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“Unable to determine Security Privileges” Issue in Sage 50

Sage 50 Unable to determine Security Privileges Issue

Sometimes, while operating on your Sage 50 software, a user may get an error message that displays “Unable to determine Security Privileges”. Please try later. This is assumable due to temporarily blocking access to important files by another user. This Sage 50 error mostly comes when your system closes down suddenly, or this error is caused by damaged .dat files. It has nothing to do with the user security or rights issues of any other user. To Fix the Sage 50 “Unable to determine Security Privileges” clean out the company files and repair the program.

Sage 50 Not Loading Problem – How to Solve?

How does the user see the error?

“Unable to determine security privileges. Please try again later. This is assumably due to temporarily blocking access to important files by another user.” Not able to open file

Quick Overview of Sage 50 Unable to determine Security Privileges

Error Code:Unable to determine security privilegesDeveloper:Sage Group
Error Description:Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges IssueSoftware:Sage 50
Symptoms:Damaged .dat files, system shutdown suddenlyApplies to:Windows 10 and 11
Cause:Unable to determine security privileges. Please try later. This is assumable due to temporarily blocking access to important files by another user.Solution:Clean up the Company folder, Repair Program

What can be the Cause of Sage 50 Unable to determine Security Privileges issue?

Here below are some of the reasons that a user faces when he gets Sage 50 unable to determine security privileges issue.

  • A user is in maintenance, company data
  • The US version has been unusually terminated
  • The company folder was damaged during the restore
  • Comprehensive is stuck/damaged
  • Attempting to open a company that is on an external media device
  • The workstation is failing to connect to the company file.
  • Workstation lockup or restart while Sage 50 was running.
  • Network problems that break the connection to open the database.
  • Power failed while operating Sage 50 Accounting.
  • It’s not a damaged program issue it’s a data file issue.

How to fix Sage 50 unable to determine Security Privileges Issue?

Not all solutions may be related to your situation. Pay attention to the steps starting with Solution 1 and continue with each step until the problem is resolved.

Solution 1: Open the company file on an external media device

If you’re opening the company file to an external device, you’ll be required to drag the company file to the internal hard drive and then try to open it one more time.

Solution 2: Turn off company information

If the Company information is shut down on the other workstation, this Sage 50 “Unable to determine Security Privileges” issue can be solved.

Read Below to Know how to turn off the company window:

  • The error may occur when attempting to open the Company on one workstation while the Company Information window is opened in another workstation.
  • Shut the Company data window on the other workstation, and then try again.

Solution 3: Restart the Server or Pervasive Service on the Messaging Machine

Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges can be resolved by Restart the Server or Pervasive Service on the Messaging Machine, doing so, follow the steps below.

  • Confirm that everyone is excited about Sage 50
  • On the server, Tap Windows + R
  • Write services.msc and hit enter
  • Search the Comprehensive PSQL Workgroup Search Engine Service
  • Stop service
  • When it stops, start the service again
  • Now, check to see if you can fetch the company

You may have to reinstall the Actian Zen database service if you believe that the files for the database service are damaged. You can uninstall the program from Control Panel, and then reinstall it using the setup file for your version of Sage 50. When you launch the setup, you can deselect all the components EXCEPT the Actian Zen database service.

Steps to reinstall Pervasive if the service doesn’t work correctly:

  • Close all instances of Sage 50 on your server computer and connected workstations.
  • Press Windows + R and input AppWiz.cpl in the input box. Hit Enter.
  • Choose Programs & Features.
  • Choose Actian PSQL v13 Workgroup R2.
  • Choose uninstall and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the program.
  • Go to the C drive.
  • Search for folders titled pvsw and pvswarch, and delete them both.
  • Go to the following locations and rename the Pervasive folder to Pervasile_Old.
    • C:\Program Files (x86)
    • C:\ProgramData
  • Press Windows + R and input regedit, then hit Enter.
  • Right-click on Computer and choose Export.
  • Save a backup of your Registry to your desktop.
  • Go to the following location in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node.
  • Delete the following:
    • Pervasive Software
    • PEYX489ZK
  • Close the Registry Editor.
  • Install Pervasive/Actian using the following steps:
    • Go to C:\Sage\Sage50_[version].
    • Go to the PervasiveMin folder.
    • Double-click on SetupWorkgroup32x86.exe.
    • Choose Next, then agree to the terms and conditions.
    • Choose Next, then select Run as Service.
    • Click on Next then Complete.
    • Choose Next, then Install, then Finish.

Solution 4: Restart all computers including the server

Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges can be resolved by restarting all computers including the server, doing so, follow the steps below.

Steps to restart the Windows server:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Escape to open the Task Manager.
  2. Go to More Details.
  3. Choose File, then Run new task.
  4. Input cmd.exe then hit enter.
  5. In the Command Prompt, input shutdown -r.

You can also restart the Windows server with PowerShell with the following steps:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Escape.
  2. Choose the File menu, then Run a new task.
  3. Input powershell.exe in the text field then hit enter.
  4. Input Restart-Computer in Windows PowerShell, and hit Enter.

Your server will restart after a 5-second countdown. To restart the server remotely, you can use the command Restart-Computer – ComputerName “SYSTEM_NAME.

Solution 5: Clean up the Company folder

Sage 50 Unable to determine security privileges can be resolved by Cleaning up the Company folder, to do so, follow the steps below.

  • Browse your company’s data folder.
  • Clean your company folder by deleting the following files:
    • Alarm.dat
    • Cosess.dat
    • Connco.dat
    • All files of type DATtemp
    • All files of type DATptl
    • All files of type DDF
    • All files of type LCK
    • All files of type MKD
    • All files of type PTL
    • All file
  • Examine to see if you can now get the company file

Solution 6: Repair Program

The Easiest Solution to Fix the Sage 50 Unable to determine Security Privileges Error is to Run a Repair of the Software and Delete all unnecessary files. Given below are the points on how to perform the Repair.

  • Delete all files and folders except their Personal Company Data folder (note: you can make a folder on the desktop or in the sage folder to keep these files and folders)
  • Run a repair on the program
  • Confirm that you do not get any errors during the repair. If you get a Windows Firewall message, you may require making sure Pervasive and Sage 50 are set to allow via the firewall.

You can use the repair utility built into Windows to fix this error.

Steps to repair Sage 50 on Windows:

  1. From the Start menu, choose Settings.
  2. Go to Apps, then Apps & Features.
  3. Choose Sage 50, and click on Advanced Options.
  4. Choose the Repair option.

Alternatively, you can download and launch the setup for your version of Sage 50. Then, you can choose the Repair option.

Solution 7: Restore a company backup to a new company

Before reestablishing a Backup, consistently check that it is the right backup and that it is being reestablished to the right organization. Assuming your information is overwritten by reestablishing a backup, the best way to recuperate it is to reestablish another backup. Read Below to learn how to perform a backup

  • Select File,  Then Choose the Restore option
  • Select Browse, Choose the desired backup, and then click Open
  • Select Next
  • Select the desired restore method:
    • Overwrite existing company data or An Existing Company
    • Using the restored data, create a new company  or A New Company

Important: Select this option if you wish to restore the backup to a new folder. Doing so will not overwrite your existing data.

  • Select Next
  • Select the desired restore options:
    • Company Data
    • Customized Forms
    • Web Transactions
    • Intelligence Reporting Reports or Business Intelligence Reports
  • Select Next
  • Verify the restore options, and then Choose the Finish option
  • The company will open once the restoration has been completed
  • Confirm that you can now open the company

Still, need assistance? Contact our Sage 50 teams for immediate assistance. You can also connect with us via the sage live chat support available in the bottom-right side corner.


Why did a security privilege error occur?

You will need to research:

1. Check Windows Application and Services Logs in the Control Panel for Events.
2. Check your network wiring and patch cables.
3. If your environment has power surges or drops, install an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to all workstations including the File Server (if used).

Unable to determine security privileges issue in Sage 50 – How to fix it?

If you choose to reestablish from an earlier reinforcement, ensure you run the Data Verification process from the File Menu once the reinforcement is re-established. You will likewise need to reappear any support records and exchanges since the time allotment of your reinforcement.

What is the Actian Zen service?

Actian Zen is a database service that enables communication between Sage 50 and the data file. If Actian Zen isn’t running in the background, then you won’t be able to access the data in the data file. Further, you won’t be able to push any changes you make to the data file.

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