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QuickBooks Error 15103

QuickBooks Error 15103

Nowadays it is so common to encounter different kinds of errors if you are a regular user of QuickBooks. Just like other normal software, QuickBooks also fail to function properly when it comes to fix QuickBooks error 15103.

QuickBooks error 15103 usually takes place in your system when the user attempts to download QuickBooks Desktop or Payroll updates. Moreover, the wrong configuration can also show up this error. 

It is an undeniable fact that this error is related to the update process of payroll which doesn’t allow users to utilize the improved features of the QuickBooks payroll service. With the help of this blog, you will learn how to troubleshoot QuickBooks error 15103. So before starting the process, you are required to identify the causes first and then walk through the solutions accordingly.

How many reasons are behind occurring QuickBooks error 15103?

Before moving ahead, it is important to figure out the triggers of QuickBooks error 15103 because you can’t get a proper solution to your problem until you are familiar with its causes.

  • The window registry is damaged.
  • Installation of QuickBooks is unsuccessful.
  • QuickBooks error 15103 will happen when the system malware has an issue.
  • If the window file will be corrupted and damaged.
  • The connectivity issue with the network is also the cause of this error.
  • When QuickBooks is not able to verify the digital signature of a file.
  • If the Microsoft Internet Explorer has an incorrect configuration.
  • This issue takes place due to the incomplete installation of QuickBooks files and it got damaged. 
  • It is possible that QuickBooks cannot access a particular download location.
  • There are some other prominent causes of QuickBooks error 15103 such as;
    • If the Spy Sweeper is there in the Webroot antivirus system.
    • When the user doesn’t have the admin rights required to install the latest updates of QuickBooks.
    • Your QuickBooks Desktop Software program may not be updated to the latest version due to the corrupted downloaded file.

Simple steps to fix QuickBooks error 15103

It is noticed that many users get panic when their system doesn’t allow them to proceed. Therefore, you are required to walk through the following steps if it is complicated for you to resolve QuickBooks error 15103.

Here’s how.

Total Time: 30 minutes

  1. Step 1: Run the Reboot .bat File

    If your system displays “Quickbooks error 15103” again and again then you can follow the steps that are jotted below.

    💠 First of all, you are required to close your QuickBooks desktop.
    💠 Now, give a right-click on the QuickBooks icon.
    💠 Then select Properties.
    💠 Navigate to the open file location and type reboot/reboot.bat at the top right search bar.
    💠 Here, you can see a file name reboot/reboot.bat, choose the file and make a right-click on it.
    💠 After that, select Run as Administrator.
    💠 Tap on Yes if prompted.
    💠 Finally, restart your system to implement the changes and reopen QuickBooks.
    💠 Click Update if you agree to install the updates on your system.

  2. Step 2: Delete and Download the Update again

    QuickBooks error 15103 can be resolved once you delete and download the update again.

    💠 To begin with close your QuickBooks Desktop program.
    💠 Now, you are supposed to locate C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks <versionXX> \Components.
    💠 Here, XX stands for the version number of QuickBooks. 
    💠 Open QuickBooks desktop again and switch to the Help menu.
    💠 After that, click on Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 Select the Update Now tab and verify the box that says Reset the Updates.
    💠 Then tap on ‘Get Updates’ and the updates will be downloaded all over again.
    💠 Once the updates are downloaded, you will automatically get the option to install them. 
    💠 So, you have to choose the Install Now option and check if the error has been resolved.

  3. Step 3: Run and Download Quick Fix My Program

    By running and downloading Quick Fix My Program, you can get rid of QuickBooks error 15103.

    💠 You need to download QuickBooks Tool Hub first.
    💠 Once the program is completely installed on your computer, navigate to the Program Problems tab.
    💠 After that, you are required to click on the Quick Fix my program.
    💠 Now, you have to keep patience for a while until it starts automatically.
    💠 At last, when you are done with the process, reopen the QuickBooks Desktop.

  4. Step 4: Update the Windows

    You can’t fix QuickBooks error 15103 until or unless you will keep your system up-to-date. To do so, check out the steps as follows.

    💠 Initially, you have to make a right-click on the Start button.
    💠 Now, choose Settings.
    💠 Select Update & Security.
    💠 Click Check for Updates in the Windows Update section.
    💠 If an update is available to download then hit Download and Install.
    💠 Finally, restart your system.

  5. Step 5: Download and Install QuickBooks File Doctor

    You are supposed to Download and Install QuickBooks File Doctor if you don’t want to struggle with QuickBooks error 15103.

    💠 You would have to download QuickBooks Tool Hub and move to your downloads by pressing CTRL+J.
    💠 Under your downloads list click on QuickBooksToolsHub.exe
    💠 Now, tap on Yes to allow this app to make changes.
    💠 Then, you are required to hit the Next button to install it and click Yes again for accepting the license agreement.
    💠 Once you are done with the above step, press the Next button and then click install (It may take some time).
    💠 Click on Finish when the installation is complete.
    💠 Now, you need to open QuickBooks Tool Hub (this icon will be available on the desktop).
    💠 In the Company File Issues tab, select Run QuickBooks File Doctor.
    💠 Click on Browse to choose the company file.
    💠 Select Check your file and network.
    💠 Press Continue.
    💠 In the end, enter the QuickBooks Admin password and click Next.

  6. Step 6: Uninstall & Reinstall QuickBooks in Selective Startup

    This section is also significant for those QuickBooks users who are looking for a relevant solution to QuickBooks error 15103.

    💠 You need to press Windows+R keys together from the keyboard and then a Run box will come up.
    💠 Now write MSCONFIG into the Run box and click OK.
    💠 Under the General tab, choose the Selective startup option and ensure that the Load startup items option is unchecked.
    💠 Then press the Ok button.
    💠 If prompted, tap on Restart.
    💠 Lastly, you can Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.

    Note: If you are going to uninstall QuickBooks Desktop, make sure you are handy with your product information such as License Number and Product Number. You can find this info by pressing the F2 key or Ctrl+1 key on QuickBooks.

  7. Step 7: Switch to Normal Startup Mode

    In order to resolve QuickBooks error 15103, you can go to normal startup mode.
    💠 Open the Run window by clicking on Windows+R together.
    💠 Now, you have to type MSCONFIG into the Run box and press OK.
    💠 Then, select the Normal startup.
    💠 You need to tap on Apply button and then click OK.
    💠 At last, restart your system.

  8. Step 8: Install Digital Signature Certificate 

    By installing Digital Signature Certificate, you are able to rectify QuickBooks error 15103.

    💠 Navigate to QBW32.exe which is in the C:\Program File\Intuit\ QuickBooks that represents the QuickBooks version you’re currently using.
     💠 Now, you need to write QBW32.exe to the top right corner and then make a right-click on QBW32 and select Properties.
    💠 Go to the Digital Signatures tab and make sure that Intuit inc. is selected in the signature list.
    💠 After that, tap on Details.
    💠 In the Digital Signature, the detail window clicks on the View Certificate.
    💠 Then Hover over Install Certificate in the certificate window.
    💠 Once you are done with the above step, hit Next until the finish tab appears, and later, press Finish.
    💠 Restart your computer now.
    💠 When the import successfully completed then open the QuickBooks desktop. 
    💠 At last, download the update again.

  9. Step 9: QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

    A Clean Installation is also required to fix QuickBooks error 15103.

    💠 You are supposed to uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 Now, download and start the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
    💠 Then you would have to manually rename the QuickBooks Desktop installation folder.
    💠 Next, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 In the end, you are required to verify whether the QuickBooks update error 15103 is still there or not.

  10. Step 10: Edit Internet Explorer Settings

    You have to edit Internet Explorer Settings if you really want to get over QuickBooks error 15103.

    💠 Before moving ahead, you need to open your Internet Explorer.
    💠 Now tap on the gear icon and then select Internet Options.
    💠 Navigate to the Security tab, Trusted sites, and site.
    💠 After that, you have to add the following websites:
    1 . If you are using the US version of QuickBooks:- or
    2. In case you are using the Canadian version of QuickBooks:- or
    💠 Once all set, you can press the Close button.
    💠 Then choose the Apply option and then click OK.
    💠 Finally, you can check whether the QuickBooks error 15103 is resolved or not.

  11. Step 11: Check the Internet Connection and the Settings of QuickBooks

    To resolve QuickBooks error 15103, make sure you have a proper Internet connection.

    💠 Ensure that the QuickBooks files have internet access for incoming and outgoing.
    💠 You are also required to configure your firewall and antivirus.
    💠 In case you try to download the update and the firewall is not associated with QuickBooks can be because of the 15103 error code.

  12. Step 12: In safe Mode download the Update

    QuickBooks error 15103 might be fixed if you download the Update in safe mode.

    💠 Initially, open your system in safe mode.
    💠 Then download the update.
    💠 Once you are done with the above step, restart your system in normal mode.
    💠 Lastly, redownload the update and verify whether is fixed or not.

  13. Step 13: Firewall and Antivirus Defender Configure

    Configuration of the Firewall and Antivirus Defender is imperative to resolve QuickBooks error 15103. 

    💠 You are required to set up your firewall anti-virus defender to check that your QuickBooks files are saved and secure.
    💠 If your firewall is not configured then it can damage QuickBooks files when it comes to downloading updates and reinstalling any version.

  14. Step 14: Repair QuickBooks using Windows File Repair

    By repairing QuickBooks, you can keep “QuickBooks error 15103” away from your system.

    💠 You would have to use Task Manager to close all programs running in the background. 
    💠 Now, make right-click on your taskbar and click on Task Manager from the menu that opens.
    💠 Here, you will view a list of programs running on your computer. 
    💠 Now, tap on the Program and select End Task to close the program. 
    💠 Make sure all programs are closed and later you can close the task manager. 
    💠 On your windows search, you have to write Control Panel and hit on the Control Panel app from the search results.
    💠 You are required to select Uninstall a Program from the Programs section on the Control Panel window. 
    💠 If you do not see this then search for Programs and features and then click on it.
    💠 The next window will show you a list of programs that are currently installed on your computer. 
    💠 After that, highlight the version of QuickBooks you are updating and choose Uninstall/Change. 
    💠 You will have to confirm your choice by clicking on Yes.
    💠 Once you are done with the above step, the uninstallation window will appear on the screen. 
    💠 Click on Next to continue.
    💠 On the next page, you will find the option of repairing the program or uninstalling it from your system. 
    💠 Tap on Repair and then press the Next button.
    💠 If Windows shows you a warning that some files are in use, then you can press Ignore because you closed all programs before proceeding with the repair.
    💠 Later, restart your computer and start QuickBooks when the repair process is successfully completed.
    💠 Check once if the update finishes without glitches or errors.

Winding up!

In this above-stated article, multiple troubleshooting techniques are described briefly in order to assist you with prompt and cutting-edge solutions for QuickBooks error 15103. But if you are unable to implement any of the steps or fail to handle several technical bugs simultaneously, feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks helpdesk team members as they have vast years of experience to tackle such errors in one go.


  1. How can I view Digital Signature Details while rectifying QuickBooks error 15103?

    To check the Digital Signature Details, you are supposed to go through the below-listed steps.

    💠 You have to open the file that contains the digital signature you want to view.
    💠 Now, hover over File, click Info and then View Signatures.
    💠 In the list, hit the down-arrow on a signature name and later tap on Signature Details.
    💠 From the Signature Details dialog box, you can determine if the signature is;
    Valid- The signature is current. The certificate is trusted and isn’t expired or revoked.
    Invaild- The certificate is revoked or the content signed has been altered.
    Recoverable error- The Signature isn’t valid now but you might be able to make it valid. The problem might be that you are offline, the certificate is expired, or the certificate issuer isn’t reliable.
    Partial Signature- A portion of a file is signed. 

  2. What to do If I need to repair my corrupted files in order to get rid of QuickBooks error 15103?

    Corrupt file errors can be unpredictable and least expected. It can not only interrupt your process but also harm your device as well. Follow the Open and Repair command if you want to get rid of a corrupt file error.

    💠 First of all, click File, open and browse then navigate to the location where the document (Word) or workbook (Excel), or presentation (PowerPoint) is stored.

    Note: Don’t try to open the file from the Recent section as this won’t go into the Open dialog box.

    💠 If you are using Microsoft Office 2013, you need to choose a location such as OneDrive or the Local Computer, and then click Browse.
    💠 In case you are using Office 2010, you don’t have to tap on Browse.
    💠 Select the file you want and then hit the arrow next to Open.
    💠 Once all set, you need to click Open and Repair.

  3. Is it possible to set up automatic updates in QuickBooks especially when the user is facing QuickBooks error 15103?

    There are many users who got tired of keeping their system up-to-date on a regular basis. If you are one of them then the below- steps are presented for you.

    💠 Hover over the Help menu and then choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 After that, you are required to switch to the Update Now tab.

    Tip: you can select the Reset Update checkbox to clear all previous update downloads.

    💠 Click Get Updates to start the download.
    💠 Once the download finishes, you have to restart your QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 If prompted, you need to accept the option to install the new release.

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