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QuickBooks Error Code 80040408

Users of QuickBooks encounter several errors, and the majority of them are caused by either human error or corruption in the necessary components. In this article, we’ll talk about QuickBooks Error 80040408, one of the company file-related errors that QuickBooks frequently encounters. This company file error shows up immediately after you open the company file that was saved on the server in order to share it with multiple users at once. In this article, we’ll examine all the factors that could be at play if you have trouble accessing the company file in multi-user mode.

When QuickBooks is configured incorrectly in a multi-user environment, one of the most frightening error codes that can appear is 80040408. BeginSessionError Code: 80040408 could not start QuickBooks is the message that appears when the error occurs.


This message, which originates from the Intuit Software Development Kit (SDK), informs the user that the requested QuickBooks company file cannot be opened because it is “not clear” how to do so.

There are seven potential reasons:

  • Someone else has QuickBooks open in single-user mode right now.
  • The QuickBooks QQube user you set up to connect to QuickBooks is currently being used by a different co-worker to open QuickBooks.
  • The different file names for QuickBooks. QuickBooks is open to a different file, or the file name has changed and is no longer the same as it was when it was added to the QQube Configuration Tool.
  • Different QuickBooks path. This typically happens when someone moves the QuickBooks file, changing it from what you configured in the QQube Configuration Tool.
  • There are numerous QuickBooks company files. Before attempting to load multiple company files, QuickBooks is open to a specific company file.
  • The dedicated server user is logged out or shut down in a multi-user environment, which prevents QuickBooks from running.
  • On the server or workstation, more than one QQube Synchronizer is active.
    • On a workstation, QQube should only be used by the user who installed it.
    •  A dedicated synch user exists on a multi-user server implementation, and there is just one of them.

Why do I keep getting the 80040408 error in QuickBooks?

When QuickBooks is set up incorrectly and is used in a multi-user environment, the error 80040408 occurs. Begin Session Error Code: 80040408 Could Not Start QuickBooks appears as the error message. The process of troubleshooting this error may be challenging, and even after carefully following all the steps, a user may still encounter this problem. Possible reasons for the QuickBooks Error Code 80040408 include: You can find the following list of technical factors in the list below that could cause the error 80040408:

  • QuickBooks Desktop error 80040408 occurs when the QuickStart option in the QuickBooks software is enabled and QuickBooks is already being used in single-user mode.
  • When the QuickBooks file name has changed and a new, separate file is accessible
  • When the QuickBooks file has been moved from its original location and its path has been altered from what you set up in the QQube Configuration device,
  • Before attempting to load numerous company files, QuickBooks is open to a single company file.
  • The dedicated network user has logged out, so QuickBooks cannot operate in a multi-user environment.
  • Multiple instances of QQube Synchronizer moving on the server or workstation indicate that QuickBooks is currently being used by a user with similar QQube configurations to attach to QuickBooks. Important: Before continuing with the troubleshooting procedures, make sure the following points are accurate.
  • Verify that QuickBooks Quick Start is not selected.
  • Single User mode should only be used by one user.
  • Verify that the server is operational.
  • Check to see if QuickBooks has been configured to only open one company file, preventing it from opening multiple files.
  • Verify that the company file’s location is accurate in QuickBooks and that you haven’t moved the file to a different location on your computer.
  • Make sure the name of the company in the QuickBooks company file matches the name of the company in the file on your computer.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error Code 80040408

Solution 1: Restart your computer.

  • If you recently installed or updated QuickBooks or QODBC, you must restart your computer.

Solution 2: Make sure your QuickBooks file is accessible and not in the restricted folder.

Please launch QuickBooks and log in as a QuickBooks Admin user to your QuickBooks company file. Try connecting to QuickBooks Data with your app.

If the problem persists, please ensure that QuickBooks is not set to “Run as Administrator.”

  • Examine “QBW32.EXE” in Task Manager.
  • Columns should be enabled.
  • Check that “QBW32.EXE” is not elevated – Yes.
  • The elevated value for “QBW32.EXE” should be “No.”
  • You can double-check it by right-clicking the QuickBooks shortcut, selecting “Properties,” then navigating to the “Compatibility” tab and ensuring that the “Run this program as an administrator” option is unchecked.
  • If this option is enabled, please deactivate it and apply the changes.
  • Click “Change settings for all users” and make sure “Run as Administrator” is not checked.
  • Right-click the QuickBooks application shortcut on the desktop and select Properties.
  • Check that “Run as Administrator” or “Run this program as Administrator” is not selected.
  • Check that “Run as Administrator” or “Run this program as Administrator” is not selected.
  • Please go to the QuickBooks folder in the program files directory.
  • Right-click QBW32.exe and any other QuickBooks programs that begin with QBW32.
  • Check that “Run as Administrator” or “Run this program as Administrator” is not selected.
  • Change settings for all users by clicking the Change button.
  • Check that “Run as Administrator” or “Run this program as Administrator” is not selected.
  • Please restart the QuickBooks application and your computer.
  • Please restart QuickBooks and log in to your QuickBooks company file as a QuickBooks Admin user after restarting.
  • Connect with your application first.

Solution 3: If you are using a Web Application, SQL Server, IIS, PHP, or Service application, please use QRemote DSN.

  • QODBC Desktop – “QuickBooks Data QRemote” or “QuickBooks Data 64-Bit QRemote.”
  • QODBC Online – “QuickBooks Online Data QRemote” or “QuickBooks Online Data 64-Bit.”
  • QODBC POS stands for “QuickBooks POS Data QRemote” or “QuickBooks POS Data 64-Bit.”
  • If the problem persists, please try connecting to QuickBooks via the QODBC Support Wizard.

Solution 4: QODBC and QuickBooks Auto Login:

If you are attempting to run QODBC/QuickBooks in auto-login mode? Is your machine configured for Terminal Services/Remote Desktop? That is, multiple users are logging into your machine via the Remote desktop connection.

Secondly, we want to let you know that QuickBooks SDK has a known problem with this kind of Environment setup and cannot start QuickBooks in the background. (If more than one user is logged into the computer and QBW32.exe uses multiple user accounts).

To resolve the problem:

  • Be sure to uncheck the box next to “Keep QuickBooks running for quick start-up” in the QuickBooks — Edit Preferences — General menu.
    • Try after shutting down every other user’s QuickBooks instance. (Make sure there aren’t any QBW32 instances running by selecting all users’ processes in the task manager’s “processes” section.)
    • Additionally, make sure to check QuickBooks and QODBC for the company file path. It should be the same for both routes.
    • Through the QuickBooks user interface, you can locate the company file. If you press the F2 key, the file information will appear.


You can try again by selecting “Use the Company file that is open in QuickBooks.”


  • Continue using QuickBooks while attempting to connect (do not log in to the company file; simply keep the QuickBooks window open).


  • For QODBC and later, enable “Force Start QuickBooks” under the Advanced tab. Make certain that the QuickBooks — Edit Preferences — General menu item’s “Keep QuickBooks running for quick start-up” option is deselected.
    • Please check to see if Your Application is not being run in an elevated user context, i.e., you shouldn’t run it as “Run as administrator,” if QuickBooks is already open and you are still receiving this error.

It is clear from this that your app is operating with elevated permissions. See if you can fix the permissions to solve the problem. Both QB and the app must be running as the standard user or by using Run as Admin. The two cannot be combined.

This also occurs when trying to run QuickBooks with auto Login while more than one user is logged in (and has QBW32.exe running in the user process) to the computer using a remote desktop connection. In this situation, the instance won’t be findable by QuickBooks SDK. Keeping QuickBooks running is a workaround. You don’t have to log in to the computer. Simply leave the window open.

General FAQs:

1. What does a QuickBooks technical error mean?

The QuickBooks application may contain a bug or have been installed incorrectly in some cases, causing technical problems. When using the application, you will frequently encounter errors of this type.

2. How to resolve the 9999 QuickBooks error?

Basically, a script error with the error code 9999 prevents QuickBooks Online and your bank from connecting to the internet. What must you do to make this right, then? Let’s examine them, then: Clearing the cache data is the first thing you should try. After that, try repeatedly unplugging and re-plugging the feed.

3. Why is QuickBooks unable to reach the server?

This error code essentially indicates a network issue that prevents QuickBooks from connecting to the server. Therefore, if you are also experiencing this, you can easily check to see if your internet is operating properly or not. The problem will automatically be resolved as soon as your internet issue is fixed.

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