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Sage 50 Hangs on Startup

Sage 50 Hangs on Startup

Sage 50 is a Accounting Software used by people who run a business and need help with their Accounts. Business Entrepreneurs use Sage 50 Software for many different purposes. Sometimes just like any other Software Sage 50 also faces some issues, which are called Sage Errors. In This article we will discuss why Sage 50 Hangs on Startup.

Exact Error Shown While User Facing Sage 50 Hangs on Startup

Program hangs on grey screen when opening

Causes for Sage 50 Hangs on Startup

The Cause for Sage 50 Hangs on Startup is because the Decimal Settings have changed in Windows.

To Know More Read Below:

  • The DDF. Files in the company data folder is damaged
  • The DNS is not working properly
  • DNS using IPv6 has high latency
  • There was an issue in the Firewall Settings
  • Copied the entire data path when moving computer
  • Multiple A/V Programs installed
  • Decimal Settings changed in Windows

Now that we have gone through what causes Sage 50 to Hang on Startup, take a look at the Solutions to Solve Sage 50 Hangs on Startup Error.

Solution for Sage 50 Hangs on Startup

To solve the Error of Sage 50 Hangs on Startup Make sure that the regional settings for the Decimal is set correctly.

Read More Below in Detail:

Step 1: Ensure that all the Windows updates are installed/Reboot the PC

Step 2: Run as Administrator

Step 3: Temporary Files are not extracting

  • Browse the location of the Temporary file location, press Windows+R Keys,type %temp%, and then click OK.
  • Select file name and then Select Properties
  • Permissions should be Correctly Set
  • Try to open Sage 50 U.S. Edition again, Run as Administrator
  • Check if the Company is opening

Step 4: Restart Actian service on server

  • Go to the Server and restart the Actian service if Sage is running on a network
  • Restart the Actian on the Workstation
  • Check if the Company is opening without any issues

Step 5: Allow SageMgr.exe to make Changes

  • Allow the User Account Control to make changes to the computer

Step 6: Open the Program without opening the last used Company

  • Open an existing company, then Browse
  • Open the company, close the program and open it again

Step 7: Remove recently opened Companies in registry

  • Close Sage, Press Windows+R keys, Start, and then click Run.
  • Type regedit in the box then click OK
  • Choose File then Export and Select All
  • To Backup the registry, type Sage 50 and then Save
  • Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Peachtree\Version\(Version #)\Open History
  • On the right side of the screen will show a list of companies and their directories, that have been opened on the computer
  • Delete each Company which is to be removed from the list

Step 8: Tracert to the Server

  • Run a tracert to the sever by name and a tracert to the server by IP Address.
  • If the return request is timed out, add a hosts file entry to force DNS

Step 9: Uninstall and Reinstall Actian

Step 10: Reboot Server

Step 11: Disconnecting from the network to identify a possible DNS issue

  • Use the Database Repair Utility to Point the data local
  • Open Sage and allow it to activate and then create a new company
  • Close Sage
  • by disabling network sharing or unplugging the network cable, Disconnect from the network
  • Reconnect to the network
  • Change data path to point back to the network
  • Verify Sage opens fine

Step 12: Delete all .DDF files in the company data folder

Step 13: Set Windows to prefer IPv4 address over IPv6

Step 14: Firewall set to IPv6 networking

  • In some cases force the computer to use IPv6 for DNS.
  • IPv6 networking settings should be disabled in the installed firewall software settings.

Step 15: Switch Computers and Move the Entire Data Path Folder

  • Uninstall Sage
  • Re-install to the proper program path and data path

Step 16: Internet Security Settings are set to high

  • Press Windows+R keys.
  • Type iexplore, and then click OK to launch Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools icon.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Select Security tab.
  • Select Reset all zones to the default level.
  • Verify the application launches to the landing page more quickly

Step 17: Make sure that regional settings for the Decimal is set correctly

  • click Start and type in Region Settings
  • Scroll down under related settings and click Additional Date, Time, & Regional settings
  • another window will pop up and click Change date, Time, or number formats
  • Under the Formats tab click Additional Settings… button
  • Verify that the Decimal Symbol is set to a period

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