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How to Fix QuickBooks Install Not Enough Space Error?

QuickBooks Install Not Enough Space Error

QuickBooks Desktop installation error is common to occur while installing the software. This mostly happens if your Windows system does not meet the minimum system requirements.  In simple terms, QuickBooks install Not Enough Space Error is one such issue that happens when your computer’s installation drive is insufficiently large (usually C:\ drive). Another issue users may encounter is the insufficient memory error, which occurs when your computer’s free memory is less than 1 GB. When a user extracts the QB Desktop installer file, QuickBooks displays these installation issues. If you’re having problems with these types of errors due to a lack of system storage, you may quickly resolve them by following the procedures outlined in this article. 

While working on your software, you could come over some QuickBooks Error messages that say that you require all the more hard drives to complete the responsibility that is being acted in QuickBooks. You could encounter the beneath expressed advance notice message:

There is not enough space on drive C:\ to extract this package

Free some hard drive space. QuickBooks is running slowly

Error: There is not enough free space

Understanding of QuickBooks Install Not Enough Space Error

QuickBooks 2023 sometimes shows not enough disk space error. This error crops up when updating, installing, or performing usual activities in the software. There are a few indicative error messages like not enough space in the hard drive for performing the command. The associated error messages following this are:

  • Lack of space in C drives to retrieve this message.
  • QuickBooks become slow. Thus, you have to empty some of the space in the hard drive. 
  • Last but not least, error as there is no sufficient space.

The below causes can be the sole reason for such an error. Go through the problems to prevent them from cropping in the future to hamper the installation of the latest QuickBooks 2023.

Possible reasons behind the occurrence of QuickBooks install Not Enough Space Error 

The below listed are a few causes that could hinder the problem:

  • The 1GB RAM requirement for installing QuickBooks software is not met on your device.
  • Occasionally, the software is unable to detect the amount of memory accessible in the system.
  • The QuickBooks installer package has been corrupted, among other things.

Alternative Causes of the QuickBooks out-of-memory error

The out-of-memory in QuickBooks may be created because of: 

  • The software is not capable of diagnosing the available memory of the system may be due to some faults. 
  • All the system requirements of QB 2023 may not have been fulfilled.
  • The device must have at least 1 GB free space for installation else error can occur. 
  • Installer package of QB may get corrupted.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks install Not Enough Space Error 

You can proceed with the below troubleshooting after getting aware of the reasons that cause such issues:

Solution 1: Modify the Folder Settings and Set up Access Permission 

To get rid of the “QuickBooks Insufficient Disk Space” error notification, adjust folder settings and set up access rights if you don’t have enough space to install QuickBooks.

Windows 8.1 Users 

  • To go to the Run window, use the Windows + R on your keyboard
  • In the Run window’s text field, type %Temp% and press the Ok tab
  • Click “Share” from the context menu of the Temp folder
  • Choose and click “Principal” from the Add menu on the Advanced Security tab
  • Under Advanced, click on the “Find Now” button
  • Click “Ok” after you’ve chosen the user
  • Allow the user Full Control and then click the Ok tab. 

Windows 7, 8, or 10 Users 

  • On your keyboard, press the Windows + R keys together from your keyboard 
  • Press Enter in the Run box after typing %temp%
  • Do a right-click on the Temp folder
  • Then select Properties >> Sharing followed by clicking on the “Share” button
  • Add the Windows account you used to log in
  • Your QuickBooks should be updated to include the “QuickBooks Data Service User” version
  • In the end, select and click “Share” and allow both users “Full Control” Access.

Solution 2: Free some Space on your Hard Drive  

To run the installation procedure, you’ll need at least 1 GB of free space, and 2.5 GB to get the best performance out of QuickBooks. To free up space on your hard drive, use the options listed below. It can assist you in resolving the error “QuickBooks not enough space.” However, you must first check the free space on Windows.

Check Free Space on the Hard Drive 

  • Go to the Start menu in Windows
  • Open File Explorer by typing “File Explorer” into the search box
  • From the navigation bar, choose My Computer
  • This is sometimes referred to as “This PC”
  • Do a right-click on your hard drive’s icon (typically, this is your C: drive)
  • Choose the “Properties” tab and you’ll be able to check how much open space there is in the window.

Make Space on your Hard Drive

  • First, you need to clean up your hard drive.
  • Delete all of the temporary files in the Temp folder.
  • Remove any programs that you no longer use
  • Remove any papers or photos that are no longer needed
  • Refresh your installation file and try to install QuickBooks again.

Run Disk Cleanup in Windows 

  • To start with type the Disk Cleanup in the search box on your taskbar 
  • Next, you need to select Disk Cleanup from the list of results 
  • Choose the drive that you want to clean up followed by clicking on the Ok button
  • Select the file type to get rid of under the “Files to delete” tab 
  • At last, click on the Ok button.  

If in case, you need to free up more space then you can also delete the system files: 

  • Move to the Disk Cleanup and select the “Clean up system files” option 
  • Next, choose the file type in order to get rid of 
  • To get the description of the file type, you need to select the same
  • In the end, hit the “Ok” tab. 

Clear the Temp Folder 

You can delete/remove the files in your Temp folder to free up some hard drive space. Before you start, make sure that you sign in to Windows as an Admin.  

Clean up your photos and documents 

If you still need space after removing temporary files and unneeded programs, consider moving images and documents to an external hard drive. Photo and media files are notorious for taking up a lot of storage space.

Important: Make no changes to your QuickBooks files. Save them to a local hard drive. QuickBooks is unable to access data stored on external hard drives.

Refresh your Install File 

Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub if you’re trying to install QuickBooks and you’re still getting errors after freeing up space. Follow the steps in the Install Issues section. Then restart the installation.

Solution 3: Remove the Temporary Files from (%temp%) folder 

  • Go to your computer’s C:\Users \Username \AppData \Local \Temp folder 
  • By using the Control key + A on your keyboard, you can select all of the files in the Temp folder
  • For confirmation, press Delete followed by clicking on the “Yes” button
  • Try installing QuickBooks Desktop again after deleting all of the files.

Solution 4: Verify your Hard Drive

Prior to beginning any changes, check whether the disk space in the hard drive is available or not. It needs a minimum of 1 GB of space for the installation of QB software. In addition, while in its active stage, it sometimes occupies 2.5 GB of space. Thus, if there is an error message of not having enough space in C drive, you must:

  • Click on the Windows “Start” tab.
  • Navigate to “File Explorer” only if the result pops.
  • Click on “My Computer”.
  • From the list at the left hand, click on the icon stating “C drive”.
  • Select “Properties” to know the details about the spaces.

Solution 5: Fix the Temp folder filling up quickly

In Spite of opting for this troubleshooting method, if the issue still prevails, then the temper folder is the problem. The temper folder gets rapidly full often due to Microsoft store application files. There are various solutions to this problem such as: deleting the cache of Microsoft Store, store resetting or running the troubleshooter of Windows Update.

Microsoft Store Reset

  • Click on “Start”.
  • Select “Settings” and then the “System” menu.
  • Tap on “Troubleshoot”. Go to “Other Troubleshooters”.
  • Finally, select “Windows Store App”. Now, “Run”.

Clearing the File Cache of the Microsoft Store

  • Press Windows+R to launch and open the “Run” dialog box.
  • Enter the command “Wreset.exe” and tap “OK”.
  • A black command window promptly opens.
  • The window automatically closes after 10 seconds. Finally, the store launches.

Resetting the Windows Update 

  • Navigate to “Start”.
  • Select “Settings”, “System” and at the end “Troubleshoot”.
  • Choose “Other Troubleshooters” and select “Run” besides Windows Update.
  • Restart the device and wait to see if there is any QB error like QBmapi64.

Solution 6: Uninstall the programs you don’t need

Your system may be preoccupied with programs or applications that are useless now. This situation can lead to out-of-memory errors of QBmapi64. You can install those applications by:

  • Go to the “Control Panel”.
  • Select the “Programs and Features” menu.
  • From the “Uninstall” option, select the one you will be uninstalling.
  • Follow the commands to successfully delete the application. 
  • The final step is to cross-check if the error still exists.

Solution 7: Clear your photos and documents

You must follow this section if the error returns even after uninstalling the unwanted applications. Clear up the documents or the photos. Transfer these files to any external storage device. It empties the storage space. However, if you are planning to transfer the QuickBooks files as well, it is not a feasible option.

To check the amount of space each file occupies, just: 

  • Enter the “File Explorer” and select the file you will be transferring.
  • Select any folder from “This PC” to look at the saved data. You will find the Downloads, Music or Pictures section store the largest file.
  • To know about the file size tap on “View” on the taskbar. To opt for the details, right-click on the blank space. You can also view the files as per their size after sorting them.
  • Transfer the less used or unwanted files to the external storage device. Delete them if they are of no use in the future.

Run the antivirus scan

Running the antivirus scan ensures that your system is secure from any malware attack which occupies a large space of your drive. Clean them up by running a virus scan. Also, refresh the installer file to download any application without a CD or DVD.

Consider upgrading

If all the above solutions fail, it’s time to upgrade. The few options of upgradation are:

  • If you are a QB Desktop Enterprise user, you must consider cloud hosting service. 
  • As you plan to upgrade your system, transfer the QuickBooks to another system before it. 

How to Fix QuickBooks Insufficient Free Memory Error

It is already said that QuickBooks needs a space of 1 GB to install and extract its files in the system. Even after enough space, the system can also show the error that a specific amount of memory is free when QB requires minimum 1 GB free memory. Freeing the memory is a way to overcome the error of QuickBooks disk space. 

Change Min System Requirements for QuickBooks Installation

  • Open the Run box by the keyboard shortcut Windows+R.
  • Enter the command “%temp%” in the blank message space.
  • Click on “Enter”.
  • In the temp folder, select the QuickBooks file to copy-paste in the desktop location.
  • Open the folder and double click on the Q Books folder. 
  • Right click on the “Framework.xml” file.
  • To open the file editor, tap on “Edit”.
  • Open the find dialog box by Ctrl+F, type the message “MinRequirements” and click on “Enter”.
  • Modify the number ranging from “1000 to 0” from the section “Memory>1000MB</Memory” under the “MinRequirements” category. 
  • Save the changes and close it.
  • Double-click on “Setup.exe” under the installation folder.


We hope that this information has been useful in assisting you to overcome QuickBooks installation issues named “QuickBooks install Not enough Space Error”. Although, you may encounter a variety of challenges while utilizing or completing the procedures. If you have any questions about anything in this article or are having problems with the procedure, you can visit our website to contact our ProAdvisor.


If your machine lacks Storage sense, you can erase temporary and system files using the Disk Cleanup program.

  • Type disc cleanup into the taskbar’s search box, then choose it from the list of options
  • Check the boxes which are next to the file types you want to get rid of
    Thumbnails, Temporary Internet Files, and Downloaded Program Files should be selected by default
  • If you don’t wish to destroy the files, make sure those checkboxes are cleared
  • Clean up system files, then select the type of system files that you wish to delete to free up even more space
  • Disk Cleanup will determine how much space can be cleaned up in a few moments
  • Select OK once you’ve decided the file types you want to delete
  • To begin the cleanup, select Delete files in the confirmation window.

If you have a downloaded installer, proceed the below steps:

  • * Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run window 
  • * Type %temp% within the Run Windows text box 
  • * Press Enter or OK to continue
  • * Within the Temp folder, look for the QuickBooks Desktop folder
  • * Copy the folder to your desktop and paste it there
  • * Double-click on the Q Books folder in the QuickBooks folder
  • * Right-click on the Framework.xml file to open it
  • * To open the file in a text editor, select Edit
  • * Press Ctrl + F, then type MinRequirements into the search box followed by hitting Enter
  • * From the line Memory>1000MB/Memory> under MinRequirements>, change the number from 1000 to 0
  • * Close the file by clicking “Save” from the File tab
  • * In the end, from the installation folder, double-click Setup.exe.

You can also restart your system and then use any other extracting software to unzip the package that you want to utilize. If that doesn’t work, try downloading the package once again and open it again to look for the error.

Yes, you can launch the QB Install Diagnostic Tool that comes under the QuickBooks Tool Hub. It fixes the space problems in your system. You can even restart your device to fix the glitch. If the error still persists, go to the installation section under the Tool Hub to fix the problem.

You can install QuickBooks on Mac without any CD drive. Enter the QB website. Under the resource section, click on the link to download the QB Desktop version. Save the file in an easy location of your system. As you double-click on the executable files of the folder, it gets launched. Wait for the installation to finish successfully.

Yes, the disk space troubleshooting methods are the same for the other versions of QuickBooks like QB Enterprise 2019, QB Pro 2018, QB Enterprise 2018 and other versions.

The minimum requirement is 1 GB free memory to install the QuickBooks program in any computer. Moreover, it can occupy as much as 2 GB space while running some of its files.

To support the smooth installation of QB, you must:

  • Clean up the Temp folder.
  • Remove the less user applications.
  • Clean the disk
  • Transfer files such as documents, photos, etc to another external drive.
  • Use another drive in the system leaving the C drive (if available).
  • Run an antivirus scan to remove the malware.

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