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Sage 50 Cannot Create New Company

Sage 50 Cannot Create New Company

Sage 50 is an Accounting Software that is used For Keeping Track of the Finances of Business Owners Working with Small and Medium Enterprises. Sage 50 has Many different Features, and one of them is Creating a New Company, but Sometimes Sage 50 faces uncertain Errors which is Sage 50 Cannot Create a New Company.

The Sage 50 Cannot Create a New Company occurs when the user is trying to create a New Company File in a Network Drive which does not consist of a Connection Manager. This Particular Sage 50 Error can be Solved if the user changes the Regional Language Settings in Windows. Keep Reading this Article to Know More about Sage 50 Cannot Create a New Company.

Error Code
Cannot Create New Company Developer:
Sage Group
Error Description
“Can not be created at this time, please try again later” Software:

Sage 50
The Dot Net Framework 3.5 is Corrupted Applies to:

Symptom Creation Of the New Company is being blocked by Antivirus Possible Solution

Create the Company File in the Shared Folder on the Server

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Cannot Create New Company

 “Can not be created at this time, please try again later” 

Causes Due to Which Sage 50 Cannot Create New Company

With the Sage 50 Software, the User can Create a New Company File if the old Company File has been Corrupted or if they want to Save new Data, but Cannot Create a New Company File because the Company is being created in a Network Drive that does not have a Connection Manager, and this can cause the Sage 50 Cannot Create a New Company File Error.

Read More Below:

  • The New Company is being Saved in a Folder Where the user rights are restricted
  • The Encryption of the Location of the File has been turned On
  • The Dot Net Framework 3.5 sp1 is corrupted
  • The Company File is in a Cloud Storage, and the User is trying to Create it in a network drive that does not contain a Connection Manager
  • The Creation of the New Company File is being blocked by an Antivirus

Resolutions To Fix the Sage 50 Cannot Create a New Company

Sage 50 Cannot Create a New Company can be Solved in Many Ways, in which one of them is to Create a New Folder Under the C Drive.

Read More Below:

Solution 1: If the Company File is Located in the Network Attached Storage, or Cloud or the External Hard Drive

  • The User Has to Change the Location of the File to a local drive because Sage 50 Accounting will not work on these Devices.
  • The Server Should Have the Connection Manager Installed

Solution 2: If the Data is Stored on a Server

  • Store the Data on a Shared Folder Set by the Administrator if the Data is Stored on a Server

Solution 3: The File is being Created Locally or on Shared Folder on the Server

  • Add the Chart of Account after Saving the Company in the Local Hard Drive
  • Initially Create a New Company again without the chart of Account 

Solution 4: IPv6 Settings

  •  Open the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Event Viewer
  • On the left side of the screen, select Applications, under Windows Logs, In the event viewer
  • Open up the Warning and then look for a red Warning about MySQL

Solution 5: Antivirus and Firewall Settings

  • Disable the Antivirus / Firewall Auto Protect

Solution 6: Run Software as Administrator

  • Select Run as Administrator by Right Clicking Sage 50 Software

Solution 7: The file location is encrypted 

  • Select Decrypt, by Right-clicking the file location 
  • The file should be created in a non-encrypted location

Solution 8: Create a New Folder Directly under the C Drive

  • Go to the C drive and select New Folder, In Windows Explorer
  • The Folder Should be Given a Name
  • The User has to Start the new company wizard when ready to name the company file
  • Enter the name of the company file from the newly created folder

Solution 9: Change the Region/Language Setting in Windows

  • Change the settings to Canada/English, reboot the PC, then try creating the company again, If the Region/Language settings in Windows are in a foreign language
  • Windows Start, Control Panel. Select Region and Language

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