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Setup Microsoft Outlook Email Integration with QuickBooks

The QuickBooks Desktop version of Intuit QuickBooks allows users to configure an email service. Time and effort are greatly reduced by the service of sending emails directly from QuickBooks.

With the aid of an Outlook or Webmail account, users can also send and receive reports, invoices to clients, and complete other transactions. You can accomplish this by setting up QuickBooks to send an email.

However, some users find the QuickBooks Email Setup process to be a challenging task. Here, we’ll go over the best drills for learning how to configure email in QuickBooks.

Everybody in the world is familiar with MS Outlook, a component of the Microsoft Office Suite. Task management, contact synchronization, web browsing, and other features are just a few of its features. Utilizing automation technology, you can send emails to your clients or customers.

Creating an Outlook profile

Your Outlook experience depends on your profile. The accounts, data files, and settings that define where your email messages are saved make up the profile. Do the following to create a new profile:

  • Choose File > Account Settings > Manage Profiles in Outlook.
  • Select Add > Show Profiles.
  • Type a name for the profile in the Profile Name box, then hit OK.

More (non-Exchange) mail accounts, like Gmail or, can be added to your profile. Alternatively, you can alter the settings for your account’s data files.

Configure Outlook to work with QuickBooks:

Step 1: Speak with your internet or email provider to obtain the following information.

  • Username, Password, and the email server used for incoming mail
  • email server for incoming messages
  • Server for sending email
  • Activate Outlook in Step 2.
  • Select the Edit option in QuickBooks.
  • Go to Preferences and click Send Forms.
  • Pick Outlook, then click OK.

Web Mail, Outlook, and QuickBooks email are all supported by QuickBooks Desktop for email transmissions. Here are some potential reasons why Outlook may not be listed as an option:

  • You are utilizing an outdated version of QuickBooks that does not support Outlook.
  • Outlook’s installation is broken.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, your profile is not configured.
  • The preferred email client isn’t Outlook.
  • The office is not set up by your service provider as a hosted application, and your QuickBooks is hosted in the cloud.

What are the advantages of QuickBooks Online Email Setup?

As we all know, QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting programs, and its email features have many advantages. Some of the advantages of setting up email in QuickBooks are listed below.

  • With this feature, it is possible to email customers to remind them to make payments.
  • Additionally, it enables users to obtain information from clients and suppliers.
  • Direct email invoices and estimates can be sent by users to their clients by setting up an email account.
  • provides a means for office and departmental report sharing.
  • Users can insert attachments up to 2MB and import company data from spreadsheets.
  • The advantages of setting up emails in QuickBooks are as follows: Different email options are available from QB.

What Are the Different Options for QuickBooks Email?

Due to several reasons, it’s possible that the user cannot find the option to set up a specific email at the QuickBooks Desktop. It’s also possible that the user is running an unsupported version of QuickBooks. The system occasionally doesn’t show all available options. There are three methods for sending emails in QuickBooks.

  • Webmail: In 2011, QuickBooks unveiled its Webmail feature, which enables users to connect with Yahoo, Gmail, or any other email service.
  • Outlook: You can reclaim Outlook support if MS Outlook is already installed on your computer. Due to its ease of use, Outlook is regarded as the most widely used email client.
  • QuickBooks Email: Users dislike this option the most and don’t use it very often. Users frequently choose the Outlook option.

Basic Outlook and QuickBooks Integration Features

Before downloading, it is essential to understand how the application functions. Here are some of MS Outlook’s most cutting-edge features that will help you work more effectively. How to Connect QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook Email in Steps:

  • Improves communication
  • Team-work
  • Tracking
  • Organized digitally

Benefits Of QuickBooks Integration with Outlook:

You can connect with people or clients on Microsoft Outlook, a digital platform. It is a program for email. The most widely used or trusted server in the world is Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook was also preferred by most QuickBooks users due to its ease of use. The following benefits are listed below:

  • Improved Connectivity:
    Your mobile phones are connected to MS Outlook, which is more than just an application. With the help of this feature, you can send, receive, read, and write emails at any time and from any location in the world. 
  • Easily Connect to the World:
    There is no specific division in MS Outlook Calendar that prevents you from sharing your calendar with whomever you choose. You can create a calendar for your customers and distribute the details to them. 
  • Platform for Collaboration:
    You can manage websites using a variety of tools thanks to the collaborative platform called SharePoint in Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Secure:
    MS Outlook keeps you informed and offers high-level security services. 
  • Easy Availability:
    This application allows you to find contacts by simply searching for keywords

Integration of Outlook and QuickBooks for Mac:

Outlook integration is very easy on Mac systems. For the process, you should follow the steps below.

  • First you have to go to edit option
  • Select your settings and click Submit Form.
  • Then you will see webmail
  • If you don’t see the Send Email or Outlook option on your form, you need to follow these steps:
    Locate C:\Windows\win.ini.
  • Go to your win.ini file and add the following lines at the end of the file:
  • [Mail], MAPI=1, MAPIX=1
  • Go to Registry Editor:
  • String Value: “MAPIX”=”1]

Contact List Sync for Outlook

For downloading and putting in the QuickBooks Desktop Contact Listing Sync you then definitely want to observe the below-stated steps:

  • In the primary step, you need to upload the perfect e-mail address.
  • Then, faucet at the Continue to download Button.
  • Now, Save the record on your system.
  • After that, you require to faucet two times at the “QuickBooksContactSync.exe” report and continue with the aid of using deciding on the Next choice to resume the set-up technique.
  • After the crowning glory of the set-up technique, visit the business enterprise report which you want to sync alongside Outlook.
  • Now, renowned the settlement shape and continue.
  • Tap at the Get Started while the sync technique ends
  • At last, tap on the Finish option.

Why QuickBooks Is Unable to Process the Email to Outlook

QuickBooks is sick to perform the method e-mail to Outlook due to an error. Here are a few motives that outline the purpose for the e-mail to Outlook.

  • Damaged .dll document existed.
  • Due to the failure of the set-up method of the QuickBooks.
  • The Outlook set up method is corrupted or infected.
  • QuickBooks operated under the admin rights.
  • Invalid e-mail address.
  • Outlook interrupts whilst the e-mail sends thru the QuickBooks application.

Resolutions For The Email Issues In QuickBooks Desktop

You can face the mistake whilst running MS Outlook in QuickBooks. Without resolving the hassle you couldn’t ship any mail for your customers and run MS Outlook. So, you want to resolve the mistake first then attempt to e mail the report.

Solution 1: Verify That Email Preference Is Properly Added In The Internet Explorer

  • At first, you need to take the go out from the QuickBooks and visit the Internet Explorer
  • Now, Choose the option Tools after which visit the Internet Options
  • Then, tap at the Programs option
  • You want to confirm the e-mail software is nicely geared up or now no longer because the default e mail software way on every occasion you ship the mail through the usage of Outlook, then Outlook should be selected for Outlook Express
  • Now, take exit from the Internet Explorer.
  • Go to QuickBooks to e mail the report.

Solution 2: Verify And Fix The Problem In The MAPI32.Dll

  • Use MS Word to confirm the running of the MAPI32.dllIn the preliminary stage, you want to reboot the system 
  • Then, visit the MS Word and open a document
  • Choose the File and click on at the ship
  • Select Email as PDF document
  • If there may be no mistakes arise that create a hindrance, you then definitely must name the QuickBooks Technical Support group for similarly help
  • If a mistake takes place for your pc screen, you then definitely must name the MS Help and Support
  • When your hassle is solved, you could e mail the report.

Fix the MAPI32.dll issue:

  • Shut down all the Windows and faucet at the Windows Start
  • Then, visit the computers and click on at the C:WindowsSystem32’
  • You want to click on two times at the Fixmapi.exe document and cling to all the suggestions that seem for your laptop screen
  • When the Fixmapi.exe stops working, you want to restart your laptop gadget if needs.

Change the name of the MAPI32.dll document:

  • Make certain you shut up all the jogging applications withinside the gadget
  • Then, visit the document explorer and C;Program Files (x86)Common FilesSystemMSMAPI1033
  • Now, alternate the call of the document from MAPI32.dll to MAPI32.dll.OLD
  • Reboot your laptop gadget and open the Fixmapi.exe one extra time
  • While Fixmapi.exe stops working, then reboot your gadget.

Solution 3: Verify That Your QuickBooks Is Not Operated As An Admin:

  • Firstly, you want to open the QuickBooks utility and pick the choice Properties
  • Now, pick the Compatibility
  • If you spot Run this software as Admin is selected, then you want to unselect it.
  • In case you spot the Run this software as Admin is written in grey shade then, pick the Show Settings for All Users and hit the Enter button
  • Lastly, reboot your working gadget to cast off the errors.

Solution 4: Verify That Email Preference Is Properly Arranged in The QuickBooks:

  • In the primary step, you want to visit the Edit alternative and pick the Preferences
  • Choose the Send Forms
  • Tap at the My Preferences and organized as Send E-mail using
  • Hit the Enter button
  • If everything is satisfactory in the preference, then follow the below-mentioned points:
  • Select the Edit alternative and visit the Preferences in which you need to pick the Send Forms
  • Select the choice My Preferences and QuickBooks E-mail
  • Press the Enter key
  • Tap at the Edit and visit the Preferences
  • Choose the choice Outlook and hit the Enter button
  • Now, visit the pass red–shade icon to shut the window of the QuickBooks
  • Restart the gadget and QuickBooks both.
  • In the end, electronic mail the report.

Microsoft Office is good for all types of businesses, and it’s even better for QuickBooks Steps to Integrate Microsoft Outlook Email with QuickBooks Hope this article has provided enough information about MS Outlook To configure MS Outlook in QuickBooks, you need to follow the steps above. If you encounter any issues or errors that bother you, this article also contains solutions. If you’re still having trouble with a process, you can seek help from a QuickBooks expert. 

General FAQs:

How do I integrate QuickBooks and webmail?

Open QuickBooks and select the Edit menu. Next, select Preferences and click on Send Forms. You must now choose WebMail and add. Next, select your provider from the drop-down menu and enter your email address. Select “Use Enhanced Security” here and click OK.

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