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QuickBooks Payroll Calculator

QuickBooks Payroll Calculator

Are you looking for a tool that helps you pay your employees without any errors? Then QuickBooks Payroll calculator is the best choice. It has inbuilt features of QuickBooks payroll which help to create payroll employees without any error. The payroll calculator makes it easy to calculate the pay and withholding of salaried employees and hourly wage earners. 

For accurate payroll make sure to use up-to-date tax information for local tax and federal withholding as well as including overtime, commission, and bonus.

Types of Payroll Calculators Are:

For better results and refined payroll, there are three types of QuickBooks Payroll Calculator available as mentioned below:

  • Hourly Paycheck Calculator
  • Salary Paycheck Calculator
  • Net-to-Gross Paycheck Calculator

Why One Needs QB Payroll Calculators

Payroll calculators are designed to accurately calculate your net pay and your gross pay.

1. Salary Paycheck Calculator

The Salary Paycheck calculator is the best option for those employers whose employees earn a set salary. It estimates net vs.  Gross pay for salaried or W2 employees after the deduction of federal and state taxes as well as the voluntary deduction for tax withholding on the request of an employee by adding employee info.

For calculating the salary enter the amount of the employee’s gross salary, federal filing details, and extra tax withholding amounts of the employee, and if required enter overtime, bonuses, or commissions in the Additional Pay section.  When all data is fed to the calculator, check, calculate and download.

2. Hourly Paycheck Calculator

The hourly Paycheck calculator is especially for 1099 workers. It estimates net pay or take-home pay for hourly employees after withholding and tax deductions. For the estimation of an hourly paycheck just enter the employee detail and select the pay rate option as well as the number of hours he worked, the gross pay, hourly rate, and pay period.

If required additional options like overtime, bonuses, or commissions then enter it. After feeding all information make sure to include federal filing status details like marital status, number of allowances, and additional tax withholdings. Once all data is entered then generate paycheck and download.

3. Net-to-Gross Paycheck Calculator

You have to provide the net pay amount and the Net-to-Gross Paycheck Calculator automatically estimates gross wages before taxes and deductions are withheld.

QuickBooks Payroll Calculator is a free calculator designed by Intuit. It helps you to calculate paychecks for hourly or salary employees with quality output. It is a very simple process. You just have to enter the payment information of your employees and the calculator will automatically process and show the total amount to be paid and the amount that is to be deducted for taxes.

The software ensures that the calculations are accurate with the latest tax tables. The calculator eases when overtime, bonuses, or commissions are included.

How to Calculate To Manage QuickBooks Payroll

In case you are running your own business, it is recommended to use QuickBooks payroll calculators to ensure the consistency and accuracy of payroll services.

You can use Intuit Online Payroll paycheck calculators that will help to see the probable changes in the salaries or hourly pay rates for a single time. No matter if you do not own a business still you can use the payroll calculator to see the impact of the changes on your paycheck.

You can also follow the below steps and easily calculate payroll for your employees:

  • Mention the Employee name >>> choose the date.
  • Go to the Pay information section and select the payment type which can be hourly or salary. After that describe the pay rates, hours worked, and pay period, and finally mention the pay date.
  • Now, mention the overtime worked, commission, salary, and bonus in the additional pay section.
  • Mention the employee W4 details in federal tax information.
  • Provide employee status.
  • Several allowances also need to be provided.
  • Describe the employee status, the number of allowances, and additional holdings in State Tax Information DE 4.

Click the button to open the Paycheck Calculator

1. Calculate & manage hourly Paycheck Calculator

To calculate the paycheck for workers QuickBooks Hourly Paycheck Calculator is the best option. It accurately provides accurate net pay/take-home pay /pay according to hourly pay after deducting taxes. 

If you want to use the Hourly Paycheck Calculator simply you need to follow the below steps.

  • Mention the Employee Details
  • After entering the Employee details choose the Hourly Pay Rate Option
  • Now enter the number of hours work is done for, gross pay, pay period, hourly rate details
  • Continue entering more details like overtime, bonus, commission, etc
  • You also need to mention the Federal filing status details such as marital status, additional tax, and several allowances.
  • In the end, after entering all the details you can calculate the payroll, and if you want you can download the same.

2. Calculate and Manage Salary Paycheck Calculator

Calculating the net salary using the Salary Paycheck calculator is very easy. You can also include the voluntary tax deduction.

To calculate the paycheck proceed as per the below steps.

  • Mention the employee details in the calculator
  • Now, select the salary pay rate option
  • Provide the employee gross salary amount
  • If there are some more data to enter such as overtime, bonus, commission, etc can also be mentioned in the Additional Pay sector
  • Before completing make sure to include the federal tax filings details and extra taxes if any Finally, calculate the paycheck and even you can download the same.

3. Calculate and Manage the Net-to-Gross Paycheck Calculator

  • Enter the earning year-to-date
  • The next step is to mention the net income target and mention how you would like to get it weekly, twice a month, monthly, or yearly.
  • Mention the filing status
  • Give the number of deductions like personal deductions for you or your spouse
  • Type the amount that is deducted from your paycheck. Do remember not to mention matching amounts for employer contributions
  • Mention the amount deducted from the check for health insurance premium
  • Enter the state and local taxes
  • Also, mention deductions that are not taxable but are under FICA
  • Post-tax deductions also need to be mentioned here. Enter the income percentage for any employer made deductions from income
  • Mention the reimbursement given from the employer which is not taxable
Technical Help Support for Intuit QB Payroll Calculator

In case you want to get more detailed information on QuickBooks Payroll calculators you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Customer Support. The QuickBooks support team is prompt and responsive in handling QuickBooks queries and doubts. You can call the toll-free number or email or live chat with the representative to fetch support.


  1. How can you calculate the employee salary in QuickBooks?

    The payroll calculator helps you calculate the employee salary details, including gross pay, salary calculations & working hours.

  2. What do you mean by QuickBooks Payroll Calculator?

    It is a free calculator developed by Intuit to calculate the paychecks hourly, working hours, and employee salary with a reliable outcome.

  3. List the various types of payroll calculators available.

    You can easily find below-mentioned three payroll calculators:

    💠 Salary Paycheck Calculator
    💠 Hourly Paycheck Calculator
    💠 Net-to-Gross Paycheck Calculator

  4. How does QuickBooks calculate payroll taxes?

    QuickBooks automatically calculates all the taxes if you have an active payroll subscription. It can auto-fill the details regarding payroll, including wages and tax calculations from the QuickBooks Desktop.

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