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How to Fix Gmail Related Problems in QuickBooks

Gmail Related Problems in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a powerful accounting tool that is used by small and medium businesses all over the world to manage their finances, for employee payroll management, generate invoices, and keep a track of their credit card payments.

The QuickBooks accounting software is also used by many businesses to generate invoice and send to their clients for payments. If the client is a regular client then one can use the Recurring Payments feature of QuickBooks to send the generated invoices at a scheduled time on a regular basis.

The process of communicating with clients and customers using the mode of e-mails is generally used by all businesses irrespective of their sizes. In addition to this, the mode of communication through e-mails is also used by business employees for communicating within their office premises with other departments, by businesses for communication with other companies, for sending product promotional materials to customers and clients i.e. e-mail marketing, etc. If you are using QuickBooks to manage your business accounts, you get many options to integrate the QuickBooks accounting software with e-mails such as Web Mail, Microsoft Outlook and QuickBooks E-mail.

Reason behind the Gmail related problem in QuickBooks

  • Wrong login id and password  you have entered .
  • Corrupted or damaged MAP132.dll file.
  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks.
  • Didn’t replay, for the sign in confirmation
  • If you don’t have the permission to sync with QuickBooks with Gmail.
  • Email linking is incorrect.
  • The app might not meet with the fashionable security standards by QuickBooks.

Various e-mail options in QuickBooks

It is not necessary to you would get to see all the above-mentioned three options of e-mail while integrating QuickBooks accounting software with e-mail. In some of the editions of QuickBooks, you would not find all the three options. And sometimes even if you have a version of QuickBooks that is compatible with all the three options then also you may not get all the options during the process of installing computers.

The option of Microsoft Outlook is available only when you have locally installed the Microsoft Outlook on your computer system. You might not get this option when there are some issues with the Windows Registry. For some businesses, Microsoft Outlook is the most preferred option for e-mail integration with QuickBooks as it offers many options for controlling.

The QuickBooks E-mail option is least preferred by businesses as it relies on the mail servers of Intuit which generally do not offer the services that are required by businesses. Secondly, from the time of launch of QuickBooks 2011, Intuit has also made the QuickBooks e-mail option usable by only those business users who have subscribed to other Intuit services such as Payroll Management or the ProAdvisor program.

The Web Mail option was also made available by Intuit with the launch of QuickBooks 2011. It is this option that enables users to connect to the Gmail service of Google, or Yahoo! Mail, or to your own web-based e-mail service. If you are using the services of Gmail mailing service from Google then you have to select the option Web Mail. However, the capability of this accounting software to perform complicated multiple tasks with ease also makes it prone to certain technical issues that the user might come across at any given point in time while using this accounting tool to manage his business. You might also face some technical issue while integrating Gmail as the e-mailing option with QuickBooks Desktop. Let us go ahead and have a look at the resolution methods following which you can easily integrate Gmail with the desktop version of QuickBooks accounting software. But first of all we should discuss the method of configuring Gmail in QuickBooks.

How to set up Gmail in QuickBooks

If you want to use the Gmail mailing service from Google to send invoices and financial reports generated using the QuickBooks accounting software, then to set up Gmail in QuickBooks, you have to first select the Edit tab from the main menu, and then select the option Preferences.

From the left pane of the window that appears, select Send Forms, and then click on the tab My Preferences from top. Now select the radio button next to the Web Mail option, and then click on the Add button. In the dialog window that opens, you need to now enter your complete Gmail address in the box next to Email Id. Once this is done, select Gmail from the Email Provider dropdown list.

The SMTP Server Details QuickBooks will be automatically filled in by QuickBooks. Now click on the OK button to save this, and you will see that your address is there in the E-Mail IDs list. To close the Preferences window, click on the OK button. Now you just have to enter the password to access your Gmail account whenever you want to use QuickBooks to send an invoice or financial report as an attachment to an e-mail.

Now let us discuss the problems that you might come across while using Gmail mailing service from Google to send an invoice or financial report in QuickBooks.

Gmail-related problems in QuickBooks

You might have to face certain error messages of technical problems when you are trying to send invoices to your clients or financial reports to your accountant using Gmail as the mailing service in QuickBooks. Sometimes you might see a dialog window pop up with an error message as “Email or password is incorrect”. Chances are that you might have mistyped the password or missed any special character or upper case while entering the password.

If you have tried all the possible options and the result is still the error message on your computer screen then the only option left is to click on the Cancel button. This will result in the display of a warning message saying “QuickBooks is unable to send your e-mails”. Now you can try going back to the Send Forms preferences to have a look at the settings that you made while integrating your Gmail account with QuickBooks.

Here you can edit the settings by changing the name of server, and make other changes in the port and SSL/TLS settings. If you are not technically sound and don’t have any idea regarding the settings and all, then it is better to click on the Reset Default button. This will restore all the original setting values that were made during the initial setup of Gmail with QuickBooks.

If you are still unable to make Gmail work with the desktop version of QuickBooks by performing the above discussed steps, you need to follow the resolution steps that we are going to talk about below here.

How to fix QuickBooks Gmail Problems

After trying to send an invoice or report using Gmail in QuickBooks, you get an e-mail from Google saying that a “Sign in attempt was prevented” then it means that there is some issue with an app that is associated with QuickBooks.

The app might not be meeting all the security standards for online safety, and because of it Google is preventing you from signing in to your Gmail account. So, let us see how you can fix this issue.

Go to , and then log in to your Google account. On the My Account page that appears, click on the link for Connected apps & sites. Now here you will get the list of apps connected to your Gmail account under the section Apps connected to your account.

You will notice here Intuit QuickBooks also. You need not to do anything here. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for the option that says ‘Allow less secure apps’. If it is set to be turned ‘Off’, click on it to turn it ‘On’. Once you have done this, you need to go back to QuickBooks and try sending the invoice or report again using Gmail.

In most of the cases, this method of changing the Allow less secure apps settings to On position will resolve the QuickBooks Gmail problems. When you change the security levels, you would get a mail from Google in your Inbox saying that “Please be aware that it is now easier for an attacker to break into your account.” Of course you would not like this idea of setting the security levels from high to low, but until Intuit has any resolution for this you can enjoy the benefits of Gmail by integrating it with QuickBooks accounting software.

Hopefully you would have got a clear idea of what are the problems related to Gmail that might pop up while integrating this mail service from Google with QuickBooks. You would have also understood by now that why these QuickBooks Gmail problems occur, and what are the resolution steps to avoid facing these Gmail problems in QuickBooks. If you still are facing any QuickBooks Gmail problems, you can reach out to our QuickBooks Technical Support Team by visiting our website Our QuickBooks tech experts can offer you instant tech support in a professional way to get rid of all the Gmail related problems in QuickBooks by dialing . Also, our QuickBooks experts can help you get rid of any technical issue that you might face while using QuickBooks to manage your business account. Our QuickBooks tech professionals can even assist you in updating the QuickBooks accounting software, migrating from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, help you in connecting an add-on program to QuickBooks Desktop, and in performing many QuickBooks related tasks.

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  1. How can I resolve the sync problems in Gmail in QuickBooks?

    You need to check the settings of the software. Once you locate the settings tab on the Accounts option and then click on Google. After this, select the account you need to sync and then hit more. Select Sync now. If it does not sort out the issue then you can try manual sync up of the Gmail account through the setting option. Tap Data and time button to disable the automatic date and time. Modify the date & time and then click on Home. Again change the wrong date and time and turn on the Automatic date and time button.

  2. Why do I get Gmail-related problems in QuickBooks?

    Several scenarios might be responsible for the frustrating inability to open Gmail issues like wrong SMTP/IMAP settings, internet connectivity problems, outdated version of the accounting software, cache memory, stored cookies, or more. You need to fix these issues by clearing the cookies and cache in the system or verifying the sync settings.

  3. What procedure do I have to follow to set up Outlook in QuickBooks Desktop to prevent Gmail-related issues?

    You have to locate the Edit menu of QuickBooks, select Preferences, and then hit on Send Forms. After this discovery below my preferences option, place a tick mark on the radio button which says webmail, and then hit the Add button. Enter all the required information asking in the Add Email info screen and then hit OK.

  4. What do you mean by Gmail-related problems concerning accounting software?

    Gmail-related problems according to QuickBooks specify when the users are unable to access the email. Some reasons are if the preferences are improperly configured, the incomplete installation process of QuickBooks, blocked domain admin, or wrong account security settings through the email provider.

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