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QuickBooks Error 15226

QuickBooks Error 15226

Just like other software, QuickBooks Desktop is susceptible to a variety of troubles and errors, QuickBooks error 15226 is one of them. This error usually pops up when a computer is upgraded or the most recent version is installed. The system shuts down and conforms to a set of rules when a program is running while installing the QuickBooks, leading to QuickBooks error 15226. During start-up, shutdown or even installation of the Windows Operating System, this error code takes place when the system is unresponsive and the system files are unable to respond or missing. With the help of this write-up, you will be able to get some exclusive or mind-blowing techniques in order to eradicate QuickBooks error 15226 with ease. So let’s move ahead without wasting a while.

What are the prominent reasons behind occurring QuickBooks error 15226?

This section will help you to understand the fundamental components that could lead to the error and you can resolve the problem in an easier way if you get to know the hidden reasons behind this trouble.

Generally, QuickBooks error 15226 is caused by many factors that are jotted below: 

  1. If the QuickBooks installation is incorrect and contaminated.
  2. Due to virus and malware infection, Windows system files/QB Programs files are affected or damaged.
  3. When multiple programs are running on top of this.
  4. Windows registries may be caused by a variety of factors, including server failure.
  5. Wrong SSL settings provoke QuickBooks error 15226.
  6. Also, if the program isn’t available on the Windows version.
  7. This error might be caused by any failure of the Intuit payroll program.
  8. Signs that you should be aware of QuickBooks error 15226.
  9. Once you are able to find out a mistake, you may take action to correct it. 

How to eliminate QuickBooks error 15226?

You may have access variety of tools to rectify this kind of error but initially, you should go with the manual steps as indicated below: 

Total Time: 24 minutes

Step 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop

Update QuickBooks Desktop

Updating the QuickBooks Desktop software can assist you to overcome QuickBooks error 15226 and to keep your software up-to-date you are required to go through the instructions as follows;

💠 First of all close your business file and QuickBooks desktop too.
💠 Make a right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon that appears on your computer and then you are required to select Run as Administrator.
💠 Click on the Help menu then choose the Update the QuickBooks option and then you have to navigate to the Company Open page.
💠 Here, you will see an option that says ‘mark all’, and later you must press the given ‘Option’ tab.
💠 Now, you have to choose the ‘Save’ option.
💠 Then you are supposed to tap on the Update Now option and after that, you have to click on the ‘Reset Update Box’ option.
💠 From the drop-down menu, you would have to select Receive the update.
💠 Once the update complete notice displays, you must close the QuickBooks program.
💠 You are supposed to restart QuickBooks Desktop if the phrase Install Update appears on your computer screen.
💠 Next, click Yes from the drop-down menu.
💠 At last, after applying all the steps you can restart your computer.

Step 2: Add the Intuit URL as a Trusted Website

Add the Intuit URL as a Trusted Website

When Intuit is added to your trusted sites list, your browser will be less likely to reject site content. It is necessary to walk through the below-mentioned steps in order to add Intuit URL as a Trusted Website and to eliminate QuickBooks error 15226. 

💠 Open Safari and you are required to type into the address bar.
💠 Press the Enter tab.
💠 From the drop-down menu, you need to add Bookmark after selecting Bookmarks.
💠 Under the Add this page, Choose Top Sites option from the drop-down menu.
💠 Add is the option to select.
💠 Navigate to the Customize and manage Google Chrome icon and select the Settings option.
💠 You are required to click on the Privacy and Security tab on the left side of the window and then click on the Site Settings option. 
💠 Cookies and site data should be selected if it’s possible.
💠 In the allow section, you have to check the box and choose the Add option.
💠 In order to save, write into the address bar and later click Add.

Step 3: Install a Digital Signature Certificate

Install a Digital Signature Certificate

It is noted that Microsoft products are so closely integrated, that you must first import your digital certificate into Internet Explorer (even if you are not using it as your primary browser) before utilizing it in your Microsoft Office products. These instructions are supported with Internet Explorer versions 9 through 11. Although there may be minor changes across versions, the window and button titles will remain constant, notwithstanding small modifications. You have to perform a few steps in order to install a digital signature certificate and to trigger QuickBooks error 15226 as well. 

💠 A user is required to use the Internet Explorer browser to get started.
💠 Choose Internet Options from the Tools menu on the toolbar. 
💠 In case the toolbar isn’t visible, select Internet Options from the Gear tab in the upper right corner.
💠 Now, you have to hit the Content tab from the drop-down menu.
💠 Then, choose the ‘Certificates’ option from the drop-down menu.
💠 On the Personal Page, tap on the Import option.
💠 Under the Certificate Import Wizard window, press the Next button to begin the process. 
💠 Select Browse from the drop-down menu.
💠 Make sure the button adjacent to “Filename:” entitled “Personal Information Exchange (*.pfx;*.p12)” is selected in the folder where you saved your digital certificate. 
💠 After choosing the filename where you saved the certificate, hit the Open tab.
💠 Make double-check the filename in the Certificate Import Wizard box and then press the Next tab.
💠 In the Password text box, it’s required to type the PIN or password you used to download the certificate, verify the second and third checkboxes and then click the Next button.
💠 Make sure the button next to “Place all certificates in the following store” is chosen, and then Personal is selected in the Certificate Store window.
💠 From the drop-down menu, you need to select the Next tab.
💠 Before clicking the Finish button, properly check your details in the Completing the Certificate Import Wizard box.
💠 Once you’ve completed all the steps appropriately, you will get a notification window. 
💠 After that, click on the OK button from the drop-down menu.
In the Certificates window, your certificate should now appear under the Personal tab.
💠 Tap on the Close button to close the Certificates window.
💠 You would have to first disable the Internet options before clicking the OK tab. 
💠 Now Internet Explorer can recognize your digital certificate. 

Step 4: Turn off the Firewall and Network Protection Temporary 

Turn off the Firewall and Network Protection Temporary

In Windows 11, while turning off Windows Defender is not permanent, it is only reversible. You simply need to turn off your firewall for a short period and turn it back on when you’re ready. After that returned to the screen where you switched off the Firewall and then re-enable it. Here are the steps to reactivate the Firewall on Windows 11;

💠 Navigate to Settings> Privacy and Security> Windows Security> Firewall & Network Protection and then you have to choose the Public Network option.
💠 Now, you are required to enable the Microsoft Defender Firewall by clicking the Toggle.
💠 Once the Toggle is turned on, your Windows 11 Firewall is turned back on.

If you follow this procedure, you will be able to overcome QuickBooks error 15226. In case, the error persists then it is recommended to try the next one.

Step 5: Uninstall the Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop

Uninstall the Reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop

Just because reinstalling QuickBooks desktop will prompt you with an inaccurate license code, you need to make sure you use the right installer to accept your license code. It is possible to confirm it by logging into your CAMPS account. Let’s have a different way to get your QuickBooks desktop installed assuming you’re using the correct installer. QuickBooks error 15226 can be fixed if you walk through the steps as follows:

💠 Verify and set the time and date settings on your computer.
💠 Now close all QuickBooks tasks that are currently active.
💠 You can use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool to debug your installation.
💠 It is recommended that MSXML should be reactivated.
💠 You need to reset the .ecml file. 
💠 Now a user is required to create a new account as Windows Administrator.
💠 Finally, attempt to install QuickBooks Desktop from scratch.

Winding up!

As it’s clear that this blog has written in order to eliminate QuickBooks error 15226 and most important to make you understand the key aspects of it such as underlying causes and manual solutions so you can rapidly identify the issue. But sometimes, it gets challenging for a user to tackle these errors in one go. In this case, reaching out to the QuickBooks help desk team members can be a nice approach. Just because they are resolving different kinds of technical glitches and errors over the past several years. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I find out the causes of Server Failure if it is required to address this issue first before fixing QuickBooks error 15226?

    💠 In case you receive an alert or notice something off, the first step is to identify the factors of Server Failure. Here are some common reasons for Server Failure listed below;
    💠 If a Sever runs at too high a temperature, it can lead to a poor performance or complete failure.
    💠 Due to some hardware issues such as battery failure or a disk failure, a malfunction in the cooling system or the equipment’s age, etc. 
    💠 Software upgrades or updates can also cause Sever failure and some new issues.
    💠 Peak traffic periods and full server logs can result in system overload and server failure.
    💠 A lack of network security or an outdated, unsupported operating system can leave servers vulnerable to cyberattacks that can paralyze or crash the server.
    💠 Earthquakes, fires, flooding, thunderstorms, and other natural disasters can wreak havoc on network systems and cause Server Failure. 

  2. What are the steps I need to follow to enable SSL Settings in Chrome while repairing QuickBooks error 15226?

    You can enable SSL/TLS Settings in Google Chrome as well as in Microsoft Internet Explorer. So if you are using Chrome then here are the instructions that you need to perform on your own:

    💠 In Google Chrome, click on the Alt + F keys 
    💠 Then select the Settings option
    💠 After that go to Advanced Settings and then click on Network Section
    💠 Choose the option Change Proxy Settings and then click on the Advanced tab
    💠 In the Security category, tickmark the SSL/TSL checkboxes
    💠 Click on Apply and then the OK button
    💠 Once all set, restart the Google Chrome browser.

    In case you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer;

    💠 In Internet Explorer, press and hold the Alt + X keys after selecting the Tools option.
    💠 Go to the tab Internet Options then click on the Advanced tab.
    💠 In the Security category, check for the SSL/TSL version that you want to enable.
    💠 Apply all the changes and restart Internet Explorer.

  3. Why is QuickBooks installation-related issues created during the fixation of QuickBooks error 15226?

    There might be one or more of the following reasons to trigger the QuickBooks installation error.

    💠 This error may occur if you open QuickBooks multiple times. 
    💠 When you double-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon repeatedly, it prevents your QuickBooks company file from opening successfully. 
    💠 Due to an inappropriate way that you undertake to open a particular file type. 
    💠 The installation error may also provoke if you employ any improper version of QuickBooks to open the company file, folder, compressed or encrypted file.
    💠 Incorrect file names and extensions or data corruption may also trigger this kind of issue.

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