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How to Print W2 in QuickBooks Without Payroll Subscription

Print W2 in QuickBooks Without Payroll Subscription

The employer issues Form W-2 to each of its employees. The form generally includes reporting for tax purposes, insurance, and withholding. It is not the same as that of the employees employed as independent contractors. This form consists of the details of the tax and the wage details of the employees and is circulated within the business bureau. Form W-2 is also presented within state and federal agencies. These forms, in other words, also predict the due taxes for a particular financial year for an employee. Moreover, the form is printable in different versions of QuickBooks, like QBDT Payroll Assisted, QuickBooks Online, etc. 

Things You Require to Print the W-2 Form 

You must know the basics before you begin printing the W-2 form. Thus, before you have a look at the following steps of printing in different versions, whether you have the below printing infra:

  • Subscription: You need to have a valid QuickBooks Payroll subscription to print the W-2. Remember, if you do not have a payroll subscription to QuickBooks, you have to use at least Intuit Online Payroll.
  • Local Taxes: If you have a target for mass federal and state taxes, always print many pages of the form.
  • Printer: Your system must be aware of the printer that is to be used at the time of printing.
  • Ink: The general non-reflective black ink is ideal for printing. You do not need any special ink-compatible cartridges.
  • Paper: Verify that the paper is clean and free from spots. 

Steps to Create W-2 Forms in the QB Portal

To create W-2 forms in QuickBooks, check out the given instructions:

  • Go to “Employees”, “W-2 Section,” and then “Payroll Tax Forms.”
  • Your payroll forms have started processing.
  • Hit on “Annual Forms” and choose “Tax Transmittal.”
  • Tap on “Create Forms.”
  • Enter the filing period.
  • Enter the year, and your form is ready to print.

Generic Steps to Print W-2 Forms in QuickBooks

  • First, locate Taxes” and then “Payroll Tax.”
  • Under the “Forms” section, tap on “Annual Forms Link”.
  • From the drop-down menu, select employees of your choice or check all.
  • Click on the W-2 copies C, B, and 2 link.
  • Reach out to “Printable Employee Copies” and then access the form.
  • Select the tenure.
  • As you tap on “View”, the Adobe window opens before you.
  • From the Reader toolbar, click on the “Print” icon.
  • Hit the “Print” menu.
  • If you face trouble while printing, archive the printable copy. Make sure you have ticked Box 13 for the employees whose W-2 form copy you will be printing.

Filing W-2 Forms With Intuit Service Payroll

No matter what you do, you need to submit your form to the IRS by the stipulated submission date. It depends on your subscription whether Intuit assists you in e-filing the tax or automatically files it for you.

The subscriptions that allow automatic tax filing are:

  • QuickBooks Online Payroll Full Service
  • Intuit Online Payroll Full Service
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted
  • QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite, Core, and Premium

The portals where you need to manually file the tax are:

  • Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard or Enhanced

Note: If you do not have a subscription, you need to upgrade to the Enhanced Payroll Subscription.

To learn more about each of these payroll services in detail, check out the following sub-headings:

Printing the W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced or Payroll

To begin the printing procedure, select a paper in the required sizes: 

  • 3-up paper
  • Perforated Paper
  • 4-up paper
  • Pre-Printed W-2 Forms

As the paper is ready, you now have to:

Use the recently updated version of QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Explore the drop-down menu of the “Employees” menu.
  • Select the W-2 form and Payroll Tax forms. Click on the “Process Payroll Button.”
  • Go to the “File” menu.
  • Select the form and tap “Create Form”.
  • Click on the screen titled “File Form”.

Note: Still unable to locate the form? Check whether the inactive mode is disabled or not. If not, disable it by following the following steps:

  • Go to the “Forms” menu.
  • Tap on the “Make a New Form Active” tab.
  • Click on the “Federal” tab located in the State option.
  • After choosing the W-2 form, press “Add Form”.
  • Process the form for display.
  • Select “All Employees” if you are filing the tax for all.
  • If you want to file batch by batch, you can proceed with the last name of the employees.
  • Enter the credential, like “Year” and click “OK”.
  • As you tap on “Employees”, the W-2 displays automatically.
  • Choose the “Employee” you are going to print.
  • Review the form. You can also edit it at this stage.
  • Hit “Submit” to submit the form.
  • Print it as per the rules given on the screen. 

Printing the W-2 Form in QuickBooks Online Payroll Enhanced

The initial step is the same as that mentioned above: 

  • Select the paper.
  • Click on the “Gear” icon.
  • Select “Payroll” settings.
  • Tap on the “Preferences” menu and then on “Form Printing Option” under it.
  • Select the option for how you want the form to be printed.
  • As you finish selecting the type, hit “OK”.
  • Review and print the form.

Printing the W-2 Form in QuickBooks Desktop Without Payroll Subscription

If you are using this version of QuickBooks, print the W-2 form before subscribing to it.

  • Navigate to the “Payroll Tax Center.”.
  • Hit the “Employee” button for payroll.
  • Tap on “File Form”.
  • Review and print the form.
  • Enter the payroll pin code and then tap “OK”.
  • Go to the form to edit the financial year.
  • Click on “Employees” to select them. Select a few or all as per your requirements.
  • Open and Save.
  • Read the printing instructions thoroughly that popped up on the screen. Choose your requirements.
  • As you load the printer’s tray, an Adobe file displays with the option to select W-2 selections.
  • Click on “File” to access the print option.
  • Your printout is ready!

Printing the W-2 Form in Intuit Online Payroll Enhanced

  • Go to your set-up for selecting the paper.
  • Explore the “Navigate” menu.
  • Tap on the “Form Printing” option and then the subsequent printing tab.
  • Click on “OK”.

To preview the form, perform the following steps:

  • Locate “Taxes and Forms”.
  • Now, address the form and tap on “Annual” forms.
  • Choose your copies.
  • Preview and print.

Printing the W-2 Form in QuickBooks Online

The print W-2 form service in QuickBooks Online is a subscription-based program. You will be able to perform the below steps if you have a subscription: 

  • Go to your QuickBooks Online version.
  • Navigate the “Tax” menu.
  • Choose the “Payroll Tax” menu.
  • Explore the “Forms”.
  • Select the “Annual Forms” link.
  • From the drop-down menu, select employees of your choice or check all.
  • Click on the W-2 copies C, B, and 2 links.
  • Now, tap on both “Printable Employee Copies” and the form.
  • Select the tenure.
  • As you tap on “View”, the Adobe window opens before you.
  • From the Reader toolbar, click on the “Print” icon.
  • Hit the “Print” menu. 

Printing the W-2 Form in Intuit Online Full Service

By now, you know the drill for choosing the W-2 form printing paper.

  • Go to the “Tax Records” menu.
  • Click on the W-2 copies C, B, and 2 links.
  • Take out a hard copy of the form for a specific employee.
  • The instructions will be printed on the B copy.
  • If you want to reprint, enter “Reissued Statement” at the top of the form.

Tips to print the W-2 form in QuickBooks

You can use blank or perforated paper to print the W-2 form. Another option is to order a custom paper from Intuit via their website or by calling their toll-free service phone. This type is known as 3UP. These papers are exchangeable.

To print the form, you need to select your preference in the payroll preferences of the company. Choose the settings beforehand to save time. Follow the steps: 

  • Tap the “Gear” menu and click “Payroll Settings.”
  • Select your preference and go to the printing link.
  • Choose the type (plain or perforated) and hit “OK”.
  • The format for the W-2 form to be printed on plain paper is that the employee address will be at the top and in a left-aligned window.
  • The perforated paper should have the address on both sides.


In the above article, you will come across the steps for printing the W-2 form with or without a subscription. Moreover, all the steps are meticulously explained for different versions of QuickBooks. 


Can I print the W-2 paper without any special ink?

To print the W-2 form, you do not need any specialized ink. The non-reflective ink is ideal for printing the W-2 form. This printable ink is acknowledged by the IRS.

Is the handwritten W-2 form considered valid?

Yes, the handwritten W-2 form is accepted and valid. However, the employer needs to file W-2s for its employees with the IRS through an online portal.

What is a W-2 form?

The W-2 form is a used IRS tax filing system issued by the employer to its employees. It is a declaration used to declare their salaries and the tax they will be paying.

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