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QuickBooks Payroll Instructions

QuickBooks Payroll Instructions

QuickBooks Payroll Instructions DIY

With recent increase in the cost of most popular payroll subscription – QuickBooks Payroll, incepted by Intuit, the impact will be seen not only on the small to medium sized businesses and startups but also on the certified ProAdvisors, who proficiently deal with business’ payroll section or provide their expert advice time to time. .

Consequently more and more businesses will forgo taking up payroll subscription in order to avoid extra cost and go back to depending on the old method of payroll accountability through paper tax tables and manually perform all payroll tasks.

QuickBooks ProAdvisors, expert in field of payroll, guide their clients to handle and manage automatic payroll section without offering even inkling about another alternative present for the users. Alternative option is Manual Payroll through QuickBooks Accounting Software rather than QuickBooks Payroll Subscription. .

Many Payroll experts are quite aware about this option which they generally do not tell their clients even while teaching the not so simple automated payroll concept. Although many small sized businesses would prefer to choose the automated payroll processing, the cost of the subscription restricts which is further made difficult with increase in price.

For such businesses Manual Payroll processing option in QuickBooks is perfect choice. User can also connect QuickBooks Payroll Customer service for any quarries .

There are a number of questions comes into the user’s mind like.

Special Instructions For Quickbooks Payroll Processing

Numerous businesses, especially family run ones, have for some time followed the traditional trend of manually processing payroll for all their employees by following the tax rates provided in tax tables to avoid any miscalculations while processing payroll deductions and writing down paychecks.

Although this feature was an appreciative alternative for payroll processing it was discontinued in the software to promote QuickBooks Payroll Subscription.

To manually setup the Payroll processing within QuickBooks user needs to follow instructions below:

  • Firstly open your QuickBooks software and locate Help tab on the menu bar. Further select QuickBooks Help option.
  • Under the new screen look for an article titled Calculate Payroll Manually – basically a manual setup in article form.
  • This search will display many payroll related topics of which the user should select the topic called Calculating Payroll Taxes Manually (Without a Subscription to QB Payroll)
  • In the new window, the whole topic in detail can be read, Along with imperative information on manual payroll, user needs to keep themselves abreast about the disclosure put up by Intuit stating that the company do not take any liability for any mistake or miscalculation made while manual payroll. This liability does not impact users who are already preparing payroll through tax tables for their employees.
  • Once you have gone through all the information user can locate a sentence right in the bottom paragraph of the topic stating – “Set Your Company File to Use the Manual Payroll Calculations Setting” Click on the hyperlink made over Manual Payroll Calculations which will take you to new window.
  • The new window is first prompted with a message asking user to be sure that they want to continue with the manual settings for payroll. The message tries to make the user to rethink about QuickBooks Payroll Subscription as better option. To confirm manual settings click on the link labeled ‘Set my company file to use manual settings’.
  • The software then displays a message stating – “You must now calculate and enter your paycheck amounts manually. If you currently have an active QuickBooks Payroll Service Subscription, you must call the Intuit Payroll Service to cancel your subscription and avoid future charges.”
  • Now manual processing of payroll has started. Under List menu, many of the payroll items have been added along with the in-built functionality of calculating required payroll taxes prevalent with automated payroll processing with an exception of putting in required data manually.
  • QuickBooks also allows for processing of features like Payroll checks that were previously not available within the software.
  • User can customize his payroll needs and set up a manual process with payroll items, taxes and employees as per their needs and company requirements. In some scenarios certain tax on payroll items remains constant like Social Security and Medicare rate that can be verified through tax tables in order to figure out current rates. While in other cases, user will have to calculate tax rates on their own.
Get More Help to Manage QuickBooks Payroll Processing

The value of manual payroll and automated payroll cannot be compared as both are accessed differently by different segment of businesses. For example in case of large business organizations it is fruitful to subscribe for automated QuickBooks payroll rather than manually performing all functions for each employee.

However, manual payroll processing is more beneficial for two man shop or small businesses especially the ones having consistent time period for payroll processing. The above steps should easily setup manual payroll processing function.


  1. What is the objective of a payroll?

    The primary aim of a payroll department of any organization is to ensure that its staff has got their wages on time with accurate deductions and correct withholdings.

  2. Why is the accurate payroll calculation necessary?

    The right calculations in paycheck deductions, salary, incentives, paid and sick time, etc. are beneficial to streamline accounting, payroll & HR. It helps the company to pay its employees in-time and in an accurate way.

  3. What do you mean by journal entry for payroll?

    Payroll journal entries contain the record of the compensation paid to employees. It includes all additional taxes, withholdings of the employee pay, and gross salary.

  4. Why should I read the payroll instructions?

    You should read the relevant guidance regarding payroll before a manual setup of the payroll processing. These instructions are beneficial for the new users for setting up and managing payroll. It includes information about the company, direct deposits, prior payrolls, etc.

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