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QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018 Features and Overview

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018 Features and Overview

QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018 is all set to be released in the last week on September. Included in it are new tools and features that will skyrocket your accounting efficiency. Further, bugs and errors found in the previous versions have been addressed and fixed.

New Features of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018 

1. Merging vendors

With the new version of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus, users can easily merge multiple vendors into one. You can merge up to 4 records. To merge more than this, repeat the merging process multiple times. All the transactions for the vendors will be copied to the merged one. These transactions will be sorted according to the date of transaction.

2. Supports Multiple Monitors

This new features support up to 3 monitors at a time. By selecting multiple monitors, you can display different windows on each of these monitors. This makes tallying transactions and reconciling accounts a cake walk.

3. New Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts help users in quickly accessing features that would otherwise take substantially more time to access. This improves the productivity of user. Now, users can easily copy and paste entire line of transactions in QuickBooks

4. Search for Chart of Accounts

Users can easily search through chart of accounts for a particular account. Enter the partial name, full name or account number and get the account you require. This works along with the smart search feature than was introduced with QB 2017.

5. Tax and Payroll Reminder

Afraid of besmirching your brand image due to defaulting on payments. Now you can add reminders for running payroll and filing taxes. Hence, your brand image will never be tarnished.

6. Easily Switch between Cash and Accrual Basis

Small organizations often switch between cash and accrual basis. QuickBooks restricted this switching. Now, users can easily switch between the two accounting methods through the reports menu.

QuickBooks 2016 New Features include but aren’t limited to:

  • Auto Copy Ship to Address
  • Batch Delete Transactions
  • Item groups for calculations
  • Fiscal year to last month report filter
  • Label Printer Support
  • Bill Tracker

QuickBooks 2017 new features include but aren’t limited to:

  • Communication tool: A new built in chat application that makes collaboration as easy as pie.
  • Smart Search: Search shows result as you type. This helps in easily searching for frequently used reports and forms
  • Show Filter panel: Users can view all the filters applied on a particular report. Through these filters, the report can be recreated or customized.
  • Clearing flag on Credit Card Charges

To know more, or to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks, feel free to contact QuickBooks Accountant Desktop PLUS support  at (Toll Free).


  1. What’s new in QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018?

    The aim of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018 fulfills your all business essentials. The new features you get are multi-monitor tracking, advanced reports, search on the chart of accounts, cash/accrual toggle, merge duplicate vendors (Accessible for a premier accountant), and many more to make things easy to handle.

  2. How can I set up the multi-user network for QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018?

    Open your QuickBooks and then click on the “Custom” option. Then move forward to the next step to choose the “Custom and network” options. Now, you have to choose the “How will use the QuickBooks” and go to the next screen. Find and click on the “Change the install location” and browse where you want to save your folder. Click on the install button and wait until the program is not finished.

  3. From where I can buy the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop plus 2018?

    You can easily buy the QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus 2018 from the intuit official website and then download it. To unlock this edition and, the user needs a license. The product code and license number received in your confirmation mail id.

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