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QuickBooks Installation Issues – QuickBooks Install Error 1618

QuickBooks Install Error 1618

Users are usually stuck in between the software installation due to multiple installation errors and are unable to discover a way to get rid of them. Don’t worry! We are here to rescue them. In this article, we are going to discuss one such installation error called QuickBooks Install Error 1618 which often arises when users are trying to install the QB software.

Sometimes, the error is accompanied by an error message stating “There was a problem installing Microsoft Runtime library” during the installation or updating of the applications. However, resolving errors might take a little bit of time and effort, but with the help of the below-suggested methods, you can resolve the QuickBooks Install Error 1618 with much ease. 

What is QuickBooks Install Error 1618?

The error takes place when you’re trying to install or update your software. It can also occur when multiple Windows installer instances are active at the same time, blocking the installation process. It is important to remember that the Windows installer is a prerequisite for installing the program. Installing, updating, uninstalling, and repairing the system program is also important. Moreover, it displays an error message stating:

Error: There was a problem installing Microsoft Runtime Library (Error 1618).

Error 1618. “ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING” error message when you run the Setup program to install QuickBooks programs”.

How to identify QuickBooks Install Error 1618 

When the error appears on your screen, you may observe some signs and symptoms which are listed below: 

  • Along with the QuickBooks runtime library problem notice, error code 1618 is displayed on the screen.
  • The QuickBooks software is still stuck in a halting state.
  • Windows becomes slow.
  • In addition, the system is disabled for the duration of the issue. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Install Error 1618

To ensure effective troubleshooting, it is necessary to understand the various reasons for the mistake.

Check out the following bullet points:

  • QuickBooks software installation that is incomplete or faulty
  • Error code 1618 can also be caused by problems with the Windows registry.
  • QuickBooks-related programs have been removed.
  • When a virus or malware attack infects QuickBooks software or Windows-related files
  • The MSIEXEC (Microsoft Installer Executable) process, which is an installer program that assists users in installing applications on Windows, is not operating.
  • The installation of Microsoft Runtime Libraries has been harmed.

Top 5 quick and reliable methods to overcome QuickBooks Install Error 1618

Well, you are now aware of all possible reasons and symptoms that could lead to this installation error. It’s time to execute the suggested steps that are discussed in the below section. Let’s start with the first method. 

Method 1: Update your Windows Installer with the latest version 

This problem can be resolved by updating the Windows installation. The following are the steps involved in this procedure:

  • To get started, you must first log in as System Admin
  • Additionally, check to see if the Windows installer has been updated
  • Again proceed to My Computer
  • Do a right-click on the exe file after opening the C:\WINDOWS\system32 
  • After that, select the Properties as well as the version
  • You’ll discover all the information about the Windows installer’s version
  • If updates are available, install them
  • Restart your computer.

Method 2: Close MSIEXEC.EXE that is running in the background

If the following technique does not work for you, you must terminate MSIEXEC.EXE from the background process. Here are the actions to take:

  • To do so, press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys to launch the Task Manager
  • Select the processes tab and sort the processes by name
  • Select MSIEXEC.EXE and then select End Process
  • Finally, close the task manager and try to install QuickBooks desktop again.

Method 3: Generate a backup of your Windows Registry 

Another option is to build a registry backup for Windows. The following are the measures to take:

  • The first step is to use the Windows taskbar to select the Start tab
  • Using the Windows + R keys, open the Run command
  • Then type regedit and hit the OK button
  • Go ahead and open the file menu and export option on my system
  • In the export range, choose all options
  • When you’re finished, save the registry backup to your desktop and then delete the keys
  • Keep in mind that deleting the keys will also result in the deletion of all sub-keys.

Method 4: Installing and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool 

Installing and running the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool can also help you fix the problem. This tool is designed in such a way that helps users in sorting out the issues related to installation. The following are the steps to take in this situation:

  • Close all open programs, including QuickBooks Desktop
  • Download the QuickBooks tool hub file and save it somewhere convenient location where you can easily find it
  • Install QuickBooksToolHub.exe by double-clicking on it
  • Make sure you agree to the terms and conditions before proceeding
  • Double-click on the icon after it has finished the installation process 
  • Now go to the Tool hub and select Installation Issues from the drop-down menu
  • Finally, run the QuickBooks install the diagnostic tool, and wait for it to fix the problem.

Method 5: Reinstall the Microsoft Runtime Libraries through the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package

The final way to resolve the problem is to use this procedure. Because this technique may necessitate an understanding of the Windows operating system, it is recommended that you consult a Windows expert.

  • Get the redistributable package for Microsoft Visual C++
    • For a 32-bit PC, choose the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable package (x86) package 
    • For a 64-bit system, select Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x64) package 
  • After that, save the downloaded package wherever convenient for you
  • The next step is to rename the packages as vcredist_X86.exe or vcredist_X64.exe 
  • Follow the instructions on the screen 
  • You must restart your system and reinstall QuickBooks at the end.

Wrapping Up! 

The methods outlined above should be enough to resolve QuickBooks Install Error 1618. We’ve tried to come up with all potential solutions to this problem that you can execute without any technical support. If the error persists, feel free to connect with our Expert via Live Chat.


  1. How to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub?

    The very first, you have to close your QuickBooks Desktop and then download the latest version of the tool by visiting Intuit’s official website. Save the file to a preferred location where it can be easily visible. Now, you have to open the downloaded QB Tool Hub.exe file. After that, perform the instructions to install it correctly and also agree to the terms and conditions. Once you’re done with installation or the process is completed then double-click on the QuickBooks Tool Hub icon to open it.

  2. Is running Quick Fix my Program resolve QuickBooks Install Error 1618?

    Yes, this tool is also helpful in rectifying QB installation errors. You simply have to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub, if you already then just open the tool. Next, move to the tab Program Problems followed by clicking “Quick Fix my Program”. It might take a few moments to run and once completed then try to reopen your QuickBooks Desktop software.

  3. Can we avoid QuickBooks Install Error 1618 by updating the Virus protection program?

    QuickBooks occasionally stops working as a result of virus protection software, which forms a barrier between the two. As a result, updating or installing the most recent Windows version may assist in resolving the issue. Virus infections that cause run time errors on your computer. However, QuickBooks Error code 1618 is also a runtime error that might be blocked, quarantined, or eliminated right away due to an infected virus. Make sure your virus software is up to date and that you run it fully to scan all of your files and applications. So that the virus-caused harm can be repaired.

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