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Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File

Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File

Sage 50 is an Accounting Software used by Business Holder’s around the globe. Sage 50 helps the users with their finances, and makes Accounting easier to work with new and different features. Sage 50 Comes Across a few errors like “Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File”. This Sage 50 Error is caused because some files are damaged and are not in the correct directory. To Solve the Sage 50 File System Errors 100 in File, Reboot the computer when the Error Appears. Continue Reading the Article to know more about the Sage 50 Error.

Error Code
File System Error 100 in FileDeveloper:
Sage Group
Error Description
Error: “File System Error 100 in file [filename]”

Sage 50
The Program cannot change the indicated file because it is damaged Applies to:

Symptom Cache in the Pervasive is not large enough Possible Solution

The Data Path has be Rebuilt

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File

Error: “File System Error 100 in file [filename]”

Causes of Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File

The Cause of Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File is a program that was installed outside of a 32-bit windows program path. If the User is working on a Lesser bit window path, the system will also face a few other issues that lead to this Sage 50 Error.

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  • The User Account Control (UAC) is enabled
  • The Program is unable to change the damaged file
  • The Pervasive is not running as application, it has to run as a service
  • Pervasive Cache is not large enough and the file has been damaged
  • File is Read Only

Solution of Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File

The Sage 50 File System Error 100 in File can be solved by Restarting the Pervasive Service, the user can also Reboot the Computer and then Restart the Pervasive.

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Step 1: Set the File Attribute to Read Only

  • Search for the location mentioned in the Sage 50 Error
  • Choose Properties, by right clicking on the file
  • In the Attributes, clear Read-Only
  • Open the Sage 50 Software

Step 2: The User Access Control is enabled

  • To Run as Administrator, Right Click and open Sage 50 – U.S Edition

Step 3: The Pervasive Service has to be Stopped and Restarted

  • Stop the Pervasive, and Restart it

Step 4: The Computer has to be Rebooted

  • Open the Program after Rebooting and check if the program opens

Step 5: Reinstall the Pervasive

  • Uninstall the Pervasive
  • Download the Pervasive Again, once installed, run it again

Step 6: The Data Path has to be Rebuilt

  • The Data Path is corrupted and has to be rebuilt again

Step 7: The File has be Cleaned

  • Setup a New Data Folder, for the specific company dictionary

Step 8: Files are Damaged

The Files being used have been damaged, and need to be fixed

Step 9: Program Installed in incorrect directory

  • The Sage 50 Program was installed in a wrong directory, uninstall the program and install it in the correct directory

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