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Year-End Checklist for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

Year-End Checklist for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

The process of accurately determining the taxes, compensation, and deductions that should be taken from employee paychecks is known as the year-end payroll checklist. The fourth quarter of the current year through the first quarter of the next year are the typical times for it to occur.

Year-end processing makes sure that your company’s payroll and taxes adhere to all applicable local, state, and federal laws. If your company isn’t compliant, fees and regulatory expenses could cost it money.

How do I complete the year-End Payroll

  1. Select Accounting under Edit > Preferences.
  2. Choose the tab for Company Preferences.
  3. Press the Set Date/Password button next to Closing date.
  4. Select the Closing Date in the Set Closing Date and Password window.
  5. Date Password entered; please confirm.
  6. Once finished, click OK.

How to Prepare your tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

To prepare your tax forms in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, use this year-end checklist for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll- 

Steps to Review and update employee data

  1.  Install the most recent payroll update, and confirm that QuickBooks is running the most recent version.
  2. Refresh employee data, including SSNs, legal names, and addresses. Request that W-4 and state withholding forms be updated by employees.
  3. Review and adjust your federal deposit and filing schedule if anything has changed.
  4. Examine your unused and spent sick and vacation time.

Steps to Run year-end reports for employee details

  1. Payroll details, taxes, and wage summary. Review and update company information.
  2. Refresh the rates for state unemployment insurance.
  3. Review and update the legal name or address of your business.


 In this write-up, you will get enough information about the year-End checklist for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll and steps to prepare your tax forms manually. However, if still you have any queries or concerns then you can get in touch with QuickBooks Helpdesk team members who would be happy to help you. 


  1. What is a declaration of finalization in Quickbooks Desktop Payroll?

    An income statement is what is used to describe this data. It is analogous to a payment summary. Once the financial year has ended, Your employees would be familiar with their income statement that is “tax ready” through myGov so they can use it to complete their tax returns. This will happen when you make a finalization declaration.

  2. Do you use QuickBooks to run at the end?

    Based on your fiscal year’s start month, QuickBooks makes some year-end changes. At the end of the year, QuickBooks zeros out your revenue and expense accounts. As a result, you have no net income to begin the new fiscal year. Your net income receives an adjustment input from QuickBooks.

  3. Does QuickBooks require you to close out a year?

    Despite not requiring a close procedure at the conclusion of a fiscal year, QuickBooks does let you specify a closure date for each of your transactions.

  4. How to review the first month of your fiscal year in QuickBooks desktop Payroll?

    If you are working on other year-end activities then you have to select the correct month to start your fiscal year so QuickBooks can clear your ledgers (behind the scene). To review, or change the first month of your fiscal year, go through the steps listed below: 

    1. From Company, you need to select My Company.
    2. Click on the pencil icon.
    3. Navigate to the Report Information and check if the first month of your fiscal year is correct to ensure your financial reports use the correct dates.

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