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QuickBooks Payroll Error 30102

Along with many benefits, QuickBooks also has some error issues, and QuickBooks Payroll Error 30102 is one of the most problematic errors you might be facing. In QuickBooks, this error generally appears when users attempt direct deposit slip or try to move the payroll data from one system to another. The user receives a warning message repeatedly to fix it as soon as possible.

In that way, the user has to change the earlier settings to find better results. Most of the time the user receives these messages while removing all temporary files and cache. Read this blog to find out the suitable alternatives to fix this error otherwise, it harms your business accountancy. 

The QuickBooks Error Code 30102 indicates the issue when the user tries to send the payroll information but is unable to fit the required conditions.

After this, the customer receives this type of message “Error in the Payroll Server” and then later on Payroll connection error when they try to deposit the paychecks directly. 

causes behind QuickBooks Payroll Error 30102?

Following are the causes due to which you have many problems, are listed below:

  • Invalid Security software 
  • When files transferring switch to the multi-user mode 
  • QuickBooks Desktop program unable to get the server because of the PC time-out 
  • Improper Internet connectivity 
  • A firewall application blocks the processing when the user tries to move the data from one file to another 
  • Incorrect settings of time and date are one of the causes of this error

Here, you can find all alternatives to fix the QB Payroll Error 30102

If you running on internet explorer, then go with the below steps: 

  • Open the “Tools” menu and click on the “Internet” options 
  • Give a click on the “General” buttons  
  • Hit the next click on the “Delete” button under the Browsing History section 
  • Check and verify the temporary internet files/documents involving the website that have been selected 
  • Tap on the “Delete” option 
  • After this, open the CMD and move forward to remove the DNS
  • If you are utilizing windows vista or window 7 then click on the Start button
  • Go to “All Programs” and choose the “Accessories” option 
  • Click on the “Run” button
  • Now, you have to write ipconfig and hit the enter key 
  • At last, send your payroll 

1. Case One: In any case, if you are not available on the Network

First of all, restart your system and agree with configured settings. Then, the user is required to send the payroll data.

If you are unable to do it then perform the below steps:

  • Open the CMD and remove the DNS 
  • If you are utilizing Windows XP then click on the “Start” menu 
  • And, open the Run command 
  • If you are utilizing window 7 or window vista then hit the Start button
  • Open the “All Programs” section click on “Accessories”
  • Hit the Run button 
  • Enter the CMD and the command prompt screen will appear on your screen. 
  • Go to the search bar and Write the flushdns/ipconfig
  • Hit the enter key to finish the program 

2. Case Two: Failed to Send The Payroll Data

If you failed to send the payroll data then follow the instructions in the given order

  • Begin with internet explorer, click on the Tools menu 
  • Choose the “Internet” option from the drop-down menu 
  • Go to the Security category and unmark it 
  • Ensure about all entered details and hit the OK button
  • Now, the user required to restart the system and send the payroll data

3. Case Three: Installed the application and still unable to send the data

In any case, if you installed the application and are still unable to send the data as this specific app restricts the entire financial data that is moving from one system to another. This happens due to improper internet settings, to get rid of this problem,

The user has to know about the below-mentioned facts: 

  • The user is required to reboot the system once again
  • After finishing this process, you have to implement the restoration steps of the advanced setting of your internet explorer. 
  • Check the usage of the TLS 1.0 is marketed whereas the usage of the TLS1.1/TLS1.2 has been unmarked from the internet available preferences
  • After completing the above step, the user has to ensure the availability on the Network 
  • Then, choose the alternative as per the requirement 
  • User has to be sure that QuickBooks runs on the single-user mode while sending the data 
  • Now, you get the latest release of the payroll 
  • After this, you have to set the correct date and time on your system 
  • Must be sure that internet explorer set as the default browser to access the safe site
  • Make sure, that you have downloaded every latest release of the tax table and the latest version of QuickBooks 
  • Unmark the box publisher’s certificate revocation 
  • If you are utilizing the remote web-access network connection that you have to require to access the system that has a wired internet connection is not safe 
  • Now, you can convert the shared download to yes/No and check the subscription of the payroll 
  • Now, you must add all trusted sites such as,, and 
  • Finally, you are able to resend the payroll data once again.


  1. What QuickBooks payroll error 30102 define?

    This error appears when the running application meets with invalid internet security. It might be blocking unauthorized users and wrong information. It warns you to fix this problem as quickly as possible.

  2. How can I fix the QB payroll error 30102 instantly?

    There is no instant way to fix this error, you have to perform the troubleshooting in a proper manner otherwise you will be stuck in between the processing. But make sure, you run your QuickBooks on an internet browser. 

  3. Why is my QuickBooks payroll not working?

    There are various issues due to which QuickBooks Payroll encounters some bugs. To avoid these errors, clear cookies and cache in your web browser and delete all stored internet files.

  4. Does QuickBooks need internet explorer?

    The answer is YES, every edition of QuickBooks needs internet explorer as a supported browser for the system.

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