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Conversion of Sage 50 Premium to Sage 50 Pro

This post will teach you how to upgrade Sage 50 Premium to Pro. This implies that we will assist you in converting the company file produced in the Premium Edition of this accounting software into a company file that can be accessible by the Pro version.

Sage currently does not offer a solution to downgrade your company file to a less expensive version. You cannot, for example, change your company file from Premium to Pro. The simplest solution for you may be to continue using the out-of-date software until your license expires.

Sage 50 Premium Company File to Sage 50 Pro Company File Conversion

There is no solution if you are set about downgrading your programme. Data must be exported from Sage 50 premium and imported into Sage 50 pro. However, if you wish to permanently switch to the reduced version, you must export your accounting data, including transactions, lists, and reports, and then reload it into the downgraded version.

How can Data from Sage 50 Premium be exported?

Sage 50 allows you to export accounting data in Excel or CSV format. Any version of Sage accounting software may import files in either of these formats directly. Sage 50 improves things by allowing users to style data before exporting it, making it easy to set up multiple fields and sorting filters. This is also the moment at which you must limit down your selection of data to include in the exported file.

Follow the steps below to export data from Sage 50 Premium:

  • Navigate to the File
  • Choose Import/Export.
  • Choose a Template to use when exporting data.
  • Select Export. To narrow down the data you wish to export, use the Filter tab.
  • You can change the order of the fields. This is the order in which data will be exported. You may also sort the data based on these fields. For example, if you export data based on Customer Name, the data will be structured and arranged accordingly.
  • Choose a date range for the data to be exported.
  • Fine-tune your choices by using the Filter Range option.
  • Mark the checkbox next to each field in the Fields tab that you wish to include in the exported file.
  • The order of the fields can be changed by dragging them.
  • If you want to include the title of each field in the exported file, open the Options tab and select Include Heading.
  • Click Save and give the template a new name.
  • Wait for the confirmation procedure to finish before clicking OK.

Although data is exported fast, users must repeat the process for each list and report. This can be inconvenient, but there are no other options.

Data Import into Sage 50 Pro

Data exported in Excel or CSV format may be simply loaded into Sage 50. Users must, however, link the transactions to the right accounts. You may add as many new accounts as you like to Sage 50. You may also choose which data will be imported by using the various filter options.

To transfer data from Sage 50 Premium into Sage 50 Pro, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Choose Import or Export from the File menu.
  • Choose the template that you want to use to import accounting data.
  • Select the Import option to import your data to your PC.
  • Examine the displayed template as well as the fields required for import.
  • Click the show check box from the Fields tab. While importing the data, choose each field that you wish to include.
  • Use the Move button to rearrange the fields to suit your needs.
  • Select the file to import into Sage 50 by clicking the Arrow button.
  • If this is the case, select the option First Row Contains Heading.
  • Save your work by clicking the Save button.
  • To begin the import procedure, click Ok.
  • Once you click Ok the import will occur automatically.

Sage 50 will import all of the data from the excel file. It is, however, vital to link the transactions to the right account.

Migration of Sage 50 Premium to Pro Files

You can use our services to obtain a reduced version of the Sage 50 business file. We will manually export all of your data and use it to generate a new reduced business file. We will transmit the file to you over a secure network once it has been generated. Most significantly, our services are extremely reasonably priced.

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