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QuickBooks Bank Feed Not Working After Upgrade

QuickBooks Bank Feed Not Working After Upgrade

Among all the QuickBooks features, bank feeds are considered to be the most valuable aspect of the banking industry. This smart online banking feature of QuickBooks is known to retrieve financial transactions automatically for 90 days.

Moreover, it upgrades the latest bank transactions in QuickBooks, when the user links the credit card account and the bank. Just like other accounting issues, users are often experiencing QuickBooks bank feeds not working after the upgrade.

It is banking issues that usually arise due to improper Web Connect. When the error occurs, the QuickBooks account does not get updated with the latest transactions.

To overcome such banking issues, it is important to understand every fact related to the error. Let’s begin a deep dive into the details in this ultimate guide.

Why does the QuickBooks bank feed not work after the upgrade issue?

An improper Web Connect can be the most apparent reason behind the QuickBooks bank feed not working after the upgrade. However, there are other reasons are also responsible for such banking issues, and a few of them are jotted down:

  • QuickBooks stops supporting the special bank and it might also be possible that you have an account in those banks.
  • Because of synchronization issues with your QuickBooks program and the bank account to which you were added,
  • It can happen if you’re looking for transaction information from the previous 90 days.
  • At the time of synchronization, the additional bank server does not respond.

Effective methods to fix Error: QuickBooks bank feed not working after upgrade

As everyone is aware, this problem arises for a variety of reasons. However, it is not necessary to use many approaches to resolve the QuickBooks bank feeds issue.

When you experience such a bank issue, it is recommended that you use the procedures suggested below to quickly remedy your problem.

Method 1: Clear out the cache files in QuickBooks

  • Go to the Bank’s website and click on the link
  • Use the correct login and password to access a certain website
  • Once you’re logged in and then look for the transactions
  • Make sure that “no pending alert notifications” exist for any action
  • If you receive a notification message, address it first before moving on
  • When you’re finished, log out of that account right away
  • Then open a browser and look for the cache files and browsing history
  • Finally, erase all of the cache files.

Method 2: Update the sign-in details of your Bank in QuickBooks 

Users frequently forget to update their bank account passwords in QuickBooks. The failure of QuickBooks bank feeds is frequently the result of this. The steps to solve this problem are as follows:

  • In your preferred system, create a QuickBooks account
  • Select the same option from the Banking section
  • Choose the bank account that has been impacted
  • Select a bank account area from the Edit menu
  • Edit Sign-in Information is an option you can select
  • Replace the relevant fields with your bank account’s Username and Password
  • Update Sign-in Information is the option you should select
  • You’ll see a pop-up stating that your credentials have been successfully changed once all of the necessary details have been updated
  • Choose “I am Done” at the end.

Method 3: When your Bank Account Connection is corrupted.

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop software by going to the Windows Start menu
  • Also, make sure you run your QuickBooks as an administrator
  • On the Home Menu, go to the Banking section 
  • After that, choose the account and click on the Edit Account Details button
  • Connect your QuickBooks accounting software to your savings account
  • After that, reopen the application
  • Again go back to the Home page and re-enter your account information.

Method 4: Perfectly set up the bank feed details

You may run into issues owing to erroneous bank feed information. That’s why the bank feeds in QuickBooks Desktop should be set up correctly and the below steps help you how.

Follow the steps to connect the bank account to bank feeds:

  • Go to the Banking menu and select Bank Feeds from the drop-down menu
  • Then choose “Set Up Bank Feeds to an Account” from the drop-down menu
  • In the “Enter your Bank’s field,” type and pick the bank’s name
  • If you’re using Direct Connect, go to the following step and look for a bank that offers free service
  • If your bank needs to approve the app, go to the “Enrollment site” and contact them for access credentials
  • If the enrollment procedure has already been completed, select “Continue”
  • Now, enter your online banking ID and password
  • Select your bank account under the “Connect” tab
  • Then click the “Finish” button to finish the process
  • If you’re using a web connection, link the account by following the on-screen instructions
  • Locate the QuickBooks account you’d like to link to your bank account
  • If the bank account is still in your chart of accounts, select “Create New Account” from the drop-down menu
  • After that, select “Connect” and then “Close”
  • Attempt to download the bank feed transactions in the following stage, then add and match the transactions in QuickBooks.

Method 5: Reconnect the account by using the Bank’s login page 

In this method, you have to disconnect the account, simply follow the below steps:

Steps to disconnect the Affected Bank Account 

  • To begin, open QuickBooks and navigate to the “Banking” section
  • Choose the bank account where the issue is occurring
  • Select the option “Edit Account Information” from the “Edit” menu
  • Next, look for the option “Disconnect this account on save” in the “Account” box
  • Finally, select the Save & Close option.

Steps to Reconnect the Account

  • To reconnect your bank account, go to your bank’s website and log in using your login credentials
  • After that, copy the URL address, including the http or https prefix
  • Open your QuickBooks and then click on the “Banking” tab
  • After that, select “Add account” from the drop-down menu
  • Paste the URL address into the “insert your bank name or URL” field
  • In the end, from your console, press the “Enter” key.


Hopefully, all the above methods are very effective and reliable. You can now easily sort out the QuickBooks bank feed not working after the upgrade issue. The only suggestion is to carry out every step very carefully. If you find any difficulties, don’t worry you can ask your queries via Live Chat.


  1. How do I know whether my Bank is connected with a QuickBooks account or not?

    If your particular bank is not displayed in a tile on the top of the window, it means it is not connected to your particular QuickBooks account.

  2. Does updating QuickBooks with the latest release resolve the QuickBooks bank feed not working after the upgrade issue?

    Yes, it can help you to some extent as outdated versions might also be responsible for such banking issues. So, you can try updating your QuickBooks with the latest release.

    Here’s how:

    Open your QuickBooks Desktop >> Move to the Help menu and then select Update QuickBooks >> Next, click “Yes” to perform automatic updates, if available >> Finally, click on the Save & Close tab. 

  3. Why QuickBooks bank feed not working after the upgrade issue experienced by most of the QuickBooks users?

    This is because most of the users fail to update their bank details/information in their specific QuickBooks account.

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