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Use Sage 50 with a VPN

Use Sage 50 with a VPN

Using Sage 50 with a VPN can help you gain access to the software when working from any remote location. As we have emerged into the grand era of ‘remote working’ it is not surprising that we need all the tools and techniques required to gain complete access when working in a questionable location. However with the right kind of required ‘know-how’, one can easily ‘connect’ their PC, documents, and files remotely.

As for what remote access is all about? Well, simply put, you can easily connect your computer to any other computer in another location via remote access. This is to gain access with consent to be able to view and check out the required documents, files, and more. However, the software that supports remote access generally comprises well-specified security ‘protocols and thresholds to gain access and function accordingly. So, how can we use Sage 50 with a VPN? Also known as a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, one can easily work Sage using the same.

However, one must bear in mind that there are a few requirements before we get started with using Sage with the VPN:

  • You require a multi-user license to work the SAGE
  • Most importantly, a smooth Internet connection is required to connect SAGE with VPN
  • Not advised to use SAGE with the Wireless network
  • Also, WAN is not compatible with SAGE

How to Connect SAGE via VPN

Now, let us take a look at some of the steps on how to connect SAGE 50 with VON:

Method 1: Transfer Backup

  • Create a backup at any location and next, transfer it to the other desired location.
  • Now, restore the backup
  • Bear in mind that this process does not allow access the first time because the transactions that are mentioned at a certain location can be and will be overwritten once the backup is restored to the other place.

Method 2: Using the Virtual Private Network or the VPN

  • While the SAGE can easily function with the VPN, however, it is not recommended as it can lead to various performance concerns.
  • SAGE does not offer support for the VPN setting or any other troubleshooting.
  • There are chances when and if the third-party add-on does not function in the VPN situation.

Method 3: The Remote Desktop Solutions

  • Various remote desktop solutions such as GoToMyPC, Log Me In and Teanviewer work well with SAGE.
  • However, the maintenance required for the remote desktop solutions is not offered by SAGE.
  • There are certain ‘third party’ add-ons that can function when accessing remote access.
  • For individuals using the remote desktop to access SAGE,  one does not requires to install it on any remote computer, except Office Computer.

Method 4: Using the Cloud-based Hosted Solutions

  • Various third-party companies are available that work to host your data securely in a Cloud-based solution.
  • While SAGE does not offer support to any specific organization or company, nevertheless, one can check out the ‘Hosted cloud peachtree’. Or ‘Hosted cloud SAGE 50’ for all the companies listed that can provide these services and options.

The Advantages of Accessing Sage Remotely

While being skeptical can be normal, however, using Sage 50 with a VPN can be quite beneficial. This is done by improving productivity, ensuring that critical data is accessed securely, and increasing security.

Also, maintaining and implementing the remote access tools can be a complex process, however, this can easily be accomplished using professional help.


As we now know about how to use Sage 50 with a VPN, however, this process is accompanied by its limitations. Let us take a look at a few:

  • The performance of the SAGE can be compromised when access via a VPN
  • There are chances that the accounts might RUN slower than normal in this case.
  • When trying to integrate the Sage Accounts with the other Sage Software, each of the systems must have, the Sage software installed in the same system using the SAGE account.
  • The integration process with MS Office requires installing the program on the same system that is utilizing the Sage Accounts. Hence, both systems should have MS Office installed in them for integration with SAGE.
  • The above aspect is the norm when operating e-banking options as well.
  • Likewise, telephony auto-dial options cannot be accessed via remotely connected systems.
  • In the case of using email and websites, all the valid requirements should be put into consideration before accessing the SAGE software.
  • As for the case of Single-user copies of the SAGE accounts, the operations are limited to the single person using the account at a single time.
  • Meanwhile, the multi-user version of the SAGE ACCOUNTS can also be accessed remotely, but with the same limitations as in the case of the single-user access.

About SAGE

SAGE is a leading provider of enterprise resource planning or ERP software. What was stated as accounting software, soon grew to emerge as a leading designer of software to support business ventures. These products include payment support, accounting, payroll, Human Resource Management, and Business Management among others.

The best part about SAGE is that it is widely accessible and can be used for business of all sizes. The solutions provided by this organization are well-suited to accommodate your growth, change in size, and other requirements that need the immediate payment for various products or services. SAGE is also efficient enough to offer support to the Human Resource requirements and offers various Administrative procedures for the same.


How to use SAGE 50 with a VPN might come with its own set of pros and cons, nevertheless, the procedure is possible. The best part about this, being you can easily access delicate information and confidential data without running the risk of losing so.

Lastly, one must bear in mind that when accessing the software VPN-based, all the required procedures should be well followed to avoid unwanted ‘errors’.

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