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How to Remove 1099 Mapping From QuickBooks Desktop

Small and medium-sized firms use QuickBooks to calculate and manage their finances. They also receive one more function if they use payroll. The 1099s are being prepared by this functionality utilizing the data from your account. It is a really useful time-saving function for you.

When you pay contractors in cash, checks, or direct deposits, you must submit 1099 tax forms to the IRS. See Do I need to file a 1099 and what does it mean? for more broad information.

To create your 1099s in QuickBooks Desktop, follow the procedures listed below. You can either print and mail your forms to the IRS when you’ve completed them or file them online. Similarly, you can decide whether to email or mail printed 1099 copies to your contractors. This article is all about how to create, print, and remove 1099 mapping from QuickBooks desktop. Let’s get going.

Steps to create 1099s in QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Select 1099 Forms from the Vendors menu, then click Print/E-File 1099 Forms.
  2. Set up a backup.
  3. For the 1099 form, you wish to produce, click Get started. Repeat the procedures for the other form if you need to prepare both 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC. Choose your forms carefully because there have been revisions to the 1099 forms and boxes.
  4. Select Continue after choosing the vendors who require a 1099 form.
  5. Check that the vendor’s information is accurate. By double-clicking on the section that needs to be updated, you can modify any inaccurate information. Click on Continue.
  6. The vendor payment accounts are mapped. Select the drop-down menu under the heading Apply payments to this 1099 box. Choose the account to which you want to attach the payment. Any boxes that are grey are mapped to the other 1099 form if they exist. One 1099 form can only be used to map accounts. When finished, choose Continue.
  7. To view detailed reports, choose View Included Payments or View Excluded Payments. Choose Continue.
  8. Examine the suppliers and quantities you intend to declare. Choose Continue. Note: Choose View Summary Report to see the vendors who fall below the IRS criteria.
  9. Decide whether to e-file or print 1099s. If you decide to keep filing your 1099s electronically, follow these instructions.

How to Print 1099 in QuickBooks Online:

  1. Create 1099s in your QuickBooks Online account.
  2. Once you have finished entering 1099s into your account, select I’ll file myself from the menu.
  3. The kind of form you want to print must be chosen.
  4. Verify the form’s alignment, which must be accurate.
  5. Click Print sample on blank paper to confirm the alignment.
  6. Click Yes, looks excellent if the print is done correctly.
  7. Click No, it doesn’t line up if the print alignment is incorrect.
  8. Follow the guidelines provided to you on your screen to line it up.
  9. Click the Next button to proceed after that.
  10. Create the print confirmation for the form.
  11. To confirm the contractors, click View Selected 1099 Contractors.
  12. Click Print 1099 forms from the menu now.
  13. To finish printing, click the Print button.
  14. Click Next and then the Done button after you’re finished.

Here’s how to delete or remove 1099 mapping from the QuickBooks desktop:

  1. Select Edit from the top menu.
  2. From the drop-down menu, choose Preferences.
  3. On the left pane, select Tax: 1099.
  4. Click the tab for Company Preferences.
  5. Click here under “If you want to map your account to boxes on Form 1099-MISC.”
  6. Find the sub-account that needs to be deleted.
  7. Select Omit this payment from 1099 from the drop-down menu by clicking it.
  8. After finishing, choose Save and Close.

How I can correct the 1099 in QuickBooks?

Understand how to correct 1099-NEC or 1099-MISC forms after you have electronically filed them. If you have filed your 1099-NEC or 1099-Misc using the 1099 service, you will need to remedy an error or filing on your 1099.

You can currently only file your 1099 through QuickBooks Online once. Any edits or updates can be made on a printed copy that is mailed to the IRS.

The following are the instructions for submitting the updated form:

  1. Using the phone or the IRS Online Ordering for Information Returns and Employer Returns website, customers can order 1099-NEC IRS paperwork.
  2. Once you’re done, make sure to check the Corrected box on the 1099-NEC form.
  3. Send the IRS the completed form by mail.
  4. As soon as you can after that, give your contractor a copy of the receipt so they can file their taxes.


I hope the information mentioned above will be useful to you to remove 1099 mapping from QuickBooks desktop. In case of any query connected with the expert.


1. How can I print 1099 using the Enhanced or Standalone 1099 services in Intuit Online Payroll?

Follow these simple steps:

1. Select Taxes and Forms from the menu.
2. Then click on 1099.
3. Select the 1099s forms’ date range.
4. To enter the information, select the Enter Information option.
5. When finished, press the Continue button.
6. Your forms are listed, and you can now amend them with new information, including contractor details.
7. Select Continue.
8. Select either Print for Your Records or Print for Contractors.

2. How to use QuickBooks Desktop to print 1099?

To print 1099 using QuickBooks desktop, follow the steps:

1. Create the 1099s in QuickBooks first.
2. The window for selecting a filling method has just appeared.
3. Select either the Print 1099-NEC or Print 1099-MISC button in this window.
4. The date range for the form must be specified.
5. Then press OK to put it into effect.
6. To produce 1099s for every vendor, choose them all.
7. Select the Print 1099 button.
8. You must verify and review the printer’s settings.
9. Click the Print button after that.

3. How to check the 1099 Filing Status?

The actions listed below should be followed to check the status of your 1099s filing:

1. Open your Tax1099 account and log in.
2. Tap the plus sign. It is located in the page’s upper right corner.
3. On the Status check box, click.
4. The reference number has nine digits.
5. Select Check Status.

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