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How to Import Bank Statements Into QuickBooks Desktop

Import Bank Statements Into QuickBooks Desktop

Importing bank statements to your QuickBooks Desktop version is the most time-effective way to record banking transactions. Besides, it will save loads of manual effort and also nullify the chances of any errors. QuickBooks’ Bank Feed feature allows you to import banking statements into the portal. Importing transactions is essential, as it secures both your bank and credit card transactions. You can easily import the transactions to QuickBooks with a few simple steps. Thus, you can now focus on your business finances without any worries.

Ways of Downloading Bank Transactions for Importing Them

You can opt for either of the ways to import the bank transactions for QuickBooks and its different versions:

Using QB Desktop

  • From the top left of the Desktop version, enter the “main menu”.
  • Tap on “Option Banking”.
  • Select “Bank Feeds” from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the “Banking Centre” and select your bank’s name.
  • Tap on the “Download” tab.
  • You will be redirected to the browser screen of the bank site.
  • Log in to your Account and download the files (via Web Connect).

Using Web Connect Files

This procedure is for those who are not using the QB Desktop version.

  • Go to the Web Browser that you are already using.
  • Click on the website of your bank.
  • Log in to access your registered Account.
  • Download the transactional data in. qbo format, which is used for the QuickBooks Web Connect Files.
  • After you have completed the downloading process, you need to import the transactions into QuickBooks. It is necessary to use this file with the help of Web Connect. The steps are:
  • Go to QuickBooks and log into your bank account.
  • Now, download the data.
  • Hit the “File” menu.
  • Select “Option Utilities” and then “Import”.
  • Tap on “Web Connect Files”. Hit on the “Open” option for that.qbo file that you earlier downloaded and saved on your device.
  • Before continuing to the next step, select your bank account.
  • Check whether the importing process to QuickBooks is complete or not.
  • To rest assured about the steps, go to the “Bank Feed” section to have a glimpse of the imported transactions list. 

Why are Web Connect Files Necessary?

QuickBooks is not programmed to accept certain file types for the import of bank statements. However, the Web Connect Files in QB is compatible with detecting data from the bank statements to the accounting portal in bulk.

As the extraction gets completed, you get an option from QuickBooks to download the statement records. 

Steps to Setup the Bank Feeds Account

Have a glimpse of the following steps for a seamless experience in creating the Bank Feeds Account:

  • Go to QB Desktop. Make sure that you are the administrator of the version.
  • Go to the “Banking Menu”.
  • Select the “Bank Feeds” option.
  • You will be able to see “Setup Bank Feeds” to create an account. Click it to do so.
  • You must choose the right bank before linking it with QuickBooks.
  • To “Link your Accounts”, another window opens up in front of you.
  • Follow the instructions given on the screen to complete each step.
  • Your “Bank Feeds Account” is now ready to use.

How do I import bank transactions using Direct Connect?

This feature is beneficial for the new user. When you link a bank account with QuickBooks for the first time, it automatically downloads the data. With this function, you will be able to access transaction records dating back a year. However, it totally depends on the bank, but most banks allow you to download transactions for up to 90 days.

  • From the “Banking” menu, select “Bank Feeds” and then, in turn, “Bank Feeds Centre.”.
  • Select the account that you want to link.
  • It is optional to go to “Send Items to Your Bank Account” for selecting “Online Checks” for editing or canceling any payment.
  • Choose “Download Transactions” to download the data. You can have a preview of the records from the “Transaction List”. 
  • You can continue with the “Synchronise” option” if the data you are downloading is for a specific account. In this case, tap on “Sync this Account”. If you want to sync all bank transactions with QuickBooks, choose “Select All for This Bank.”
  • In the resulting window, enter your sign-in information, such as your password.
  • Hit “OK” to complete the process.

Note: You can delete any added transaction but cannot recover it once erased. This is a way of preventing the generation of duplicate entries. 

Tips for Importing Transactions with Your QuickBooks Account

  • If you are using Advanced Mode for the bank feeds, sign in to your QB account. You can also change modes.
  • Importing the files with a.qbo extension (web connect files) will require you to log in to QB Desktop.


Linking your bank transactions to QuickBooks is one of the best time-saving features. Reconciliation of bank statements with the bank is easy nowadays as banks are using digital features. It allows you to export transactions to QB faster. Besides, this reconciliation process keeps the book updated. The step-by-step details are given above. Check them out for better reach. 


Is importing bank transactions into QuickBooks secure? 

Yes, it is undoubtedly safe. When you are importing bank transactions, you are also copying your account details. Thus, QuickBooks uses layers of storage, networks, and tight security measures to keep your banking information secure.

Can I import transactions dated back a year? 

The number of transactions you import entirely depends on your bank. There are many banks that have allowed import transactions for almost a year. However, most of the banks are now granting permission to import transaction details from the past 90 days.

What will I do if my bank account is not compatible with Web Connect?

Do not worry if you cannot reconcile your bank statements with QuickBooks using Web Connect. In this case, you can try Bank Feeds. Also, you can manually enter the data in a spreadsheet and then enter it in QB software. Nevertheless, it needs you to install the QB Import Excel feature.

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