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QuickBooks Payroll Print Pay Stub

QuickBooks Payroll Print Pay Stub

How To Reprint Pay Stubs in Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

For any assistance, follow the steps below when you want a QuickBooks Payroll print pay stub.

QuickBooks accounting software is the best software when it comes to performing the volume of business tasks and the velocity it maintains for these accounting tasks.

It means the software handles all the daily accounting and financial operations not only efficiently but with a great speed. The software is richly featured that helps in smooth business management. QuickBooks Payroll is of great benefit as it takes away all the hassle and results in accurate and on-time payroll. It helps the business owner to focus on the business strategies.

The QuickBooks program smoothly integrates payroll as its feature. With this feature, you can track and manage your company’s payroll with the help of the program’s interface. Printing a pay stub in Quickbooks Payroll along with the employee’s paycheck allows tracking details regarding his salary.

Get detailed information on How to Create Paychecks in QB Payroll to understand in a better way. It acts as a hard copy record of his paycheck amount and date. By Use Payroll Printing Preferences in QuickBooks to generate pay stubs with the details that you want your employees to have.

How to Create a Pay Stub in QuickBooks?

  • Download and launch QuickBooks in your system
  • Go to Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences to open the Preferences window
  • Select Payroll and Employees
  • Click the Company Preferences tab
  • Click the Full Payroll check box in the QuickBooks Payroll Features section
  • Select the Pay Stub and Voucher Printing button in the Set Preferences for the section
  • The Payroll Printing Preferences window opens
  • Select the check boxes next to items that need to be included on the pay stub in the On Paycheck Vouchers and Pay Stubs, Print section
  • Once choosing all the items -> Click OK on the Preferences window
  • A pay stub with the selected information will automatically print with each paycheck.

QuickBooks allows you to print pay stubs and give them to employees who are paid salary through direct deposit or manual checks. You can print pay stubs after submitting payroll.

1. For submitting paychecks and print pay stubs instantly:

  • Go to the payroll confirmation page
  • Enter your first check number in the series
  • Select Print paychecks to open the PDF in a new tab
  • Click on the pay stub PDF
  • Select Print
  • If willing to print your checks or pay stubs later, run the Paycheck list report
  • Also, you can print a check or pay stub for a particular employee from the Employees list

2. For printing multiple checks or pay stubs for any special employee follow the steps suggested below:

  • Select Employees in the navigation bar
  • Click the name of the employee to pay
  • On the employee’s page -> click the Paycheck list
  • Select the checks to pay
  • Type the check numbers
  • Click the Batch Action and select Print

Methods for QuickBooks Payroll Print Pay Stub

Here are instructions that will assist you to print stubs on QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the step by step.

Print Pay Stubs from
  • Open your QuickBooks and click on the File tab.
  • In the drop-down, choose Print Form and then click Pay Stubs.
  • Now choose the bank account you use for payroll and the date range including the payment date of the pay stubs.
  • In the next column, choose the pay stubs you need to print.
  • Click Preferences to print company and employee information on the pay stub.
  • The user can also attach an exact message to each pay stub by entering text in the box – the company message will be printed on all pay stubs.
  • Click Preview to check all the details in advance and select Print when you’re ready.
  • On a separate note, if you just want to print a stub from Paycheck, open it in QuickBooks and click on the pay stub after selecting the Print icon.

How to Reprint Pay Stub?

If you want to Reprint Paycheck follow the mentioned step:

  • Go to the worker menu and then click on the Employee tab
  • Now tap on the link of Paycheck
  • Choose the Paycheck then click on the print option.


  1. What is a payroll check stub?

    It is a component of a paycheck containing details regarding an employee’s pay. It categorizes the wages earned for the year-to-date or pays period payroll. Moreover, it displays information related to taxes and other deductions out of an employee’s earni

  2. Can I email Paystubs from QuickBooks Desktop to employees?

    Yes, you can save your time by sending pay stubs via email. QuickBooks Desktop permits you to send pay stubs as a PDF to the employee’s email address.

  3. Can I customize Paystubs in QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can easily customize an employee pay stub for displaying company address, employee information, vacation, and sick information.

  4. Which information can’t be permitted to recover from a pay stub in QuickBooks as per legal requirements?

    💠 Salary or working hours, the amount of pay for the period & hourly rate.
    💠 Deductions from and additions to wages
    💠 Taxable company contributions
    💠 Pay period
    💠 Employee taxes
    💠 Year-to-date amounts for the preceding items
    💠 Net pay
    💠 Employee Social Security number
    💠 Company name and address

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