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QuickBooks Desktop Error 429 Activex

QuickBooks Desktop Error 429 Activex

QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX was reported first in 2019. It occurred when users tried to export payroll forms such as tax forms, worksheets, employee information, etc. The error stated that the ActiveX component cannot create an object. Some users also reported that they got the error because of their antivirus software, specifically Cylance. This software may have blocked certain components that QuickBooks needed to export a file in Excel format.

Intuit has already addressed QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX by releasing an update to fix the error in the accounting software. To get the fix, you only need to install the latest updates for your version of the desktop software.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX.

What is QuickBooks Desktop Error 429 Activex?

QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX is an error related to a Windows component that runs when you export a file from QuickBooks desktop in Excel format. The error causes the export process to fail because the object required to create the Excel file isn’t initiated by the ActiveX component.

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    3 easy solutions for QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX

    While one solution requires you to update your software, the other requires you to disable your antivirus program and then perform the same action. The third solution, on the other hand, checks for compatibility between Office and QuickBooks.

    Without further delay, let’s get into the solutions for QuickBooks Desktop error 429 ActiveX.

    Solution #1: Update QuickBooks Desktop

    This solution has proven to work for users who are using the 2019 version of QuickBooks Desktop. Updating the accounting software is a simple process, as the updated files can be downloaded and installed from within the software itself.

    Steps to install the latest updates to fix QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX

    1. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
    2. Choose Run as Administrator.
      Enter authentication details for an admin account if prompted.
    3. Go to the Help menu.
    4. Click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    5. In the Options tab, choose Mark All to select all the updates available for your version of QuickBooks.
    6. Click on Get Updates.
    7. Wait for the updates to download, then exit QuickBooks desktop.
    8. Click Yes when you get a message to confirm the installation of the downloaded updates.

    Wait for the update process to finish, then restart your system so that all the changes made can take effect easily. You can also set up automatic updates so that you have the latest patches to fix the errors reported by users and addressed by the software engineers.

    Solution #2: Disable your Antivirus software

    Users have reported that some antivirus programs can interfere with the ActiveX component and cause errors. These antivirus programs mistakenly target the essential components required for creating export files.

    You need to disable the antivirus program and then try to export from QuickBooks once again.

    If you still get QuickBooks error 429 ActiveX, then you can go ahead with the next solution.

    Note: if disabling the antivirus software doesn’t fix the error, then you can enable it once again to protect your system from malicious software. However, if the error is resolved, you should talk to the provider of the software or get a new security software altogether.

    Solution #3: Verify compatibility of Microsoft Office with QuickBooks

    As exporting in Excel format requires QuickBooks to rely on components from Microsoft Office, it is generally preferred to have the same 32 or 64-bit application installed for both on your system. Incompatibility between the two likely results in QuickBooks error 429.

    When QuickBooks tries to connect with the components for Excel, it cannot access them because they’re not compatible with the software itself. You can learn more about this by reading through the system requirements of your version of QuickBooks desktop.

    Ideally, if you have got a 32-bit QuickBooks installed on your system, then you should install a 32-bit Microsoft Office.


    Quickbooks error 429 was reported and fixed a long time ago. Still, incompatibility between the software and interference from antivirus programs can cause the error. So it’s wise to follow the three solutions provided in this post so that you can fix the error and get back to work as soon as possible.

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