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QuickBooks GoPayment Chip and Magstripe Card Reader

QuickBooks GoPayment Chip and Magstripe Card Reader

QuickBooks card reader is an interesting element of the QuickBooks accounting solution. It is also known by the name of new GoPayment EMV chip card reader. Want to know more about the QuickBooks card reader?

In this article, you will get all the information that you require regarding the new GoPayment EMV chip card reader. Apart from this, you may even contact our QuickBooks technical helpdesk to learn more.

What is EMV technology?

Credit card vendors have recently incorporated a brand new chip technology which will be there in each and every credit card. This type of technology is named as EMV. Now, cars will just have a “smart chip” which will be specially designed in them which encrypts all the sales data.

EMV is designed specially to make all the transactions a lot safer by making the cards extremely secure to use. It has made it very difficult for the frauds to abuse the cards.

These cards have initiated a new user experience in which the cards have to be inserted to card readers to render the payment. Many of the chief credit card firms have already transitioned to the new and safe platform.

What is QuickBooks GoPayment EMV Chip Reader?

Nowadays, the latest card readers are aimed to accept the payments easily and securely. Now, QuickBooks has also introduced their edition of various sorts of EMV based card readers.

The most popular of all the card readers is surely the GoPayment Card Reader. This particular reader is aimed to make the process of payments quick and safe.

As the customers are utilizing the new EMV based credit cards, therefore, you would have to transit to the fresh EMV based card readers. In case, you are presently not using any of the EMV card readers, then in that case, you can be in a spot of bother.

You will be liable to pay some cost, when you accept a fake or even a stolen card with the help of magnetic strip while doing a transaction.

QuickBooks GoPayment EMV Chip Reader is very useful!

It is always better to use the QuickBooks Card Reader. This QuickBooks card reader is utilized for EMV chips as well as for the mag strip mediums. This chip reader is certified to function along with both the Apple as well as the Android technologies.

At the same time, the chip reader is devised to function even with the present GoPayment application as well. Plus, it is easy to insert in the phone too.

Before moving ahead to the QuickBooks Go Payments, things you need to know

Highs – It offers you a merchant account including better account stability synchronization suitable with all other QuickBooks tools. The user might be found to have transparent processing limits. 

Lows  –  Without a subscription, users are unable to access the Sales reports. Choose if – In case, if you are an existing user then you must need logical integrations simply in-person card payments.

Things you need to consider 

  • Sum up to 50 users account
  • Easy to record the cash payments 
  • Enter your custom transaction amount including a description 
  • Accept the card reader payments 
  • Key-in card transactions (No card reader is required)
  • Transactions processing over a picture of Credit card 
  • Enable Email receipts & SMS
  • Add or monitor the taxes, tipping, and discounts 
  • Accept E-check payments 

Learn how everything works

 The latest edition of QuickBooks GoPayment enables the merchant services to accept the credit card over a card reader which makes a connection with a simple payment application on your electronic device (Mobile or Tablet). 

  • In Contrast to any third-party application (Square, Paypal, or any other), Go Payments comes with a full-grown merchant account for the card processing function. It makes a way to meet with greater account stability, clear vision of the transaction limit. So, there are very few chances of risk of payment issues. 
  • You can find the choice between the card readers who paid for the upfront and meet with pay-as-you-go transactions fees or go with the monthly fee specifically for the lower card rates. 
  • This approach is considered to be a standalone solution. Because it is specifically introduced as an extension to existing QuickBooks users who need smooth accounting integration to track the business financial reports with face-to-face payments. 
  • Easy to accept all transactions automatically via the application which is entirely synced with QuickBooks software rather than integrated with any third-party application.  
  • The card reader’s major goal is to accept all kinds of major credit and debit cards such as American Express, Mobile Wallet Apple pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Visa, and MasterCard. 
  • Payouts take 1-3 business days to transfer the bank account, based on the QuickBooks subscription. 

Learn basic things about the Card Reader Specs

They give you a choice to select the card reader between the two card readers. Both are given below: 

QuickBooks all-purpose Bluetooth Card Reader

To reach a suitable decision, go with the below points:   

  • Easy to associate the payment applications via Bluetooth 
  • Including charging dock and USB cable 
  • Meet with a Compatible operating system: Android 4.1 JellyBean or higher, iOS 10.0 edition or higher. 
  • Accepts EMV chips, magnetic stripe, digital wallets, and contactless (NFC) cards 
  • Reader Requirements: 79 g; Cradle: 352 g 
  • Full-fledged Battery life charge 
  • Ensure about Compatibility mode with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 in addition to USB cable 

QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Bluetooth Card Reader

  • Linked with any payment application over the Bluetooth
  • Reader: Necessary 44 g
  • Battery life full charge including 115 transactions
  • Minimum requirement of the operating system: Android 4.1 JellyBean or upgraded version 
  • Required QuickBooks Desktop 2018 + edition via USB cable 
  • USB charging cables 
  • Accepts in two ways as Magnetic stripe and EMV chip cards. 

Go Payments with QuickBooks accounting software is considered to be a standalone solution without any integrating app or any specified QuickBooks desktop users.

If you are curious to know more about this QB GoPayment EMV Chip Reader, then please call our QuickBooks helpline to discuss about this in detail with our Accountingerrors QuickBooks technical support team.


  1. How would I utilize the Intuit GoPayment application?

    💠 From your mobile device, turn on Bluetooth 
    💠 Now you need to press and hold the button on the side of the card reader
    💠 Wait until it blinks green
    💠 Go to the GoPayment application
    💠 Click on the “More” and then choose the “Hardware”
    💠 From the list menu, choose the “Card Readers”
    💠 Hit the next click on the “Bluetooth” device from the Type section 
    💠 Ensure your Card reader is ON

  2. Which card do readers require with QuickBooks?

    While installing from the intuit, the user gets the new card reader that leads. You might need to share with your Magstripe Card Reader and QuickBooks GoPayment Chip. These associated card readers EMV chips and magstripe credit and debit cards.

  3. How would I order a card reader for the QuickBooks?

    💠 From the GoPayment app home screen, open the Menu
    💠 Choose the “Settings” option  
    💠 Click on the “Order Card Reader”
    💠 Find and click on the “Add to Order for the order” option that you need to order 
    💠 Get complete details about the Card Readers 
    💠 Choose the “Numbers of Readers” that you required
    💠 Then, check out the process
    💠 Perform the displayed instructions to finish your order processing

  4. How is a regular credit card different from a chip card?

    The main difference between the Credit card with a magnetic strip and the EMV chip card is the high-level of security. In case, if your credit card is missing or stolen, then they easily make a fake credit card off of your magnetic strip including your credit card information.

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