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Sage 100 Printing Issue

Sage 100 Printing Issue

The Sage 100 printing issue is a common problem that usually arises when users try to print their reports, forms, etc. When the error occurs, it restricts users from generating invoices from Sage accounting solutions. The primary reasons include printer settings not being configured, or .dll files issues. However, there can be several reasons behind this printing issue like corrupted Windows profile, clashing printer drivers, incorrect email list settings, and more.

Furthermore, the printing problem indicates that Sage 100 has not examined the documents for specific information you find, such as a certain client code, receipt date, or cost. The below article is rounded up with a troubleshooting guide to resolve the Sage 100 printing issue.

Reasons That Evoke Sage 100 Printing Issue or Not Printing

Let’s check out some of the reasons that cause Sage 100 to not print your documents. Even when your system is connected to the printer, Sage 100 cannot execute the print command. In some cases, users can’t even save their documents in PDF format by using the print feature.

Check out the list of the most apparent reasons that could lead to such printing issues in Sage 100:

  • User Account Control (UAC) is activated in Windows.
  • Email list settings that are incorrect
  • Unusable email client
  • Windows profile that’s been corrupted or damaged 
  • Installation of old Windows updates
  • When using a Sage 100 email writer as a printer, there are a few issues to watch out for.
  • Printer drivers that have collided
  • Incorrect settings for the email writer.
  • Incomplete installation and Sage PDF Converter’s configuration 
  • There is a problem with your Windows registry and more. 

Solutions to Fix Sage 100 Printing Issue

Because of the various underlying causes of this error, users need to troubleshoot the Sage 100 print error by going through different solutions. As we’ve addressed all the underlying causes of the error and mentioned their solution, you can easily fix this error by following the steps in this section.

Quick resolution of Sage 100 not printing or Sage 100 printing issue; please follow the steps one after one:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Set the permissions of the keys within the Windows Registry

    You can set the preferences for a particular program through the Windows registry. If you think that a particular program doesn’t have enough administrative privileges to execute a task on the operating system, then you can access the registry key and change the control options to full control for users.

    💠 Start with opening the Run window by pressing the Windows + R keys together from your keyboard 
    💠 Type Regedit in the text field 
    💠 Now, access the HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software
    💠 After that, right-click on the Software key 
    💠 Once done with that, choose the Permissions tab 
    💠 Under the Permissions window, hit the option “Full Control for Users”
    💠 In the end, click “Apply” for all the modifications that you recently made. 

  2. Try reinstalling the Converter using PL_AdvancedOptions_UI

    Apart from printer drivers, a missing Sage 100 PDF converter can prevent the software from printing files or saving them as PDF documents. You can install the PDF converter for Sage 100 with the steps given below.

    💠 Go to your Sage 100 account 
    💠 Next, move to the File menu and click on the Run tab 
    💠 Now, you are supposed to type the PL_AdvancedOptions_UI
    💠 Finally, click OK followed by clicking on the option “Install Converter”.

Advanced Troubleshooting to Fix Sage 100 Printing Issue

These solutions require you to log in with an admin account and make changes that can impact all users. So you should proceed cautiously. If you’re not confident, then get in touch with your IT administrator, or contact our Sage 100 experts.

Solution 1: Sage PDF Configuration and Installation Converter

User account controls can interfere with the print process, especially if you’re running Sage 100 in a standard user account. Because standard user accounts come with all sorts of limitations, your account may not have the permissions to execute the print function, leading to the Sage 100 Print Error.

  • The first step is to find and click the Windows Start button
  • Press the Enter key after typing UAC into the search bar
  • On the left side of the screen, change the slider value to Never
  • Now select Reboot system
  • Sage PDF Converter should be uninstalled and reinstalled in the “From Printer and Devices” folder
  • Select Sage PDF Converter from the drop-down menu.

Steps for the Configuration process:

  • You can go to the device and printers folder on your computer
  • Remove the active Sage PDF Converter by right-clicking on it
  • Select the option to add a printer
  • On-site printing is available
  • Select LPT1 followed by choosing Have Disk
  • Now look for the MAS90HOME directory on the Server
  • Choose Amyuni.ini from the drop-down menu
  • Next should be selected
  • Make sure that you don’t share
  • Sage PDF Converter and Sage 100 PDF Converter are now available for download
  • Setting it as the default printer isn’t necessary
  • Click the Finish button to complete the task.

Solution 2: Modify the Windows Registry

Now we’re going to access the advanced Windows registry options. These options are meant to give you more control over the changes that you make in the registry. After making the changes mentioned below in the Windows Registry, you can restart your system and try to print out a document from Sage 100.

  • In the beginning, find the Windows or press the Start button 
  • Type Regedit in the search box followed by pressing the Enter key 
  • Locate the HKEY_Current_Config in the next step
  • Do right-click on the Application Now
  • Select Permissions and then configure the Full Control 
  • Start the Software Sage PDF Converter along with the Sage 100 PDF Converter
  • Remove all the locks and also the job directories. 
  • Once done with that, remove all instances of Sage 100 PDF Converter or Sage PDF Converter from your system. 

Solution 3: Edit the Page Setup in the Crystal Report Form

The setup of the page should be according to the Sage 100 report. If not, then the print function will automatically fail. You can change the form design and page setup with the solutions given below. However, you need to log into the company file using an admin account; otherwise, you won’t be able to make the required changes.

  • Start looking at the Task window to access the Sage 100 ERP report 
  • Next, choose the specific report setting or form code that is causing the printing issue
  • Go to the Crystal Reports Designer to open the report and then choose the Designer option
  • Go to the Open file followed by clicking on the Page Setup button
  • Find the Page Setup window which is beneath the Printer button 
  • After that, check the box named “No Printer” 
  • Click the OK button and then open the Crystal Reports Designer once again
  • Again move to the File menu followed by clicking on the Save button
  • Close all the applications by choosing the File menu >>> Exit option
  • After done with that, locate the report task window then close the appropriate printer
  • Finally, hit the Print button. 

Solution 4: Verify the following .DLL Files that have been installed on the server & workstation

This solution applies only to users who’ve installed Sage 100 on a remote server. You need to apply the solution to both the server system and the workstation. In this section, you’ll be working with the DLL files for the software. By finding the missing DLL files and installing them, you can fix the Sage 100 print errors.

  • dll: To verify browsing to “… \ MAS90 \Home” directory on the server
  • Dll: To verify browsing to the “C: \ Windows \ System32” directory (for 32-bit workstations) and “C: \ Windows \ SysWoW32” directory (for 64-bit bit workstations)
  • To register .DLL files on the server and workstation, click on “Open With” and then browse to:”… \ Windows \ System32 \ Regsvr32.exe file”.

Verify that LM-4041T has been installed on Sage 100 ERP 4.30 systems

  • Begin by uninstalling/removing Paperless Office 4.20 (Sage Extended Solutions)
  • Remove the PDF Converter from Extended Solutions
  • Cdlnt250.dll should be deleted or renamed
  • Examine the Converter
  • The Crystal Reports summary Info shows a voltage of 4.30v
  • Select Report Options from the drop-down menu
  • To access Crystal Reports, click on the Save icon >>> Designer
  • From the File menu, choose the Properties tab
  • Verify that Converted 4.30v is listed in the keywords area
  • If required, add wording to the report and save it.

If the server workstation has a 64-bit operating system installed 

  • For version 4.30: Verify that LM4046-T is installed. 
  • For Version 4.40: Verify that LM4045-T is installed.

Solution 5: Perform “System Restore”

This is sort of the hail-mary solution that you can rely on. When you restore your system to an earlier version, all the data that you stored and the programs you installed will be removed. You should take a backup of all the essential data and store the backup on a different system before proceeding with this solution to fix the Sage 100 printing issue.

  • The very first, locate an “Advanced system solution” 
  • Next, restart your PC with admin rights
  • Now, locate and open the System Tools tab 
  • After that, click on the System Restore tab 
  • It will open next Windows
  • Select the option labeled Restore My Computer to a Previous Time
  • As required, verify that the restore point is the most recent
  • Select the Next tab after you’ve chosen a restore point
  • A confirmation window will appear to allow you to confirm your decision
  • Next should be pressed in your next step
  • Once you’ve finished the restoration restart the system. 

Final Words!

This is all about the Sage 100 printing issue and its resolutions. Hopefully, the above information provides you with awareness regarding the same and helps you in saving your time. In case of any inquiries or further queries, you can get back to the Sage Team of Experts using our Live Chat option.


  1. Does verifying the Driver updates fix the Sage 100 printing issue?

    Sometimes, it happens when your printer driver is not updated and in case printing issues can arise.

    So, you can try the below steps:

    💠 The very first, Devices and Printers should be located
    💠 Sage 50 is a PDF converter that you should use
    💠 To access Properties, click Printer and then right-click on it
    💠 Choose Amyuni Document Converter from the advanced menu
    💠 If an update is available, click Check for Update
    💠 Shut the window now
    💠 Finally, try again to print your document or files.

  2. How can I configure my Sage 100 as “Run as an Administrator”?

    You simply have to locate your Sage 100 shortcut and right-click on it. Go to the Properties tab and click on the Compatibility tab. Select the checkbox “Run this program as an Administrator”. In the end, click OK to save all the modifications that you have done.

  3. What are the steps involved in reinstalling the converter using PL_AdvancedOptions_UI?

    First, you have to open Sage 100 then find the File and click the Run button. Type the PL_AdvancedOptions_UI followed by clicking on the OK button. In the end, select the Install Converter option.

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