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QuickBooks Unable to Send your Email to Outlook

QuickBooks Unable to Send your Email to Outlook

Well, the most annoying thing that can happen to anyone in this advanced world is the inability to send emails which is an integral part of communication these days. With QuickBooks, the error message that you can encounter is “QuickBooks is unable to send your email to Outlook. Close any open Outlook windows and try again.

This error is a common issue faced by the users of QuickBooks. There have been many controversies pertaining to the causes of it and finally a few that have been shortlisted are the following-

Causes Behind The QuickBooks Error: Unable to Send your Email to Outlook

  • There can be a great possibility that your preferences of email have been set incorrectly
  • The file dll might be damaged or corrupted
  • The software QuickBooks might be running as an administrator
  • Wrongly gone installation of QuickBooks
  • There might also be possibility that the Outlook has been installed incorrectly
  • Another possible reason can be that outlook is playing in the background while you are trying to send email from QuickBooks

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Solution to Fix: Unable to Send Emails From QuickBooks

1. First Solution: Run as Administrator from Properties of QuickBooks

The first step towards solving this ongoing issue is deselecting Run as Administrator from Properties of QuickBooks. To be precise, click on the QuickBooks icon, select Properties and then the Compatibility mode. Then you need to deselect Run as Administrator and click OK. After this you need to Exit and Restart QuickBooks.

2. Second Solution: Set Email Preference Correctly

In this solution, you need to make sure that the email preference is set correctly in QuickBooks.

  • First, you need to choose Edit>preference>send forms
  • Now click on My Preference and set Send Email using to the option you want to use and then click OK
  • If the preference is correct, you can try toggling it
  • Now close QuickBooks and all other programs
  • You need to restart Windows and then Restart QuickBooks
  • Now try to email the report or transaction

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3. Third Solution: correct preference in Internet Explorer

This solution is about setting correct preference in Internet Explorer. For this, you need to-

  • Close QuickBooks and then Open Internet Explorer
  • Now click on Tools>Internet Options>Program’s tab
  • It should be ensured that correct email program has been selected as the default email program. Once selected, click on Apply and then click on OK
  • Now you need to close Internet Explorer
  • After this, open QuickBooks and then try email a report and transaction

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4. Fourth Solution: Test and Repair MAP132.dll.

In this solution, you need to test and repair MAP132.dll. For this the following step need to be followed and corrected the issue-

  • First of all restart your computer in order to close and reopen Windows
  • Now open a new document on Microsoft
  • After this, choose File>Send>Email as PDF attachment
  • If the email opens with no error, you need to contact QuickBooks Technical Support for acquiring assistance
  • And if there is any error while attaching the files, Microsoft Help and Support needs to be contacted
  • The issue should be resolved by now. After this has been resolved, you can try sending a file of report of transaction from QuickBooks
  • Try to email from Microsoft Word and QuickBooks
  • If you are able to email from Microsoft Word but unable to send from QuickBooks, QuickBooks Technical Support needs to be contacted instantly

You can try repairing MAP132.dll by closing all open programs. You can now click on Windows Start Button and select Computer. Now you need to go to C drive>Windows>System 32. Now you should double click Fixmapi.exe and follow the instructions that appear. Try running the Fixmapi.exe and once the running of the extension is completed; you need to reboot the computer.

5. Fifth Solution: Perform a clean install of QuickBooks

After all the solutions that have been tried, the another step that can be tried is to perform a clean install of QuickBooks. The methods that must be followed are-

  • To uninstall QuickBooks on the desktop
  • The methods can vary for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and Windows Server 2008
  • After the above mentioned steps, you should run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.exe
  • If this method is not preferred by you, you can manually rename the QuickBooks Desktop Installation Folder
  • You might encounter a number of errors
  • What you can do is, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

6. Sixth Solution: Repair Outlook

After all, the tedious task, the final step that needs to be followed to repair Outlook. There are separate steps for Outlook 2007 and also for Outlook 2010.

All the above mentioned troubleshoot can for sure help in resolving the issue of not being able to send emails. While email is an important aspect of being updated with the corporate and social communication, it is a necessity to get the issue resolved instantly with no delay. A delay in undertaking this step can obstruct you from getting in touch with the important authorities or communicating swiftly. People get handicapped with no access to email as life is quite unimaginable without it.

Email is the most preferred means of being in touch with people around.

For help contact at QuickBooks Error support phone number .


  1. How can I send an email from QB to Outlook?

    QuickBooks is one of the most convenient ways to send transactions over outlook or webmail. Once you set up the function then you get access to send invoices and reports. To set up the outlook with QuickBooks, first connect the internet connections to view the details about the user ID, password, incoming email server type, incoming email server address. Then open the QuickBooks Edit menu. Lastly, you have to choose Preferences and send forms. From the available preferences, choose the Outlook on then ok.

  2. How can I repair the email sending issues outlook?

    Firstly, you have to check the Junk Email folder and then clean out the Inbox. Then, again you have to check and verify the inbox filter to sort all setting issues. Go to the other tab and ensure about the blocked senders and the list of safe senders. Open email rules and perform all while forwarding. If you still can’t figure out this issue then check your account might be blocked.

  3. Why am I unable to send emails via outlook?

    Usually, it appears due to improper internet connectivity between Outlook and the mail server. If it takes a longer time then it will automatically save in the outbox. But the outbox is not connected to the mail server. Then, you need to check the provided email address and must be sure the server settings are up to date.

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