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QuickBooks Payroll Local Taxes

QuickBooks Payroll Local Taxes

Setup Local Taxes in QuickBooks Payroll Software

If you have employees working under you, it is your responsibility to resolve which taxes your employee has to pay according to state and local requirements. It might be difficult to set up employee’s local taxes and wages, however, help of QuickBooks experts can make it easier for you.

QuickBooks uses the name of the county on the Local Tax Summary report in order to give out county-by-county list of taxes withheld and wages paid. You can utilize this report to prepare the list of taxes Withheld section on the tax forms. Even QBPayrollHelp brings earlier QuickBooks Payroll TAX Form list ,where user can find all federal & state tax information .

Run Local Tax Report QB Payroll

1. Run Local Tax Summary report

Follow the steps to run Local Tax Summary report:

  • Go to QuickBooks Menu and click on Reports
  • Next click on Employees and Payroll
  • Go to More Payroll Reports in Excel
  • Next click on Local Tax Summary.

2. How to Change Employee’s local taxes?

  • Click on Employees menu from the menu bar and then select Employee Center.
  • Double-click on the Employee name you have to make the change.
  • Next, select the Payroll Info tab.
  • Click on Taxes.
  • In case the employee is excused from standard taxes, select the Federal tab and clear the Enforce Standard Taxation prior to adding or clearing any taxes.
  • For federal tax, click on Federal tab.
  • For state tax, click on State tab.
  • Click on the suitable box to select the correct state: State Disability Insurance (SDI), State Unemployment Insurance (SUI), State Lived or State Worked.
  • While for local taxes, click on OTHER To delete any tax item, select the tax item and hit on DELETE key.
  • Go to Item Name To add an item, drop-down and click on the suitable local tax from the given list.
Note: In case your QuickBooks is not able to match the local tax for your employee with the state lived in or state worked, you will get a warning message on the screen. Also read types of QuickBooks Payroll Deductions employer can apply to calculate final salary of an employee or contractor.
  • On some local taxes, you will have to enter the tax rate as well. Contact local government agency if you are not sure about the tax rate.
  • Click on OK to complete the process.

Yes QuickBooks Payroll Support Local Tax Payments

If you are still not sure which local tax agencies or local jurisdictions you are responsible for paying and withholding taxes, reach us for best QuickBooks Payroll Local Taxes Support. Having years of experience in managing QuickBooks Payroll taxes, QBPayrollHelp QuickBooks experts are here to help you to determine the correct employee setup for common local taxes.

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Help For Filing Local Tax Intuit QB Payroll

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