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Email Setup and Settings on Sage 50

Email Setup and Settings on Sage 50

Email setup and settings on Sage 50 are easy to configure. You can use several email applications such as Gmail, Outlook, or connect webmail to Sage 50. As Sage customer support provides assistance for only Sage 50 and not for third party products, you need to configure email setup in Sage 50 yourself. And you’ll require an admin account in windows and in Sage 50 to set up email so that you can send documents and reports directly from Sage 50. You can rely on the default email application on windows, or you can set up webmail, which is accessible through any web browser and doesn’t require any specialized email client software. 

In this post, you’ll learn about email setup and settings in Sage 50.

Default email client

If you host the company file on a server, then you need to install the email client first on the host computer and then on the workstations. Despite the email client you’re using, you need to ensure that it is compatible with Sage 50. You can find more about compatibility from the system requirements for your version of Sage 50.

Steps to set up Microsoft Outlook with Sage 50:

  1. Log into Sage 50 company file as an admin.
  2. From the main menu, choose Maintain.
  3. Click on Email Setup.
  4. Choose Use Default Email Application.

You can now send documents, transactions and reports through Microsoft Outlook. When you open a report or a transaction, you can choose to email and send the data directly through your outlook account.

Note: you can use any other MAPI-compliant email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird. MAPI is an API that connects programs on Microsoft to email-clients. If your email client isn’t compatible with MAPI standards, then you won’t be able to connect it with Sage 50.


As mentioned before, webmail offers greater flexibility than email clients. Users can access the email functionality from any browser on their system, till the system is connected to an active internet connection. 

Steps to configure webmail and connect it to Sage 50:

  1. Log into Sage 50 company file as an admin.
  2. From the mail menu, choose Maintain, then Email Setup.
  3. Click on Edit Email Setup.
  4. Choose Use a webmail account.
  5. Click on Add account information.
  6. Choose the type of webmail service.
  7. Input your email address. While Gmail, Yahoo mail and outlook have predefined settings in Sage 50, you can choose Other to set up preferences for any other email account.
    Note: you’ll have to provide the SMTP server and SMTP port information if you choose Other.
  8. Choose the Edit or Remove links to make changes to the email setup in Sage 50.

Errors during email setup in Sage 50

I want to address two particular errors that several users encounter while setting up email in Sage 50.

Error#1: Email program errors in Sage 50

Error: “No email program or default profile could be found. For more information or to configure Webmail in Sage 50, select Email Setup from the Maintain Menu.”

Steps to fix email program errors in Sage 50:

  • Incompatible version of Outlook: if you’ve a 32 bit version of Sage 50 running on your system, then you cannot pair it with a 64 bit version of Microsoft office. So uninstall the 64 bit one and install the 32 bit one.
  • Outlook from Microsoft store: the desktop application of outlook, but not the microsoft store edition, can be connected to Sage 50.
  • Different permission levels for Sage 50 and email client: you need to ensure that the level of permission available to both Sage 50 and the email client is equal. So if you’re running one of them as administrator, then you need to run the other one as an administrator too. You can change the settings through a simple process: 
    • Right click on the icon of the program that you want to run as administrator.
    • Choose Properties.
    • Go to the Compatibility tab.
    • Mark the option “Change settings for all users”.
    • Choose Run this program as Administrator, then click on Ok.
  • Outlook process not running: if the process for the email client isn’t running or is encountering problems, then you’ll get this error. You can close the process by launching the task manager. In the details tab, choose outlook and click on End Process.

Error#2: SMTP error when setting up Email in Sage 50

Error: “An unknown error occurred connecting to the SMTP server. The server may be unavailable or is refusing SMTP connections. If your webmail address and settings are correct, you can re-enter your password and try again.”

Steps to fix SMTP error when setting up Email in Sage 50:

  • Configure the webmail account: you need to allow the webmail to get emails from Sage. you can do so with the following steps:
    • Go to Email Setup from the Maintain menu.
    • Choose Edit Email Setup.
    • Choose USe a webmail account.
    • Click on Add account information.
    • Make the required changes.
  • Enable SMTP in Microsoft 365: SMTP is diabled in Microsoft office admin center, and that’s why you’re getting this error. You can enable SMTP by following these steps:
    • Launch Micorosoft office admin center.
    • Click on Users, Active users.
    • Choose the user, then Main.
    • Click on Manage email apps from the Email apps section.
    • Mark the option Authenticated SMTP.
    • Click on Save Changes and go try to send an email through Sage 50.
  • Security program: your security program can also block Sage 50 from sending emails, so disable it and then move forward with the email setup in Sage 50.

In this post, I’ve provided information about email setup and settings in Sage 50. I’ve also addressed the two common errors that many users encounter while setting up email in Sage 50. So you can choose your preferred email client or rely on webmail to send emails directly from Sage 50. I hope this article helped you in setting up your email successfully.


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