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Easy Ways to Fix QuickBooks Mapped Drive Not Showing

QuickBooks Mapped Drive Not Showing

Reasons for QuickBooks not showing mapped drives are Security software blocking connection to company file, Folder permissions aren’t configured properly, Issues with server or workstations, Problem with network connection & Multi-user mode not configured properly

Error: QuickBooks mapped drive not showing

When QuickBooks mapped drive doesn’t show up, users cannot access the company file stored on a separate server or system. Even though you may have set up the cloud hosting perfectly and enabled multi-user mode, you may still encounter such errors because of several other reasons. One reason is the firewall in windows. The default firewall software notoriously blocks communication from QuickBooks desktop when a company file is hosted on a separate server. That’s why users often have to create custom firewall rules to get through this problem.

If QuickBooks mapped drive is not visible to certain or to all users, then the location of the company file may have been changed but not updated in the database server manager, which keeps track of the location and changes in the company files. You may also have to repair the program files that are related to QuickBooks desktop so that QuickBooks desktop can function properly on your system. We’ll also tell you the steps to correctly configure your firewall.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix QuickbOoks mapped drives not showing errors.

Why is the QuickBooks mapped drive not showing?

In most cases, the Quickbooks mapped drive is not visible because the connection between QuickBooks and windows is being blocked by a security software such as windows firewall. Changing the location of the company file without updating the location in the database server manager can also cause this error.

Note: you’ll require admin rights to work through most of the solutions offered below.

Solution steps to fix QuickBooks mapped drive not showing

If the QuickBooks mapped drive isn’t visible for one or multiple users, then you can try a variety of solutions to deal with separate issues that may be causing the error. Unluckily, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact solution that works for you. So go through each solution in the order they’re provided.

Note: before beginning with the steps provided below, please make sure that you’re trying to open a .QBW file with QuickBooks. Other extensions aren’t compatible with this software, so if you accidently changed the extionshion while renaming the company file, then fix the file type first.

Total Time: 20 minutes

Step 1: Set firewall rules

Set firewall rules

If you get the error: cannot communicate with the company file due to a firewall, then you need to create custom firewall rules so that you can access the company file on the mapped drive. Before you begin, update QuickBooks and windows.

Follow these steps to create custom firewall rules for QuickBooks desktop:

💠 Go to the Start menu.
💠 Type in, then click on Windows Firewall.
💠 Click on Advanced Settings, then Inbound Rules from the left panel.
💠 Click on New Rules in the right panel.
💠 Click on Port, then Next.
💠 After selecting TCP, enter the ports specific for your version of QuickBooks desktop. Our accounting experts can help you to find the same.
💠 Click on Next, then Allow the Connection, then Next again.
💠 Mark all the profiles, then choose Next.
💠 Enter name and description for this new firewall rule.
💠 Click on Finish.

In addition to a new inbound rule, you must also create a new outbound rule so that the connection isn’t interrupted by a firewall. You’ll have to follow similar steps after you’re selected outbound rules from the left panel.

Note: if you’ve another security software that has the permission to block network connection, then you should definitely disable it before you check the resolution of the error.

Step 2: Alter Folder Permissions In Windows

Alter Folder Permissions In Windows

If QuickBooks does not have the right level of permission to access the company file, then you won’t be able to view the mapped drives. In order for QuickBooks to show the mapped drives, you can configure folder permissions in windows.

Here are the steps to set permissions for folder and file access in windows:

💠 Go to the Start menu.
💠 Choose File Explorer, then go to the folder containing the company file.
💠 Click on Properties.
💠 In the Sharing tab, click on Share Add.
💠 Choose QBDataServiceUserXX, where XX stands for the version of your QuickBooks desktop.
💠 Choose Full Control as the permission level.
💠 Select Share.

If, however, you’re using windows server 2012, then here are the steps to make mapped drives visible in QuickBooks by configuring the folder and file permissions:

💠 Right click on the Start menu, choose Run.
💠 Enter ServerManager.
💠 Click on Ok to run the command.
💠 Go to File and Storage Services.
💠 Choose Shares.
💠 Click on the Task drop-down menu, then select New Share. Here you can view all the file share profiles. To view differences between any two profiles, you can read their descriptions.
💠 Click on SMB SHare – Quick.
💠 Click on Share Location.
💠 Click on Type a custom path, then Browse.
💠 Once you’ve located the folder, click on Select a Folder, then Next.

You’ve configured the folder permissions in your windows operating system. So now you should be able to view the mapped drives unless the problem is with the program files related to QuickBooks desktop.

Step 3: Switch off hosting on all connected workstations

Switch off hosting on all connected workstations

If you’ve hosted a company file and are using it in multi-user mode, then you will find these steps helpful. But if the company file isn’t hosted, then you can skip this solution and proceed to the next one directly.

To begin, we’re going to turn off multi-user mode on each workstation so that we can disconnect all workstations from the server.

If QuickBooks Mapped Drive Not Showing, then follow these steps to disconnect all workstations:

💠 Lunch QuickBooks desktop on each workstation.
💠 Rather than launch a company file, go to the File menu, then choose Utilities.
💠 Click on Stop Hosting Multi-user Access.

Note: you need to repeat these steps on all the workstations connected to the server.

Once you’ve disconnected all of the workstations, you need to go to the server computer and perform these steps to make mapped drives visible in QuickBooks:

💠 Launch QuickBooks desktop on your server computer.
💠 Click on File, then Utilities.
💠 Click on Host Multi-user Access.
💠 Click on Stop Multi-user Access
💠 Repeat these steps and choose Host Multi-user access.

You’ve successfully reset all of the settings in QuickBooks desktop so that you can easily work with the program. You should now be able to connect your workstations with the company file and view the mapped drives in Quickbooks desktop.

Step 4: Change the location of your company file

Change the location of your company file

If the location of your company file isn’t accessible for some particular reason, then QuickBooks desktop will not show mapped drives.

To move your company file to a different folder, follow the steps given below:

💠 Click on Start, then File Explorer.
💠 Go to the Folder containing your Company File.
💠 Right click on the Company File, choose Copy.
💠 Go to a separate directory and right click, then choose Paste.
💠 Launch QuickBooks desktop.
💠 Go to File, then select Open or restore company.
💠 Choose the new company of the company file, then choose Open.

You’ve successfully moved the company file to a new location so that QuickBooks desktop can access it and view the mapped drives.


QuickBooks mapped drive not showing can lead to serious problems when you’re working in multi-user mode. The error prevents you from accessing the company file that is stored on a separate server, so you need to resolve the error before you can begin working on your accounting data. We hope that these solutions helped you get through this error.


  1. Should I repair the program if the QuickBooks mapped drive is not showing?

    If mapped drives aren’t available in QuickBooks, then repairing the program files may help you resolve the error. However, it may be better to rely on utilities such as QuickBooks tool hub before you proceed to repair the files. Sometimes the error isn’t with the program files but with the company file. So it’s essential to first diagnose the problem that is causing the error, and then performing steps to resolve that problem.

  2. Why should I replace the ND files if mapped drives aren’t visible in QuickBooks?

    The ND files contain the list of the latest company files that you accessed on your system. It basically stores the location of these files. However, when the ND file has a wrong location stored in it, and updating the location doesn’t alter the location of the company file in the ND file, then you’re likely to get an error. So by renaming the ND file, you can preserve the old one while QuickBooks creates a new one for you so that the new location can be used without the mapped drives error.

  3. Can my security software cause QUickBooks to now show mapped drives?

    Yes, it can. Security software, even the inbuilt ones, can interfere with network connection to protect your system from malicious interference. But sometimes they end up blocking connections that are both secure and required for accessing a particular program. In such cases, you can create new rules or get in touch with the provider of the security software to get a resolution.

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