI is a configuration file for QBWUSER., Viruses on your computer’s hard drive.Solution:Adjust the widths of the Product/Service and Amount columns, and manually rename the QBPrint.QBP file.

Reasons That Could Lead to QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) When Printing Invoices Issue

QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) When Printing Invoices Issue could be caused by several factors, including:

  • Missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI is a configuration file for QBWUSER.
  • Your company name is very long.
  • Viruses on your computer’s hard drive. 
  • QuickBooks Desktop installation or corrupted application files
  • Windows operating system is damaged or might get corrupted. 

What are the symptoms of Quickbooks Crashes (Freezes) When Printing Invoices Issue

The possible symptoms of QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) When Printing Invoices Issue which is given below:

  • Your Windows Operating system suddenly crashes.
  • The mouse and keyboard are responding very slowly to the given inputs.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is not working correctly.
  • Without warning the QuickBooks desktop and Windows OS.

Easy Ways to Resolve QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) When Printing Invoices Issue

Below are the suggested few quick methods to resolve QuickBooks Crashes when printing Issues. Let’s execute one by one: 

Method 1: Check out the Printer as an initial step to see if the error does not lie with the same

Quickbooks crashes or freezes while printing invoices can be fixed by the given below steps;

  • First, you’ve to turn off the printer and then turn it back on one
  • Turn the printer on once the computer has restarted
  • From the Windows Start screen, select the “Control Panel”
  • Select Printers and Fax Machines by double-clicking it
  • Do right-click on the printer and choose Use Printer Online if it says Offline
  • If there are papers in the queue when you double-click the printer, cancel them all
  • After that, right-click on the printer after the window is closed
  • Select Print Test Page from the Property menu. 

Method 2: If invoices do not print correctly in QB Desktop, install and run the Print and PDF Repair Tool

The QuickBooks printer repair tool fixes the most common invoice printing issues in QuickBooks. The steps for using the tool to fix your problem are outlined below:

  • Open QuickBooksToolsHub.exe after downloading the QuickBooks Tools Hub file
  • The installation steps will be displayed on the screen
  • They must be followed and the terms and conditions must be accepted
  • Double-click the QuickBooks Tools Hub once the installation is complete
  • In the QuickBooks Tools Hub, go to Program Problems
  • Allow QuickBooks Printer Repair Tool to run by clicking on it
  • In the end, try printing the invoices once again after running the QuickBooks printer repair tool.

Method 3: Adjust the widths of the Product/Service and Amount columns

Quickbooks freezes while printing invoices can be due to improper width setup of product/service and amount columns, by adjusting the width you can resolve this issue. Doing so, the steps are mentioned below;

  • Choose Custom Form Styles from the Gear icon
  • Select the Edit menu from the Action menu when you find the Sales Form
  • Resize the width of the description or the amount by clicking the Content tab and using the slider
  • Finally, hit the “Done” tab.

Method 4: To get rid of the error message, manually rename the QBPrint.QBP file. Invoices cannot be printed in QuickBooks

By renaming the QBPrint.QBP file you can resolve the QuickBooks Freezes while printing invoice error, The following are the steps;

  • Find the QBprint.qbp file and double-click it
  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7: C:\ ProgramData\ Intuit\ QuickBooks 20xx (20xx represents the version of your QuickBooks)
  • Server 2008 and Server 2012: C:\ Programdata\ Intuit\ QuickBooks YEAR and C:\ Users\ **remote user**\ AppData\ Roaming\ Intuit\ YEAR VERSION\ TSPrinterSettings
  • Make a right-click on the QBprint.qbp file that you just found and rename it
  • After that, add the suffix .old and launch QuickBooks Desktop
  • Select the “Printer Setup” from the File menu
  • Select any transaction from the Form Name list and then click Ok
  • A new file named QBprint.qbp has been created
  • Try printing any transaction now to check if the QuickBooks won’t print invoices notice has disappeared.

Method 5: Ensure that the printer is set to print a single sheet 

sometimes if the printer is not set to print a single sheet at a time leads to quickbooks crashes or freezes while printing invoices, below are the steps to setup print a single sheet;

  • First, let’s go over how to print invoices in QuickBooks.
  • Go to the Customers tab in QuickBooks
  • Select Customer Center then Transactions
  • Select the invoice whose template needs to be modified under Invoices
  • After you’ve completed the process, go to the Print drop-down menu and pick Invoice
  • Then click the OK button. 

Follow the steps below to ensure that your printer is set to print a single sheet:

  • Choose Printer Setup from the File menu
  • Select Page-oriented (Single Sheets) from the Printer Type drop-down option and click OK.

Method 6: Adjust Windows User Permissions for the XPS Document Writer 

You must have Admin Rights to complete the actions outlined below to resolve the QuickBooks invoice problem.

  • Open Printers Control on Windows
  • Choose Printer Properties (Windows 10 & 11) or Properties  (Windows Vista) by right-clicking on the menu called “ Microsoft XPS Document Writer”
  • Select the “Everyone user group” under the Security tab
  • Check the Print box in the Allow column and click OK
  • In Windows Explorer, browse to C:\ Windows\ System32\ spool 
  • Select the Properties from the Printers menu
  • After selecting Security, click Add after the Edit tab
  • Press the “Enter” key after typing Local Service
  • After that, select the OK button after ensuring that Local Service has Full Control
  • Try to make a .pdf file in QuickBooks
  • Check to see whether this resolves the invoice printing issue.


Invoice printing errors with QuickBooks have been known to occur from time to time. In the majority of cases, the procedures listed above for resolving QuickBooks Crashes (Freezes) when printing Invoices are helpful and have proven to be effective many times. For more, you can reach out to a team of Experts using our Live Chat option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why do quickbooks keep freezing?

  1. Your computer may not meet the system requirements for QuickBooks, or your computer may not have enough resources to run QuickBooks.
  2. Your QuickBooks file may be too large. Large QuickBooks files can cause the program to freeze. Try condensing your file.
  3. Your QuickBooks installation may be damaged or corrupted.
  4. Your QuickBooks may need to be updated to the latest version. Updates can fix bugs and other issues that cause the program to freeze.
  5. The computer may have a virus or malware that is interfering with QuickBooks. Run a virus scan.
  6. The company file may be damaged or corrupted. Use QuickBooks’ built-in file repair tool to repair any errors in the company file.
  7. QuickBooks may be conflicting with another program on your computer. Try disabling any third-party services or applications.

Q2. How do I resolve the printer-freezing problem using QuickBooks built-in repair feature?

Perform the below steps to resolve the print-freezing problem via QuickBooks built-in repair feature: 

  1. Click on the Window Start button 
  2. Go to the Control Panel 
  3. And then click on the Programs 
  4. Next, choose the “Program and Features” tab 
  5. Once done then click “QuickBooks Program” from the list of all programs installed 
  6. In the end, select the “Repair” button.

Q3. Does updating QuickBooks resolve the printing freezing problem?

Yes, many times updating QuickBooks with the latest release helps you resolve such printing issues. To do so, open your QuickBooks in the very first step and then move to the Help tab. After that, click “Update QuickBooks” by scrolling down the menu. Wait till the process ends.

Q4. Why does QuickBooks freeze when printing invoices?

It happens because of:

  1. Incompatible printer 
  2. Incorrect selection of printer 
  3. Or incompatible QuickBooks version
  4. Default printer problem on your PC 
  5. 64-bit problems 
  6. Default printer problem in QuickBooks.

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