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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 175305?

QuickBooks Error 175305

QuickBooks Error 175305 relates to point of sale, which is used by many retailers around the world to easily note down sales, keep track of inventory, and store customer data. If you get this error when you are running the point of sale and trying to work with store exchange, then you may have to edit the primary key or enter the correct authentication details for your account.

QuickBooks Error 175305 also occurs when firewalls or other security software block the ports that are required by the software to access the network connection. Users who have entered an incorrect license number or license number that has already expired will also encounter the same error.

Certain company file errors result from damage to the company file or a break in the connection between the software and the company file. This is quite common for users who have hosted their company file or software on a server and are using it from a different workstation.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickBooks Error 175305.

Solutions for QuickBooks Error 175305

QuickBooks Error 175305 can be fixed by using an account with admin privileges and creating firewall rules that allow QuickBooks’ point of sale to access network ports. And the last option that users have is to reset the license number when using multiple stores from a single headquarters.

Let’s get started.

Solution 1: Log into an Admin Account

To perform certain actions on the Windows operating system the user must have admin rights. Without such rights, the action cannot be initiated or completed and the user gets this error. 

So to fix QuickBooks Error 175305, the user should log in to Windows using an admin account. Here are the steps for the same:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Click on the user icon. 
  • Choose to sign out.
  • select an admin account.
  • Enter the correct password and then press enter

You have successfully logged into an admin account and Windows permissions should not interfere with the actions that Quickbooks needs to take properly.

Solution 2: Create new firewall rules

Creating firewall rules can enable QuickBooks’ point of sale to easily access the network without being interfered with. When Windows identifies Quickbooks as malicious software or the connection as insecure, then users have to create manual firewall rules to bypass the firewall and give access to the software.

Here’s how you can create new firewall rules to fix QuickBooks Error 175305:

  • Go to the start menu.
  • Type in “Windows firewall with advanced security” and choose the first option. 
  • Click on inbound rules from the left panel and choose new from the right panel.
  • Select the program option from the provided options and click on next.
  • Choose the “this program path” option and enter the location for the executable for quickbooks point of sale or click on the browse option and select the file
  • Then click on next in the action window.
  • Choose to Allow the connection and click on next.
  • Mark all three options – domain, private and public – to enable QuickBooks to easily access the network connection and then click on next.
  •  Enter a name and description for the new firewall rule and click on finish.

Now go back to the Windows firewall with an advanced security window and click on outbound rules from the left panel. Then follow the same steps as mentioned for the inbound rules and create an outbound rule for quickbooks point of sale.

Once you have created these rules, Quickbooks Point of sale will be able to access the network connection to the server and connect to the company file and data file properly. So you should not encounter the error once again if it was caused by the fireball blocking the network connection.

You may also have to check the connection between your data file and the software. If the connection itself isn’t working, then you’ll encounter an error.

Solution 3: Reset license number

Entering the incorrect license number can further lead to errors related to QuickBooks Error 175305. When you use multiple stores on the same license, this error is more likely to occur. 

Here are the steps to reset the license number to fix QuickBooks Error 175305:

  • From the file, menu click on preferences
  • Choose preferences and click on the drop-down menu “I want to…”. 
  • Choose reset to default settings and click on yes to confirm. 
  • Now go to the multi-store drop-down menu. 
  • Choose store exchange and go to the configuration tab. 
  • After clicking on the configure button, choose to save.

Once you have reset the license file you can open the other stores and proceed to work with the software without the error.

Solution 4: Fix company file damage

When quickbooks detects an error with a company file, the point of sales software cannot access the data and so it throws an error and exits.

Here are the steps to check for such data errors and fix QuickBooks Error 175305:

  • Exit Quickbooks point of sale
  • Right-click on the icon for the quickbooks point of sale and then choose run as administrator
  • Then click on run store exchange.
  • With the storage change feature, Quickbooks can easily transfer data between the remote store and the headquarters. This data is transferred after being compressed so it does not take a lot of your bandwidth.

The components in this include the send files and receive files both of which contain the necessary data. Data such as inventory items, departments, costs, and prices are exchanged along with information about customers and preferences for the store. This process simplifies the working process for users.


QuickBooks Error 175305 can result from a lack of admin rights for the Windows user or restrictions created by the Windows firewall. So the user should address these two problems first before moving on to the other ones that include damage to the company file and multiple stores open with the same license number.


  1. Why can’t I use multiple stores from the same headquarters when I’m getting QuickBooks Error 175305?

    You can use them, but you may have created a conflict between the different stores using the same authentication information. So resetting the license numbers can help resolve such an error and lead directly to the software crashing. By resetting the license numbers, you’ll be able to then use the software without encountering any errors.

  2. Is it possible to host QuickBooks Point of Sale on another system connected to multiple workstations?

    Yes, you can host the point of sale on a separate server so that each of the workstations can easily connect with the software and access the data as well. However network errors can interfere with the software and create problems for users, so it is highly advised that you properly configure your hosting environment.

  3. Can I alter the firewall rules that I create for QuickBooks Point of Sale?

    Yes, but you’ll have to remember the name of the rule, as you’ll have to find the rule by its name and then choose to edit or delete it. These firewall rules can be altered, and it’s possible to keep different inbound and outbound rules depending on requirements.

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