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QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

From time to time, there are a handful of QuickBooks errors and bugs popping-up on screen due to numerous reasons that hamper work and bother users. QuickBooks Unrecoverable error is one among common errors that many users are reported in multiple scenarios.

However, QuickBooks Unrecoverable error can be caused due to network issues and damaged files. Unrecoverable error usually displays 10 digits containing 5-digits space 5-digits space with different numeric error codes while using the software. 

This post will provide you with a thorough explanation of the error. You’ll get a good picture of common QuickBooks Unrecoverable error by looking at its causes and symptoms.

After that, you can move on to the troubleshooting section containing all possible solutions to fix it with ease.

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What does QuickBooks Unrecoverable error imply?

The error is also known as one of the most common errors which generally occurs when you try to open your company file or when you click on the save, print, or ship icon at the top of a transaction. This error shows that your QuickBooks has experienced “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close” during accessing or opening the company file. Not only that you can also obtain the error, but you can also get 10 digit error numbers like XXXXX XXXXX after 5 digit numbers, you’ll notice that there’s a space.

Moreover, the error indicates that one or more of the critical programs required for the functionality have an issue or problem. This indicates that the issue prevents you from accessing your company file through any of your paths. Now, let’s move to another section of this post and check what are common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error and how to overcome them. 

Major factors responsible for common QuickBooks Unrecoverable error 

You can look through the list below to learn about the major causes of the error:

  • If you’re having problems with your PC.
  • The QuickBooks updates aren’t carried out correctly.
  • When Windows updates aren’t installed.
  • Due to data integrity issues, there are issues with the QB company file.
  • Some of QuickBooks’ most important components have been corrupted or damaged.
  • When you attempted to get into the QB corporate file and encountered network problems.
  • Power outages are another cause of this problem because they stop all of the files from working.
  • When data becomes corrupted and a program code is required to correct it.

Signs and symptoms of common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

It’s important that a user is aware of all the signs and symptoms of the common QuickBooks Unrecoverable error. This will assist them in swiftly identifying the problem and arriving at a reasonable remedy before more productivity loss occurs. So, these are the signs and symptoms of a QB Unrecoverable Error:

  • The QB desktop window crashes.
  • QuickBooks crashes the moment you open it.
  • The update process freezes up at random times or takes hours to complete.
  • When QuickBooks freezes, a user is unable to work.
  • The transactions will not be saved in the company file by the user.
  • QuickBooks will not receive a software update.
  • While doing a specific task, the software will crash.
  • The user will be unable to locate a previously saved transaction in the company file.

Important pointers must be taken into considerations 

Before you proceed to troubleshoot methods, it is important that 

1. Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release 

QuickBooks Desktop can be updated automatically or manually. When you enable Automatic Updates, QuickBooks automatically download and install the most recent updates as soon as they are available. Check for updates at least once a month if you opt to do them yourself.

Let’s check out the update steps:

  • First, you have to download the latest updates
  • Close your QuickBooks and your company files
  • Open the Start menu in Windows
  • Look for QuickBooks Desktop on the internet
  • Select Run as administrator from the context menu when you right-click the icon
  • Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks Desktop while on the No Company Open screen
  • Select the Options option from the drop-down menu
  • After that, select Save and then Mark All
  • Select the Reset Update checkbox on the Update Now tab
  • Select Get Updates when you’re ready
  • Close and reopen QuickBooks Desktop after the update is complete
  • Select “Yes” to apply the updates
  • Restart your computer after the installation is complete.

2. Create a backup of your company file 

  • Select Switch to Single-user Mode from the File menu in QuickBooks
  • Move to the File menu and select Backup Company
  • Then choose Create Local Backup from the drop-down menu
  • Select Local Backup and click Next in the open window
  • Select Browse in the Local Backup Only option and navigate to the location where you want to save your backup company file
  • Decide how many backups you wish to retain (This is an optional step)
  • Before you save, this conducts a test to ensure that your backup file is in good order
  • Select the Ok tab when you’re finished
  • Choose Save it now followed by hitting the “Next” button
  • In the end, you’ll receive a confirmation message “QuickBooks creates a single company file” after the backup is successfully done. 

When you get an unrecoverable error, select “Send” every time. Intuit may be able to use the information received to generate patch updates to improve the software.

Common Unrecoverable Error Codes 

00551 4627415563 1389000000 1520419758 63847
00227 5500802457 7942813824 7558220103 33023
20888 4117116059 9870900000 1477513730 84631

In multiple situations, you can get 

#1. QuickBooks unrecoverable error when opening file

What is it?

If you try to open a company file saved over the network from a workstation and get an Unrecoverable error message. If the QBCF monitor service is running on a machine that isn’t hosting the company file, this can happen. Make sure hosting is turned on in your server or primary computer if you’re operating QuickBooks in a multi-user environment and have a dedicated server or machine for storing your company file.

To avoid this problem from occurring again, turn off hosting on all workstations except the server. 

How to Fix it?

Solution 1: Run the Quick Fix my Program from the QuickBooks Tools Hub 

Step 1: Download and Install the QB Tools Hub 
  • The very first, QuickBooks should be closed
  • The QuickBooks Tool Hub’s most recent version ( is available for download
  • Save the file somewhere you’ll be able to find it quickly (like your Downloads folder or your Windows desktop)
  • Open the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
  • Install by following the on-screen instructions and agreeing to the terms and conditions
  • When the installation is complete, double-click the tool hub icon on your Windows desktop to launch it.
Step 2: Run Quick Fix my Program 
  • Select Program Problems from the QuickBooks Tools Hub
  • Select Quick Fix My Program from the drop-down menu
  • Open your data file in QuickBooks Desktop.
Step 3: Prevent the QBCF Monitor service on the workstation from restarting
  • To open the Run window, use Windows + R on your keyboard
  • Select Ok after typing services.msc
  • To open the Properties, go down the list and double-click QBCFMonitorService
  • As the Startup type, select “Disabled”
  • Finally, hit “Apply” followed by the Ok button.

If you are still experiencing the same issue then you can try repairing your QuickBooks Desktop installation. 

Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when opening file, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#2. QuickBooks rebuild data unrecoverable error

What is it?

At times, you’ll receive QuickBooks rebuild data unrecoverable error after rebuilding your company file. Moreover, it will display Target Chaining errors like 

Verify.c (4620): CHECKPOINT: 1104: Thu Jul 14 15:36:39 Target Chaining: Target ###### in transaction ######, points to ‘next’ target ###### which is NOT in that transaction

Verify.c (4747): CHECKPOINT: 3544: Fri Jul 01 11:25:45 Target Chaining: Next target pointer error in transaction #####. These errors mostly happen when there is insufficient RAM (memory) allocation during the Verify/Rebuild. If the company file is more than 2GB, then perform the below steps to sort it out.

How to fix it?

1. Run Rebuild

  • Select Utilities from the QuickBooks File menu, then Rebuild Data
  • After selecting OK, wait for the rebuild to complete
Note: The View Results screen that appears immediately after the Rebuild may display inaccurate results in the Errors we couldn't solve section. Please discard this message.

2. Run Verify to make sure there aren’t any more issues

  • Select Utilities and then Verify Data from the QuickBooks File menu
  • Wait for the verification to complete before selecting OK.

If these procedures don’t work, you’ll need to restore a backup that was produced before the Target Chaining problem occurred during the Rebuild. If you’re unsure which backup to restore, open the company files and use F2 (or Ctrl+1) to bring up the Product Information screen. Check the RB date under the Versions used in the File section.

On the company file that has been restored, you will find the following information:

  • On your keyboard, type F2 (or Ctrl+1). Make sure there is no RB date or that it is not near to the day the problem started on the Product Information page.
  • Run the Rebuild tool, then Verify it. Look for another backup if it still fails and you’re having problems with bills/invoices and payments, or if Transaction Detail reports still show Version 2.0.
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks rebuild data unrecoverable error, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#3. QuickBooks unrecoverable error creating an invoice

What is it?

Well, this is also one among instances when users are reporting QuickBooks unrecoverable error creating invoices. It occurs due to random causes as discussed in the above section.

How to fix it?

You can fix by following the below methods:

Method 1: Identify how many users are affected 

Determine how many users are impacted when they open the same company file with a different login credential. If the issue only affects one user, the credential of that person may be compromised. If this is the case, you should recreate the user who has been damaged.

If a regular user is damaged 
  • Select Set Up Users and Passwords >>> Set Up Users is found under the Company menu
  • For Enterprise users: select Users >>> Set Up Users and Roles is available from the Company menu
  • After selecting Add User…, provide the username and password followed by selecting the “Next” button
  • Select Finish after customizing the user as needed
  • Close Company/Logoff can be selected under the File menu
  • Use the new login credential to access the company’s files.
If the Admin user is damaged

From the QuickBooks Tool Hub, run the QuickBooks File Doctor. The QuickBooks Tool Hub assists in the correction of frequent errors. To use the tool hub, QuickBooks must be closed.

Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error creating invoice, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#4. QuickBooks unrecoverable error on startup

What is it?

While launching your QB software and its company files, you may also observe QuickBooks unrecoverable error. Reasons can be multiple as listed above.

How to fix it?

Try fixing your QuickBooks Desktop using the below steps:

  • First and foremost, the QB desktop must be re-registered in Windows
  • To do so, double-click the reboot.exe file
  • Now you must repair the issue in the installed framework
  • After that, reinstall QuickBooks desktop
  • Attempt to update QuickBooks to the most recent version
  • Simply run the QuickBooks component repair program to repair any damaged components or files.
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error on startup, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#5. QuickBooks unrecoverable error when closing

What is it?

As said before, unrecoverable errors are common to occur and you can encounter the same while closing any of the opened windows in the QuickBooks file. It can happen when the data becomes corrupted and require a program code for repairing it or may be because of the power outages as it stops all the files that are doing their work.

How to Fix it?

Resolve the error by making a New Windows Admin 

Here are the leading steps that will help you in conducting the same in order to create a new window admin:

Windows 7 and 8
  • By hitting Windows + R, you can access the Run window
  • In the field, type Control Panel
  • Then press the Ok button
  • Select the User Accounts tab from the drop-down menu
  • Then, select Manage Another Account
  • Select the opposite tab. Make a new account
  • Provide the new account’s name
  • The Administrator tab should be selected
  • Finally, hit the Create Account tab.
Windows 8.1
  • To go to the Run window, press Windows + R together from your keyboard
  • In the space field, place the Control Panel
  • Then press the Ok button
  • After that, select User Accounts
  • After that, go to another Account page and manage it
  • Simply select the other accounts menu and then the add an account tab
  • Make an attempt to log in without using your Microsoft account
  • Make sure to select the tab for the local account
  • Please enter your username and password
  • Next should be selected
  • When you’ve completed all of the steps, a new window called Manage Other Accounts will appear
  • After that, touch on the newly created account
  • Select the Edit option
  • The next step is to select the admin tab
  • Select the Ok button. 
Windows 10 
  • The first step entails tapping on the Start menu
  • Next, you have to move to the Settings section
  • Simply select Accounts from the drop-down menu
  • Select the tab for Family and other users
  • Navigate to Add someone else to this computer in the following step
  • It’s under the icon of the other user
  • Navigate to the tab I don’t know this person’s sign-in information therefore cannot choose it
  • Make a move towards Add a Microsoft Account user
  • Continue to the following stage and give your new account a new name
  • Select the Finish button
  • Give yourself a password that will keep you safe and secure
  • Go to the account that was just created
  • After that, select the Account type tab
  • Go to the administrator tab once you’ve finished the procedure
  • In the end, select the Ok tab.
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when closing, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#6. QuickBooks unrecoverable error when emailing

What is it?

The unrecoverable error also comes up when users try to email, save or print the documents of QB Desktop. There are causes that give rise to such nuisance.

How to fix it?

To resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when emailing:

Copy the QB file to your Desktop 

  • Open the folder where the QB file was saved
  • Locate the file with the.qbw extension by going to the location option
  • Make a duplicate of the file and save it to your desktop
  • After that, run the software by pressing the Ctrl key
  • Now a popup titled No Company Open will appear
  • Simply select Open and browse to the file you used to save the company file.
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when emailing, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#7. QuickBooks unrecoverable error when exporting to excel

What is it?

The QuickBooks unrecoverable error indicates that the accounting software has experienced the critical application fault. These error codes can be seen when you open the company file or when exporting to excel.

Moreover, there are a few of the relevant factors that might lead to the QuickBooks unrecoverable errors and also the codes that might be seen along with it.

How to fix it?

Suppressing the QB Desktop may overcome the error 

Step 1: Turn off your computer’s desktop while opening QuickBooks
  • To begin, press and hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard
  • After that, double-tap the QuickBooks app icon
  • Press the Ctrl key once more until the No company open window shows on the screen.
Step 2: When you’re working on a company file, turn off the desktop.
  • From the No company open window, choose the required company file
  • After that, hold down the Alt key while selecting the open icon
  • If you are routed to the login details, release the Alt key and type in the login credentials
  • Keep pressing the Alt key if you are not routed to the login page
  • Then press the Alt key, then select the Ok tab
  • Make sure you don’t let go of the Alt key until the file is completely open.
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when exporting to excel, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#8. QuickBooks unrecoverable error when importing accountant’s changes

What is it?

There are a number of Unrecoverable error codes that pop up on screen when importing accountant’s changes. Few are like Unrecoverable Error 00000 16440, 00000 42127, 00000 16133, 00000 41765, etc. Most of these errors are normally recovered by the import process on its own, and the import is completed. When you’re finished, QuickBooks Desktop will provide you with a report of the adjustments that couldn’t be imported and why. The client’s company file can then be manually updated with the unapplied changes.

How to fix it?

Solution 1: Continue the Import process 

  • When an error message appears, select the Send option
  • To resume the import, select the Ok tab
  • If there are changes that haven’t been applied to the client’s file, a list shows. Make these adjustments manually.

Solution 2: Verify data and re-create change file 

  • Restore a recent backup or the backup made when the accountant’s adjustments were imported
  • Run a Verify and rebuild data on the client’s file
  • Update your QuickBooks Desktop to the most recent version
  • In QuickBooks Desktop, create a new change file in the Accountant’s copy.

Solution 3: Abandon changes 

  • Remove the accountant’s copy restriction in the client file
  • Fix the damage issues 
  • Create an accountant’s copy to recreate changes. 
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when importing accountant's changes, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#9. QuickBooks unrecoverable error when logging in

What is it?

Unrecoverable error also experienced when users are trying to log in to QuickBooks company file and all of sudden it shows there is a network issue. Another cause of this error is power outages as it stops all the files that are doing their work.

How to fix it?

Fixation steps to repair QuickBooks unrecoverable error when logging in

1. Shut down the QB Desktop from accessing all Windows 

  • To begin, press the Alt key from your console 
  • Perform a right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select “Double-Click to Open”
  • Release the alt key if your system prompts you for a dialogue box
  • Please enter the password for the account you used to log in
  • Ok should be selected in your further move 
  • If the software is already running, press the Alt key 
  • By pressing the ALT key again, the process will be completed
  • When you use QuickBooks, just close all other apps that are running in the background.

2. If the above steps don’t fix the error, you can try manually to resolve QuickBooks unrecoverable error when logging in

  • Initially, attempt to repair the QuickBooks program
  • After that, get the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and execute it
  • After that, use Clean Install to reinstall QuickBooks
  • Manually repair the Microsoft components if possible
  • If you run into any issues, get assistance from a Microsoft support staff or an IT specialist
  • The Microsoft .NET framework must be reinstalled
  • Recover the Microsoft MSXML if possible
  • Make sure Microsoft Visual C++ is uninstalled or reinstalled
  • Finally, simply reboot the .exe file.
Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks unrecoverable error when logging in, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

#10. QuickBooks Unrecoverable error when performing a bank reconciliation or select a transaction for reconciliation

If QuickBooks Desktop crashes with an unrecoverable error when opening a PDF file or reconciling with an earlier version of Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, it is highly suggested that you fix the Adobe reader. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that error codes can differ. When:

  • Adobe Reader 10.0, 9.0, or 8.0 is installed, as well as the option to display PDFs in the browser.
  • Adobe 11.0 (XI) and subsequent versions don’t have the option to display PDFs in the browser by default, which may help to resolve the issue in the future.

Another key factor to consider is that if you already have Adobe Acrobat 10.0, 9.0, or 8.0, you will only need to purchase a new version. The reason for this is that Acrobat is a premium product that requires purchasing a new version, which means it, is not free like Adobe Reader.

How to fix it?

You can skip the first solution if you don’t want to upgrade your Adobe Acrobat version.

Solution 1: Adobe Reader must be updated to the most recent version

  • You must go to the Adobe Reader and select the help and about Adobe Reader options, respectively
  • If you see versions such as 8.0, 9.0, or 10.0, you may simply upgrade to 11.0 by downloading the adobe reader 11.0 from the official website
  • Follow the steps to install Adobe Reader 11.0 and then reboot your computer when you’ve finished updating Adobe Reader to the most recent version. You can also try to view the prior bank reconciliation report.

Solution 2: Modify the display PDF in your browser preference 

It should be noted that this solution is only compatible with Adobe 10.0, 9.0, and 8.0.

  • In order to examine a list of installed programs, choose Programs/All Programs from the Windows start menu
  • You’ll also need to select Adobe Reader/Acrobat
  • It should be mentioned that Adobe XI (11.0) and later do not by default display a PDF in the browser.
  • if you’re using an older version, the only way to fix the problem is to update
  • Going forward, all you have to do is select the edit and preferences tab
  • When you go to the preferences page, select Internet from the categories list
  • In the web browser options area, click to delete the preference for displaying PDFs in the browser
  • To complete the transaction, press the OK button.

Solution 3: Make use of QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery 

You can use QB auto data recovery method to restore your damaged or deleted QuickBooks backup files. This solution can help you to fix common unrecoverable errors in QB. 

Note: Hope you've resolve the QuickBooks Unrecoverable error when performing a bank reconciliation or select a transaction for reconciliation, if not then have words with experts through the Instant Live Chat Option Available below:

In Conclusion!

Well, the above discussed are the situations, error codes when you experience Common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error. All of these errors will undoubtedly fix the problem. Don’t be concerned about the relevance of these remedies because they have been approved by professionals. To get a better result, simply follow the instructions for each step. Start with the first option and work your way to the one where your system functions smoothly. We hope you find this post useful and that it answers all of your questions. In case, any of your queries are still unanswerable, you can simply drop your concerns on the LIVE CHAT box and you’ll get relevant solutions for your queries.

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