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Pay and file payroll taxes and forms manually in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

Pay and file payroll taxes and forms manually in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

What are payroll taxes and forms in QuickBooks Desktop?

Income taxes, as well as taxes for Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment compensation, are all included in payroll taxes. It’s important to remember that taxes might be paid by either the employee or the firm. 

Learn how to use QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

To calculate and print payroll tax payments and documents so you can manually file them with the IRS and state agencies.

You can still prepare your Federal 941/944, 940, or state tax payments and forms in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard, or Enhanced to submit to the tax agency if you can’t e-pay or e-file.

In some places, you can use QuickBooks Desktop Payroll to create a State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) file that you can then upload to the state agency’s website.

We pay and file your federal and state taxes for you if you use QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted.

Let’s begin making your tax payments and forms

Create and print your payroll tax payment in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll-

Step 1: Make a recurring payment

QuickBooks’ scheduled payments help you keep track of when your payroll taxes are due so you don’t neglect them. Even if you can’t use e-payments in QuickBooks, you can set up repayments.

Select Employees, Payroll Taxes, and Liabilities, and Edit Payment Due Dates/Methods from the drop-down menu.

  • Select Make payments on a regular basis.
  • Select Edit on the state tax you want to schedule first.
  • Choose Check as a payment option from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your account number from your state.
  • Choose your payment frequency from the options supplied by the state agency.
  • Steps 3-6 should be repeated for each state tax. Select Continue Option.
  • Select the bank account you’ll use in QuickBooks to track payments, then Edit. This should be the same bank account as the one you used to register with the IRS and other state authorities.
  • Select Finish when you’re finished.

Step 2: Make a tax payment and print it

  • You can keep track of federal tax payments in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll.
  • The payment will be made electronically through the IRS website.
  • You can create and print a check to send to the state authorities for state tax payments.
  • Employees, Payroll Taxes and Liabilities, and Pay Scheduled Liabilities are the options.
  • Select View/Pay after selecting the tax you want to pay from the list. You can look over the taxes and payments that are due.
  • Save & Close is the option to choose.
  • Select Checks to Print.

Make your payroll file & tax forms and print them on the QuickBooks desktop

Step 1: Make all tax payments or keep track of them

Make sure you pay all taxes related to the form in QuickBooks before you start preparing your tax form; otherwise, you’ll see amounts owed on the form. See Make your tax payment and print the cheque at the top of the page.

Step 2: Fill up your payroll tax form and print or save it

  • Employees, Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s, and Process Payroll Forms are the choices.
  • From the list, choose the federal or state form you want to generate.
  • Select the Create Form option.
  • Select OK after selecting the Filing Period from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill out the Interview section of your application. Fill in any green-highlighted sections of the form and double-check any pre-filled information.
  • Select Next and go over all of the form’s pages.
  • Select Check for Errors after you’re done.
  • Any inaccuracies on the form will be detected by QuickBooks. Before you print and save the form, you’ll need to fix these.
  • Select Save as PDF or Print for your form if you’re ready to print and save it.


  1. Does QuickBooks Desktop payroll pay all of the employee’s taxes?

    We can have us pay and file your federal and state payroll taxes for you, or you can do it yourself now.

  2. What is the best way to use QuickBooks Desktop for payroll?

    Step 1: Go to the Payroll tab in QuickBooks.
    Step 2: To begin, go to the top left of your screen and pick ‘Employees,’ then ‘Payroll Center,’ then ‘Pay Employees.’
    Step 3: Fill in the Payroll Data.
    Step 4: Create and Review Paychecks.
    Step 5: Verify your pay stub.

  3. What’s the best way to file payroll in QuickBooks?

    Keeping track of pay stubs-

    1. Your payroll service should be able to provide you with pay stubs or a payroll report for your employees.
    2. Choose + New.
    3. Select Journal Entry from the dropdown menu.
    4. Put the paycheck date in the Journal date box.
    5. Enter the paycheck number in the Journal no. area if you want to monitor it.

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