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Intuit Payroll Login Problems

Intuit Payroll Login Problems

Unable to Login Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit Payroll Software developed by Intuit, is a comprehensive payroll solution that was initially incepted to provide additional services to QuickBooks users but later on was used by many as standalone software or through seamless integration with QuickBooks or any other accounting software.

To aid users with the instant resolution for any error related to QuickBooks Payroll employed by them, a team of experts having in-depth knowledge along with intensive training for the same is housed on standby and can be easily reached through different support formats. One common problem reported to these experts on quite a regular basis is login issues.

Causes Behind QuickBooks Payroll Log-in Failed Error

Many Intuit Payroll users face the problem of logging into their payroll account which generally informs them that they have either put in the wrong credentials or they cannot access their account. Users can also connect to QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service Number for login-related issues.

Some of the most common causes for this issue are listed below:

1. Due to Downtime:

The server on which the Intuit Payroll runs suffers either a crash or a load of users being logged in is too high. Under this users might also encounter slow connectivity in loading the website. Is Intuit Down Right Now?

2. Chrome Login Issue:

The web browser used by the user might also lead to login issues. As the browser might be corrupted users might find themselves logged out of their account with no possible way to get in till the browser is not resolved.

3. Login Restricted by Administrator:

If the user is not the admin and is just a normal subscriber of Intuit Payroll, the user might have got logged out due to Administrator instructions. Under this user needs to contact their admin and get this issue resolved.

4. Already Logged-in:

Another option is that the user might be logged in to the account from another system. This could restrict them to enter as the software deems users already logged in to their account.

5. Login Credentials:

Considering the sensitive nature of the data dealt with in Intuit Payroll, it has become imperative for users to ensure their login credentials are strong and unique. The login id of the user should be unique to the user himself and not easy to guess. Even more imperative than the User ID is the password.

The strength can be the point to stop details from getting leaked. It should be a mixture of numeric, alphabets (both capital and small) and special characters like ‘%’, ‘&’ and ‘#’. This will not only increase the strength of the password but also make it unique. Also to keep in mind is the length of the password with a minimum of 8 characters.

Solutions according to the reason for login issues

1. Method One: In case of not having the Intuit account

  • When you open the login page
  • Then click on ‘the link Don’t have an account
  • A window opens up on your screen
  • In this, you have to choose your name from the contacts list
  • Click on the Continue button
  • Provide the details of your personal information like phone number and email address
  • Make sure that the email you are providing has not been used before in the intuit for making the email or it shows you that this email already exists
  • Now mention the information that is required to create the account
  • In the end, click on Continue, and your account is created.

2. Method Two: In case, you need a confirmation code

  • Log in to your Intuit account
  • Then you have to choose the way you want to receive the information
  • After that click on the Continue button
  • Now you get the listed email but if you don’t have access to this email 
  • Then click on the option Confirm my account in a different way
  • Get the confirmation code
  • Enter the code in the window and click on the Continue button
  • Now, you are done and can access your account.

In case, you have not remembered your Used ID or password

1. If you forgot your User ID

  • For getting your User ID, you have to access the Gmail through which you have created your account
  • So on the sign-in page, you have to click on the link Forgot the Used ID or Email
  • Now, enter the Email ID and click on the Submit button
  • After this, you get an email on the email address that you provided above
  • In the email, you get the User ID details
  • Do check the email that you get within 45 minutes of your requested time
  • Also, check the spam and junk folder along with the inbox.

2. If forgot Password

  • On the screen of Sign in, you have to click on the link Forgot password
  • Provide your User ID  and click on the Submit button
  • Select the security question and provide the answer to this question 
  • Click on the Submit button
  • In this window, write the password and then again retype it in re-enter field
  • Click on the submit
  • You get an email of confirmation for your password change
  • After that, you have to confirm the new password by clicking on the link mentioned in the email
  • Write the new password and then click on Confirm the Password Reset 
  • Now log in to your QuickBooks Desktop account.
Support Help QB Payroll Login Issue

The above-mentioned causes can easily be dealt with. However, it is recommended to do so under the watchful eye of a Payroll expert to avoid any further inconvenience. For the same purpose, Intuit has set up a team of professionals who are adept at handling all kinds of Payroll errors and problems.


  1. What are the issues that restrict login?

    💠The confirmation code required
    💠Already have an account
    💠Not having an account with Intuit
    💠Forgot the User ID or Password.

  2. What can be done using the Intuit account?

    You can easily manage all your business data like subscriptions, billing information, purchases, service requests, payments, and contacts. If you are using payroll then you can also manage payroll services in your account.

  3. Who are the authorized users?

    Authorized users are those who can access your account. You can add an authorized user, edit their information, and also delete them from your account. They can represent your business to intuit. They have access to modify and edit the account information.

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