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Sage 50 Accounting Software for Mac OS

Sage 50 Accounting Software for Mac OS

Getting Sage 50 for Mac

Sage 50 is the most prominent and professional software for the new and existing businesses.  It offers services like cloud hosting and account handling. Sage 50 is known as one of the most reliable and popular software for the users. It can manage all cash transactions for growing business houses.

The users can use the Sage 50 on windows platform easily. On the other hand, many users use the Mac System. Mac systems offer a large range of features related to the software for their valuable customers and the customer may want to use Sage 50 for Mac. Mac users can also manage their accounting business with the assistance of Sage 50 accounting software.

Mac OS with Sage 50

Well, it is right that Mac OS systems are not getting direct support from Sage 50 because it can only be run with Windows platform. Here a user needs to install the windows on Mac with the support of Apple Boot Camp. It is a virtual application like Parallel.

The user can install the windows on the Mac system with the help of Boot camp as well with the help of partition of the hard disk. Restart the Mac system for using windows. With the virtual application like VMware or Parallel, the user can use the Sage 50 for Mac directly. The user can use Mac OS and Windows at the same time with VMware and Parallel. When installing is complete with windows, the user can use the Sage 50 on their Mac systems.

Sage 50 Mac vs PC: Does Sage 50 work on a Mac?

We know that Windows has completed 90% of the desktop operating system market share. Now it is definitely very useful for growing business, houses etc.

Ways of Running Sage 50 on MAC

1. Boot Camp

Latest Intel Mac comes with pre loaded feature of Boot Camp. It is a utility built into the Mac OS that will install and set up Windows on its own partition on the hard drive. Hard disk plays a vital role to run windows and Windows only upon boot up.

2. VMware Fusion and Parallels (Virtual Machine)

It permits the user to run operating system in a window on their Mac desktop. The most simple and common are VM-Ware Fusion and Parallels.

A. Parallels:

Without rebooting Parallels Desktop for Mac, it will run windows on their Mac. The user can use Windows apps like it is native to PC or Mac.

B. VMware:

This fusion is also reliable. It is an easy way to run Windows applications on a Mac without rebooting. The user can copy and paste between excess shared documents and screens seamlessly. It is best of both new and existing Mac users and can use Sage 50 for Mac

Benefits of Sage 50 on Mac OS

Install the windows on a Mac. The user needs to install the Sage 50 on the Windows. Sage 50 offers the following benefits to the Mac users.

Sage 50 offers one of the following solutions to the Mac users.

  • The user can access the payment and payroll processes.
  • It gives sales and tax reports with one click.
  • It is very useful to track the purchase orders and profits.
  • It gives the cloud hosting service for online data storing.
  • Offers the safety and security features for accounting business.

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