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QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions

QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions

Guidelines for QuickBooks Desktop Users & Restrictions QuickBooks accounting software has a provision of multi-user, which means that you (Admin User) can assign several other users to your QuickBooks application. You have an option to restrict their access. In this article you will know in detail on how to add users and restrict their access. You will also read about some errors that are associated with other users. It basically serves as the guideline for other QuickBooks Desktop User Login and Restriction.

Setting Up Users & Assigning Roles in QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions

  • Open QuickBooks software.
  • Run this software as the Administrator.
  • Go to Company option and click on the option, Set Up Users and Passwords.
  • Go to the Set Up Users
  • Click on Add User
  • Enter the details in the required field like, User Name, password, and Confirm Password.
  • Go to Next.
  • For the User access, go to the Sample window and select the section the field in QuickBooks that the user has access to.
  • Press Next.
  • You can now customize the restrictions for distinct areas in the QuickBooks Company file for the recently created user by choosing from the options, i.e. No Access, Selective Access, or Full Access.
  • Click on Finish.

Hiding the Account Balance from Unapproved Users

You can see the account balances from accounts payable, accounts receivable, credit cards and bank accounts. In order to keep your users from seeing the account balance, you will have to restrict their access. Follow the steps below to restrict their access on your QuickBooks:

  • Go to Company option from the menu bar and click on the Set Up Users & Password
  • Go to the Set Up Users
  • Highlight the user and go to the Edit User
  • Press the Next option till Sensitive Accounting Page opens on your screen. It is basically the 7th page out of 10 pages.
  • Press No Access
  • Press Next option until you have reached the last page and press Finish option to end the process.

Solutions for some QuickBooks Desktop Users and Restrictions Unexpected Results

Here are some errors that are related to adding new users to your QuickBooks application and their solutions:

Error I: There is already a user with the exact same name

This error generally pops up when you are adding a new user for your QuickBooks User.

Solution I: Update your QuickBooks to the latest version available.

Solution II: Restore or create portable company file for your QuickBooks.

Error II: Full Access User is unable to open Payroll Setup

QuickBooks can be integrated with Payroll. In QuickBooks, if any user who is not Admin then they may not be able to open the Payroll setup even if they have full access to the software. They have to log in to the software using the Admin credentials, and then only they can access the Payroll setup.

Error III: Payroll details can be viewed on calendars and reports by the Users who don’t have the access to payroll permissions.

You just have to remove the sensitive reporting and this issue with the payroll will be resolved.

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