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How to Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 Integration- Email Setup

Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 Integration- Email Setup

Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 Integration – Email Setup can help in ‘compressing’ various tasks and functions into a single working unit. As we know, Sage 50 is one of the best Accounting software out there. It has been designed in a manner to be able to simplify the various aspects of accounting into a ‘few basic clicks’, hence making it user-friendly software. There are times when comes a need to unify the Vendors and Customers to make them work efficiently.

Apart from academics and accounting, Sage 50 is also well-known for its integration functions. Being one of the most sought-after accounting software around with a user base of over a Million; it has been designed to handle invoices professional in nature that are required for the process of delivery and preparation. Other leading aspect covered by the software also includes the generation of smooth and easy cash flow and the real-time management of the income from the firm.

Now, coming to the topic of integrating Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 integration; you must understand what integration is all about. Simply put, Integration is a process of combining the various software types and sub-types to form a single system. This goes a long way in allowing companies to utilize various specific systems to be able to perform certain tasks. This can include something as mundane as maintaining records of the sales, tracking supplier information, and also to be able to store customer data. Hence, you see, as we have stepped into the faced-paced world today, it has grown increasingly important to be able to utilize the integration tools to provide simple solutions, to otherwise ‘sophisticates processes’.

The Working of The Process of Integration

The process of integration comprises the following aspects and parts:

  • Export and Import of the Organizations
    With the help of the integration tools, one can easily import the Sage customers to the current RMS. Likewise, the same can be done, if you need to export the current RMS organization to Sage.
  • Creating the Link Between Organizations in Current and Contact in Sage
    The process allows the immediate updating of the information in contact as and when the changes occur with the organizations in the ‘Current’.
  • Direct Sending of the Invoice and Credits to Sage
    One can expect smooth ‘few clicks’ transportations of invoices to Sage after the connection is accomplished.


This is one of the latest features in Sage 50 and is associated with the process of integration of Sage 50 to Office 365. The fun does not stop here; further, the users can also have direct access to detailed information regarding Sage 50 customers and vendors during composing Emails in Office 365 Mail and Microsoft Outlook. Also, the information between the Vendor and the customer is modified for the users to be able to comprehend the same easily and directly from Outlook. Likewise, the changes that occur are synchronized within the customer’s list in Sage 50.

How to Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Here are the steps involved in the process of Sage 50 Microsoft Office 365 Integration:

  • First, start to launch the ‘Get started with Microsoft Office 365 Services’ link provided in your email.
  • This is the mail that you have received from Sage Solutions Admin get started by hitting the ‘GET STARTED BUTTON’.
  • Next, you need to enter the temporary PASSWORD that has been mentioned in the Slot. Proceed and select Sign In from the business over to the center page.
  • As for the current PASSWORD slot that you will see on your screen now, go ahead and enter the Temporary Password.
  • Now, continue by Clicking and updating the password and Sign-In button after the new Password has been entered twice.
  • Next select Accept option from the Sage Business Center.
  • Now you need to accept the ‘Microsoft Cloud Agreement.
  • Next, go ahead and allow and give permission to the ADD-INS and the Apps. This also includes Sage Intelligence, Sage contact, and Sage Sync.
  • Now, click on the Sage Business Center page that appears and click on the link that will navigate to the Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Once done, go to the OneDrive Icon on the Home window after you have clicked on the Office 365 admin center.
  • Now, OneDrive is ready to accept files and the onboarding process is complete. This is when Sage 50 is ready for integration.
  • Next, go to the FILE on the main MENU and click on the option Office 365 integration and proceed by clicking on Connect to Office 365.
  • Once the introduction screen is visible you need to Sign-in.
  • It is here that you need to fill in the administrator Username and the new password that has been created for you.
  • You will receive a prompt message on the screen that you need to confirm. It is here that you upload the Company in question, and click on UPLOAD.
  • Finally, you need to click on FINISH to complete the entire process.

The Benefits of Sage 50 Integration with Office 365

  • The Autonomous Backup on the cloud
    The process of backup is an essential part of any sector in any company dealing with the software of any kind. Hence, the process of Cloud Backup assists in the process of backup of the business data to the Microsoft OneDrive
  • Automate Daily Routines
    The processes that require manual intervention are greatly reduced with the help of Office 365 integration. 
  • Synchronization
    The process of merging the Microsoft Outlook Contacts with Sage 50 Contacts helps save time and energy. 
  • Confidentiality
    As the access to data is swift, encrypted cloud computing has an important role to play. 
  • Cooperation
    Helps involve coordination between and within the team, when working in a remote setup 
  • Stockpiling
    This process helps in the uploading and Saving of receipts, invoices, and other such documents. 
  • The ability to Sync Microsoft Outlook
    The process allows the automatic syncing of the Microsoft Outlook Contact with Sage 50 contact automatically. 


Q1: After the payment of the Invoice, can the Cash receipt be updated?

Ans: Yes, this is done once the Invoice has been paid. The Sage 50 records the Sage 50 and further updates the Cash receipt automatically, along with the General ledger.

Q2: Which is the most useful version of Sage?

Ans: Sage Online Accounting is a useful version of the process of integration.

Q3: Is it important to have Global admin privileges in Office 365?

Ans: Yes, having access to Global Admin privileges in Office 365 to be able to connect to Sage 50 with Office 365.

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