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QuickBooks POS not reading Credit card

QuickBooks POS not reading Credit card

QuickBooks is regarded as the best software around for accounting. However, it’s not always error-free, and one of the key errors that keep occurring is QuickBooks point of sale error. There is a solution to each of these issues, and today we’re going to talk about fixing this one.

Why is QuickBooks POS unable to read your credit card?

With QuickBooks Desktop Software, comes Quick Books Point of Sale, QB POS software, which helps in payment transactions through credit card/debit card easily and quickly. However, while using the QuickBooks POS, you might come across the problem of QuickBooks POS not reading Credit Card. When such an error occurs in the middle of a transaction, this becomes quite frustrating. Let us find out below how to solve this problem. Before that, let us know what factors cause this problem.

Causes of QuickBooks POS not reading Credit card

  • Card Reader is not compatible with QB POS
  • The wrong type of card reader
  • Card readers require additional configuration
  • QB POS is not of the latest version
  • Incorrect Hardware Setup and Installation
  • Credit Card reader not charged etc.

Check your preferences if needed

As mentioned above, here are a few steps to check up on this:

  • To get started, simply choose Preferences and select Company, from the file menu.
  • Now, on the Left Pane, you’ll need to check the box under Receipt Tendering and click Save.
  • If you choose the card type section, you’ll need to click in order to confirm that the card type you wish to process is selected.

Process Payments:

There are a few steps necessary to be able to process payments from your customers:

  • Make a sale on your Point of Sale.
  • Enter the items and choose your preferred credit card.
  • Select the preferred credit card entry method
    • PIN Pad: Used when an iPP350 PIN Pad is linked with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale to process an EMV card.
    • Swipe: Swiping the card gives you protective benefits in case the retailer has a fraudulent sale. It also confirms that you were in the store at the time of purchase.
    • Manual: This is an alternate way if you cannot insert the card.
    • Voice: When you’re ready to transfer your credit card information to our secure server, you will be prompted for a telephone number. Make sure to enter it correctly and record the information on this screen in order not to miss payment.
  • Enter the card information, then tap on Authorize.

Solutions of QuickBooks POS not reading Credit card

Try the following methods to solve the problem of QB POS not reading Credit cards:

  • Ensure that the card reader is compatible with QuickBooks POS.
  • If you are using a non-EMV card reader, then you might face the problem of POS not reading a Credit card. Hence, always make use of (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa) EMV card reader.
  • Card readers require additional configuration to work with QB POS if they are not purchased from Intuit. So ensure that your card reader is purchased from only Intuit. Or else, you can purchase from the Intuit-approved partner companies.
  • Ensure that your QB POS is of the latest version. If not, upgrade it. The latest version is QB POS 2018.
  • Sometimes, incorrect Hardware Setup and Installation also cause the problem. Make sure that the installation disc of POS is in your CD-ROM drive. From the File menu, click on Hardware Setup Wizard and follow the on-screen guidelines to set up your credit card reader.
  • Also, make sure that the QuickBooks POS software is installed first, and then only you have to install the credit card reader. Otherwise, your credit card reader won’t read.
  • While making transactions by swiping the card on the machine, more power is consumed. After a few transactions, the internal battery power of the card reader decreases. In such a case, you may face the problem of QuickBooks POS not reading a Credit card. Hence, it is very essential to keep your credit card reader fully charged.

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