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How to Sign 941 Form in QuickBooks

Sign 941 Form in QuickBooks

Paying federal taxes and filing payroll forms is essential. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced allows you to take care of everything with ease, as it lets you pay your taxes and fill out the corresponding paperwork.

What is the Purpose of Form 941 in QuickBooks? 

Employers are required to submit a Form 941 each quarter to report salary paid, tips given to employees, federal income tax withheld, and the employer’s and employees’ respective contributions to social security and Medicare taxes.

How to setup form 941 for E- Filing in QuickBooks

  1. Select Payroll Center from the Employees menu.
  2. Choose the File forms option under Payroll.
  3. At the bottom, in the Other Activities section, select Change Filing Method.
  4. From the list, choose Federal Form 941, then click Edit.
  5. After choosing the E-file, click Finish.

Prepare Form 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Select Payroll Forms & W-2s from the top menu bar and then click Process Payroll Forms.
  2. Select Quarterly Form 941/Schedule B – Interview for Your Form 941/Schedule B under the File Forms section, and then click File Form.
  3. Select the Quarter and Quarter Ending dates by using the drop-down arrows, then click OK.
  4. After finishing the interview, click Next to move on to the form 941.
  5. Verify the accuracy of every piece of information on your form.
    • If they are in QuickBooks, they will automatically be included in the form; otherwise, they won’t be. 
    • The payments you made can be manually entered in the required box.
  1. To find and correct any form problems, click Check for Errors. Errors will be noted in the upper section of the screen if there are any.
  2. To print your form, select Print for Your Records or Save and Close to save your changes and return at a later time. 
  3. To submit your form electronically, you can also click Submit Form.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard and Enhanced

  • From the Employees dropdown menu, select Payroll Center.
  • From the drop-down menu, select File Forms.
  • Previously saved forms will appear in the Filing History section under the Saved Filings tab.
  • The Saved PDF column allows you to view, print, or download each form 941.

Obtaining copies of previous or old 941 forms

Please make sure that these forms are archived before continuing so that we can find them later:-)

  1. Select the Payroll Tax page from the Taxes menu by going to that link.
  2. Select the View and Print Archived Forms option under Quarterly Forms in the Forms section.
  3. Select Quarterly Forms from the drop-down menu on the Archived Forms page, then choose 941.
  4. View by selecting the 941 links.


  1. Does QuickBooks send reports to the IRS automatically?

    Yes, As soon as you submit a Supplier application, QuickBooks Payments will check the information you provided against the IRS record.

  2. Does QuickBooks Online perform automated payroll tax payments?

    Automate the filing of your taxes:-)

    1. Be aware that QuickBooks Online Payroll Core does not automatically calculate local taxes. 
    2. Consider increasing your payroll service if you’re interested in automating such payments. 
    3. After you’ve finished setting up your payroll. 
    4. Then take care of paying and filing your payroll taxes.

  3. Who is needed to fill out Form 941?

    Someone needs to submit Form 941. Any person or company that pays salaries to an employee is required to file a Form 941 each quarter, even if there are no employees present for some of the quarters.

  4. How many years without submitting taxes is it possible?

    For each year you failed to file, there is often a 10-year time restriction on collecting taxes, fines, and interest. The time limit on collections, however, does not start to run if you fail to submit taxes until the IRS issues a deficiency assessment.

  5. How can I tell if my 941 was submitted?

    You can ask for a copy of Form 941 which you’ve already filed through the Internal Revenue System if you need one.

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