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How to Fix Sage 50 Printing Issue?

Sage 50 Printing Issue

Encountering the Sage 50 printing issue is common which can be caused due to several reasons. Printing problems are usually experienced while users are trying to print their invoices, check forms, etc.

A few of the reasons are the corrupt customized form, the data fields in the check form design are no longer in order or the commands on the check form have been deleted. If you’re also troubled with the same printing problem then don’t worry, as we are going to guide you on all possible ways to overcome such issues. Thus, stay tuned till the end of the blog. 

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Troubleshooting to fix Sage 50 printing issue

The below suggested solutions require advanced knowledge of your network. Improperly modifying Windows security can have a significant impact on system performance. Sage is not liable for any problems that arise as a result of incorrectly altering your Windows security settings. Before attempting advanced solutions, always make a backup of your data. 

Let’s try one by one:

Solution 1: Verify Margin Settings 

From TS Main:

  • Select Customize from the Tools menu in TS Main
  • Make sure the Font is Courier New 12
  • Choose a font other than Courier New 12 could result in printing problems
  • Select Options from the Tools menu in TS Main
  • Select the Reports tab and double-check that the default margins are being used. 

The following are the default margins:

Margin Setting
Top 0.25
Bottom 0.50
Left 0.25
Right 0.50

From Sage Desktop

For versions 15.1 and older
  • Initially, Sage 50 should be launched
  • Go to the Tasks >>> Tasks >>> Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate >>> Common Tasks
  • Select Customize from the Tools menu and make sure Courier New 12 is selected as the font
  • It’s possible that selecting a font other than Courier New 12 will result in printing troubles
  • Options can be found in the Tools menu
  • Make sure you’re utilizing the default margins by going to the Reports tab.

The following are the default margins:

Margin Setting
Top 0.25
Bottom 0.50
Left 0.25
Right 0.50

For versions 16.1 and later

  • Sage Desktop is now open
  • Go to Common Tasks in Applications
  • Select Customize from the Tools menu
  • Make sure Courier New 12 is selected
  • Choosing a font other than Courier New 12 could result in printing problems
  • Select Options from the Tools menu
  • Select the Reports tab and double-check that the default margins are being used. 

The following are the default margins:

Margin Setting
Top 0.25
Left 0.25
Right 0.50

Solution 2: Verify the printer driver 

  • Verify that your printer driver is a PCL 5e driver if you use an HP laser-jet printer
  • Change the printer driver, if necessary
  • Or make a dummy printer object that utilizes the PCL 5e driver.

Solution 3: Verify the printer spool setting 

  • To begin with, set your printer to start printing once the last page is spooled
  • When checking the printer object’s properties, this option is normally available on the Advanced tab
  • Next, Help is available from your system administrator
  • Now, go to the Start menu in Windows
  • After that, “Devices and Printers” should be selected
  • Select Printer Properties by right-clicking on the menu
  • The Advanced tab will appear
  • To make the application print faster, select Spool print documents
  • In the end, select the option “start printing after the last page is spooled”. 

In Windows 10 

  • Start by clicking on the Windows Start button 
  • Moving on to the Settings icon to select the Devices option 
  • From the menu on the left, select the “Printers & Scanners” tab 
  • Next, do a left-click on the Printer to select the “Manage” option
  • After that, perform a right-click on the Printer followed by selecting the “Printer Properties” tab 
  • Now, go to the Advanced tab and select “Spool print documents so the program finishes printing faster”
  • At last, select the “Start printing after the last page is spooled” option.  

Solution 4: Rename the General Key 

Important Note: Get assistance from your system administrator. Renaming a registry key incorrectly can cause serious problems with your Windows operating system.
  • Initially, Close all Sage programs
  • Start Regedit by typing “REGEDIT” into the Windows start menu
  • Navigate to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Timberline/General key in the Windows Registry Editor (Regedit)
  • Select Rename from the General menu by right-clicking on the same
  • Change the name of the key to General_Old
  • After renaming the key, restart your programs. 

Additional Troubleshooting:

  • If the message appears when trying to access a saved print file, re-create the file using the procedures above.
  • Check that the check stock is in the correct tray of the printer. The checks may not print properly if they are loaded in the manual tray.
  • PING the network printer to see if it’s up and running and fully accessible via the network connection.
  • Using the Page Setup button in the top left of the Print Preview; you may access the Crystal Report margins.


The blog ends here with all possible troubleshooting to fix the Sage 50 printing issue. Hopefully, it will assist in fixing the printing problems that you’re experiencing in your Sage 50 software. Moreover, you can do a Live Chat with our Sage Expertise, if you still have any queries or concerns regarding the same. 


  1. How do I verify whether I have installed the correct printer driver or not in Sage 50?

    It is pretty simple, you just move to the Start menu >>> Settings >>> Printers. Next, you have to right-click on the printer for which you wish to view the drivers followed by clicking on the Properties tab. After that, go to the “Advanced” tab to view the printer driver within the Driver box. Here, you can verify the driver is set as PCL 5e. In the end, click “OK” to exit.

  2. What are the steps involved in adding a network printer to your Windows?

    If you are attempting to add a network printer at your office then you’ll need the name of the printer. The below steps help you how to do:

    💠 Click the Start button, then Devices, and Printers from the Start menu
    💠 Add a printer by clicking the Add a printer button
    💠 Click Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer in the Add Printer wizard
    💠 Select the printer you want to use from the list of options, then click Next (Only printers listed in Active Directory for your domain are displayed in the list if your computer is linked to a network.)
    💠 If prompted, click Install driver to install the printer driver on your computer
    💠 Permission to be an administrator is necessary
    💠 If an administrator password or confirmation is requested, type the password or provide confirmation
    💠 Complete the wizard’s remaining steps, then click Finish.

  3. How to modify/change the printer drivers?

    To modify your printer drivers, follow the below steps:

    💠 Enter device manager in the taskbar’s search box, then pick Device Manager
    💠 Choose a category to display device names, then right-click (or press and hold) the one you want to change
    💠 Select Automatically search for new driver software
    💠 Next, Update Driver is the option to choose
    💠 If Windows is unable to locate a new driver, go to the device manufacturer’s website and follow their instructions.

Download The PDF Guide to Fix Sage 50 Printing Issue

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